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Salvage Guy and his work crew left a little bit ago. They got holes dug for the additional support posts for my herb shed, and three of the tall posts installed (those go all the way up the wall and support the roof). He says he'll be here tomorrow and Thursday, and until noon on Friday, so I'm hoping for lots done this week.

The Bug really didn't nap this afternoon, so I didn't get a nap. I've hit the point where additional caffeine doesn't help approximate wakefulness. I'm glad now that I (a) fixed enough lunch for leftovers for dinner, and (b) the kids really liked lunch. That will simplify things.

The Sock Report: tried the mostly-done knee-high sock on The Miss, and found that it doesn't quite fit. A bit too long in the foot, which is manageable (she'll grow into it fast enough), tight and hard to get on through the arch of her foot. That's a problem. She made faces when I was putting it on her, and demanded it off as soon as I'd seen the fit. So it's frogging time. And if I'm going to rip out the whole leg and the heel, I might as well rip the whole thing out and start the foot over. Errrg. When I'm more awake, of course.
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More for my benefit than anyone elses....

The foot on those Turkish socks needs to be 7 pattern repeats, total. (I've got 5 done so far.)
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Yesterday's total: 6 flats of tomato seed started, 34 varieties. (That's 6 plug trays, at 200 cells per tray. And I'm not done yet, I just ran out of clean trays.) I will post a list of varieties that will be at the plant sale later today or tomorrow, so anyone interested in coming to theplant sale can start planning their gardens :)

Not much news otherwise. Had a lovely chef salad for dinner with the boyfriend last night, stayed up too late talking, and got up about 30 minutes later than I'd intended this morning. Hard to drag myself out of bed, when he's still there, warm and snuggly and sleeping. Harder to escape than the cats, even.

The Sock Report: finished the leg and turned the heel on the second sock for Cammie. Probably won't finish it tonight, but tomorrow is possible. **crosses fingers** Next projects: Turkish socks a la Frank Lloyd Wright, and kilt hose.
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I was just too busy to update yesterday, and it wasn't that interesting anyway. Grumpy, but not interesting. Too many interruptions, too much time spent re-doing stuff that the volunteers did Wednesday afternoon, because those two volunteers don't have sense enough to not pot up cuttings that don't have roots. I ended up more or less repotting seven flats of cuttings, pulled the two flats' worth that weren't rooted, fixed the rest so the plants weren't buried too deep, and generally scowled at the volunteers. Who we can't say anything to, except a gentle reminder to keep a better eye on that, because even though the volunteers are useless, they are very good PR. Grrrrr.

By got most of the show hung the past couple of days, and now all of a sudden Robyn's all fired up to get some new designs ready for the show. Which, I'll remind the audience, is next Thursday. (I'll put up an announcement soonish.) He's got to work all day this coming Saturday, and a half day Monday.

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Had a mostly low-key weekend. The HSA meeting actually got out early on Sunday, and the list of people absent was telling--proof of who the long-winded talk-forevers are. Went to Half Price Books with Cammie and John and Tristan, which was bad. No one in the group coutned as adult supervision. We came home with a couple of plant books, some fiction (including the Dune Messiah, which I've been missing for years), the final volume of The Traditional Bowyer's Bible, and a stack of cd's. I think By's already got most of the new cd's on the hard drive.

We ended up not making a road trip to KSU to fetch my transcript, because HR atwork had received it already. Whew. I'm hoping for a call about setting up an interview sometime today.

Both of the boys are off at work today, and I don't have to be anywhere. I made cheese-stuffed rolls last night, so we have noshies already, and By got groceries while he was out yesterday, so we have ingredients for dinner tonight. Got one load of laundry done, and another in the washer now. Changed the sheets, made the bed, tidied in the kitchen a bit. And as a reward for getting all that done, I get to knit.

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Sep. 7th, 2005 09:07 am
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...because I'm being slothful on my last day off....

First, ganked off Lifehacker...print-your-own calender/notepaper. (If I get the greenhouse job, this might come in handy. Cheaper than buying dayplanners, anyway.)

Second, I am more than mildly vexed at KSU. They HAVE to have my signature to release my transcript, so they won't allow a phone request for a transcript. Which means that doesn't go out until tomorrow. Which means that my job app won't be complete until Friday at the earliest. *sigh*

Third, knitting! (Because I'm too lazy to make a separate post today.) I'm about a foot into Hello Yarn's Besotted Scarf, in a dark blue wool, for By. (Not that he *needs* another scarf, but it's such a nice cable, and I'd got the yarn specificly for somethign for him.) I finished the Ene scarf Monday afternoon. It's HUGE. The original scarf, in a lace gauge, was a triangle about 42" wide on the long side. Mine, in the equivalent of worsted weight and on #11's, tape measure doesn't go that big. I'm guessing, from how much hangs off the ends of my arms, that it's got a 7-8 foot wingspan. Oops. That would explain why it used up so much yarn. It's awfully nice though. Am making progress on the baby knitting, but I've got two months on those. Still holding on T's kilt hose. I can't make more progress on that until slide the socks onto his feet and check for fit again.

Fourth, the rest of the day: I PLAN to make progress on putting things away in the bedroom, so we can start some of the rearranging necessary for eventual remodelling. No guarantees.
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Not that I've done *that* much that merits reporting lately, but...

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One tank's worth of water down, am halfway through turning the heel on one sock, and am about 75% through the heel on the other. Am crossing my fingers, and hoping I got this part right; heel depth is tricky to fit, without the foot in question being on hand. I plan to get the heels turned, do part of the ankle on one sock, and wait until I can pin T down at the meeting tomorrow for a fitting. Next up: my socks!

(Yes, it's bad when my knitting progress is by far the most exciting part of my morning.)


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