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Where to start? Obviously, we made it through the show, and all that. Robyn was NOT on the ball this year (in so many ways, I think I've mentioned), and did not have dinner ready for the folks who worked Friday night, so we ended up out to eat with John and Cammie that night. Home, bed, slept late on Saturday (yay!). Got lots of squares done, and counted, but I've forgotten what the total was. Lots. Like, 70 or so.

Show sales were decent this year, for the attendance, but attendance seemed really low to me this year. Must ask By what he thought. People seemed disappointed that there wasn't more theater to the show, which By expected. And Robyn's idea that if she were on the floor with the work, she'd sell stuff--nice try. Didn't happen, but nice try.

The boyfriend had bad timing this weekend--he got to our place just before my uterus decided to mutiny, and so he got to babysit a crampy, cranky girlfriend over the weekend. Points to the boyfriend for fortitude and patience. (Cycling a week late was convenient, it was nice not to have to worry about that in my show clothes, but damn, I'm paying for that convenience now.)

Spent quality time with the extended family on Sunday, running around Mass St in Lawrence. Found a great haul of old knitting patterns in Half Price books, By found some cool leather stuff, and Tim left with things to fill gaps in his library. The boys went down the street to look at cutlery while Cammie and I browsed Yarn Barn. (I know, unsupervised, but we were good, really.) Got yarn for two sets of gloves for myself....the first pair in "Red Baron" Lamb's Pride, elbow-length dragonscale gauntlets, with a thumb gusset added, because I discovered a need for such, in my kimono-coat. (Bummer, the pic isn't up anymore, but they are cool. Errr, warm...anyway...) As a bit of self-indulgence, I settled down to knit on those last night, got the first one done except for weaving in the ends. Go me! The other glove yarn I bought is a pale celery green alpaca, dk-weight, can't remember the brand name right now, for these gansey-style gloves, in a much finer gauge. Because I need those, too. And they must be alpaca. And!!!! I took Cammie over to the sock yarn section, where she fondled and rubbed all the yarns, and we cound some wool blends that dont' make her itch. Yay!!!!

Also got a nice haul of books from Dusty Bookshelf...another good knitting book (traditional Maine mittens, very cool), some fiction, By found some woodworking stuff. And a little "how to do country things" book as a Yule present for Courtney.

Ah...that makes the day a bit brighter....DG just called in, said she's sick, can't come in, may not be in tomorrow. Means we can slack off a bit more in here today.
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Not much news. Or, not much worth writing about. Lots of little things, that add up to busy. Was a responsible hobbit last night, and spent an hour cleaning up and posting the HSA minutes. (Note to self, learn to type faster, or tell people to not talk all at once, so I can type in somethign that resembles complete thoughts, even if they're not complete sentences.)

That's about it. The 8am instructor is absent today, so I've had most of her students in here looking for her, because they're not smart enough tor ead the note on the door. I might have to hurt the one who came in, babbled at me, wandered through the greenhouse, came back to babble at me some more, and ended with, "I should come earlier, so I can enjoy how peaceful and quiet it is in here." NO. Not just no, HELL NO. Maybe I'll start leaving the door to the lobby locked until class starts. That's a cheerful thought.

Didn't make it to Dr S's class last night. Because of the power outage yesterday afternoon, and resulting network outage the rest of the day, I couldn't look up the location for the class, and Donna told me where she thought it was, but...I spent 20 minutes wandering up and down that hallway, looking for him, with no luck. Either he took the class out to see something, or cancelled due to the weather, or I was just in the wrong place. Grrrr.

The annual show is tomorrow. Not sure if they're ready or not. I know most of the displays are hung, but I also know Robyn started some new designs the beginning of this week, and since By said they're a pain to do, well...
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Argh. 'Nuff said.

By ended up working all day yesterday, instead of the half day he'd been promised, which cut out his girlfriend time. Good thing he's dating someone in the jewelry biz, who understands these things. No idea how long he's going to get stuck working tonight. Hopefully he's home before me.

Tonight's the night I'm supposed to sit in on Dr S's design class, see what I'm going to be teaching next semester. So NATURALLY today is the crappiest weather we've had since March. (Note to self, go check local news, see if there's anything about those sirens I heard from College and Quivera as I came into the building.)

Not much else news-worthy. Just busy.
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I was just too busy to update yesterday, and it wasn't that interesting anyway. Grumpy, but not interesting. Too many interruptions, too much time spent re-doing stuff that the volunteers did Wednesday afternoon, because those two volunteers don't have sense enough to not pot up cuttings that don't have roots. I ended up more or less repotting seven flats of cuttings, pulled the two flats' worth that weren't rooted, fixed the rest so the plants weren't buried too deep, and generally scowled at the volunteers. Who we can't say anything to, except a gentle reminder to keep a better eye on that, because even though the volunteers are useless, they are very good PR. Grrrrr.

By got most of the show hung the past couple of days, and now all of a sudden Robyn's all fired up to get some new designs ready for the show. Which, I'll remind the audience, is next Thursday. (I'll put up an announcement soonish.) He's got to work all day this coming Saturday, and a half day Monday.

The Sock Report )

Square Count: 34/169  )
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I am appalled by the state school board's decision. Not at all surprised, they've been headed this way for a while, but gee whiz, people....I'm afraid to call my mom this week. I'm gonna get an earful.

There was good news yesterday. J'nee the Annoying announced that she was quitting the end of the week, said her schoolwork was just too much for her to keep up with and work too. Yay!!!! I really don't care about why or how, just that she'll be gone after tomorrow, and I don't have to babysit her ego anymore. Now we just need to get rid of DG, and get some competant part-time staff in here (yes, we've got someone in mind, if DG leaves soon enough).

By had a rough morning yesterday. He got in and had to help Robyn entering invoices into a spreadsheet she'd set up a while back, although she'd forgotton why she'd wanted all that detail entered in the first place. Anyway, in the process, he found how how far behind she was on the sales taxes, and it's not pretty. As he said last night, this is the universe pushing him to get out fast.

Only got 2 squares finished last night.
Estrogen afghan total: 32 of 169.

Tonight's string: kilt hose.
(Yes, I'm scheduling my string now. It's the only way I'm going to get things done.)


Nov. 3rd, 2005 07:44 am
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By's phone fell off his belt when he started my car this morning; I've got it with me today. If you've got an emergency, ring me and I'll call him at the studio for you.
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HSA meeting was fairly productive last night, at least the part I was there for was. I left early, because it was getting late, and I hadn't been home yet, and needed to shower and do all of those things. Didn't get home last night until after 9:30...that's too long a day, especially for a whirlwind Tuesday.

By regaled me on the way home with tales of his boss's latest declarations. Angsting follows. )

Got a little knitting done last night at the meeting...finished the back of my peacock plumes vest, started on the front right piece. Hope to get some quality time with the close-to-done baby stuff tonight, and with kilt hose this weekend.
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Off to work. Not sure what we're doing today, besides putting away supplies that were delivered early in the week. Already helpd Jo set up for her hort sci lab....hundreds of tomato plants in the greenhouse in autumn, joy.

By's schedule is somewhat sketchy still. He didn't have to go in and tend the dog this morning, so he can go in a bit later, in time for the rental co to deliver stuff. He's not sure how late he'll be tonight--the wedding rehearsal is at 6pm, they claim they'll only be an hour, but he's expecting them to be there until 7:30 or 8:00, at least. And tomorrow's still fuzzy, too. He may have to go in early and tend the dog, he may have to go in and babysit the wedding, depends on what time Robyn gets back tomorrow (if she does), and how tired she is when she gets there.

By brought home a new movie along with the groceries last night, so we ate dinner and watched Ocean's Twelve (not nearly as good as the first, and Julia Roberts got way too much screen time) and did crafty things. By worked on sanding one of the walking sticks in progress by his chair, I did string (big surprise). Got T's second sock ripped down below the incorrect increases (5" of cabled knitting, gone in 10 minutes, very sad), got the proper start of increases marked on the first sock (the one that fits right), and about an inch reknit on that second sock.

I'm telling myself sternly to finish projects before starting anything else, even though I've got a couple of patterns and a lovely new bookbinding book all calling my name. *sigh*
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In which our heroine continues fuming about the hubby's boss, who has a chronic case of rectal-cranial inversion.

Robyn called By from Santa Fe after 5 last night, needing catalogs. Correction: needing catalogs THAT NIGHT, but willing to settle for sometime today. So By ended up spending an hour assembling them, then to the Post Office, where they won't guarantee next-day delivery on things sent after 6pm, then to UPS, who suck in general, but will guarantee delivery if you pay enough. And, Robyn didn't leave enough checks for By to do this, so he paid for it out of our checking account, and she owes us $50. Grrrrr.

It's hard for me to not be grumpy about her complaining about By's "lack of dedication", when she pays so little attention to the business. I really do think that most of the problems she's had with sales can be tied to her own handling of the business--inadequate advertising, and poorly timed (a week before the yearly show is too late to send out invites, IMHO), delivering commissions late, and coming in way over bid on projects. And that's just what I can think of pre-caffeine. *shakes head*

Edited to add: Nearly forgot to mention that in last night's phone call, he established that he'd likely have to pull a very long day on Friday (get in early to tend the dog and wait for the rental co to show up with wedding stuff, and stay late to babysit the rehearsal), and be there early to tend the dog, then stay for the wedding and take-down on Saturday, because Robyn didn't know if she'd be back in time. Let's see, the show's over, she's tooting around New Mexico enjoying, she probably won't be back in time.

Oh, and did I mention that the person who's supposed to be tending the dog hasn't been? Grrrrrr.
< /edit >

Let's work a bunch of daffs planted yesterday before it started raining, then we puttered the rest of the day. Got a start on grading tests for Donna, will finish that today. Some of her students amaze me--if you consistently score 26% OR LOWER on the lab quiz, wouldn't you withdraw from the class? She's got three of those that haven't. Not sure what else is on the work agenda today--grading, a little spraying, probably making a wish list from the T&M catalog (seeds). Guess I ought to check the rain gauge, see if we got enough rain to make outside work unlikely.

No knitting last night, too wound up. Did try a couple of practice books out of the new bookbinding text. Will have to do more of that once my project list is smaller.

Tonight it stay-at-home-and-get-quality-time night, 'cuz By was so late getting home from J & C's last night, and with work and all, I won't get to see him until next Monday.
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I was nearly run off the road by a van bearing the logo and phone number of Lift Truck Sales, Inc on south-bound Hwy 7. Nearly run off the road, for values of I caught something moving fast in my side mirror, and then the van was less than two feet from my drivers side door. I ended up on the shoulder, pissed as heck, got back on the road, caught up with the bastard (who was doing 75 in a 60 when I caught him), got the phone number off the van, and left a nasty voicemail. I'm waiting until business hours to call again, to talk to a person. That person shouldn't be driving a company van.


Other than that, a quiet morning, and evening before. Ended my phone date early, because I was starting to doze off (and no sweetie, it's not you, it's a tired hobbit who should have called earlier in the evening and just went to bed). Despite getting up late, I got out the door right at 7, so I was here by 7:30. That ought to get me home a smidge earlier today, so I can plant those pampas grasses that Courtney gave me on Tuesday. (Hopefully, by then, I'll know where I want them....)

Work is going well. Haven't heard a peep out of the crazy custodian this week. Dunno if she's been transferred to another building already, or someone impressed upon her how much trouble she had caused. They're still making noises about inspecting the place, no word as to when. I think my work plans for today are helping Donna grade exams, and rearranging the back greenhouse so there's room to bring the rest of the big stuff in.

By got Robyn off to LA yesterday, and he's got a big list of "must be done" to work on the next two days. A couple of things to finish and deliver locally, and a bunch of inventory she thinks he'll have time to finish and ship to her at the show. (Personally, I think she's delusional, but I wasn't asked.)
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Had an uneventful day at work yesterday. We like uneventful days at work, they're restful. Dr S stopped by to talk to Donna and I just before I left last night. Seems he'd been up in talking to one of the vice presidents about further developing the hort program here, and he told her that he thought one of the best things for the hort program would be to get "the dynamic duo" (his words!) through KSU's masters program so we could teach more classes for transfer. Said vice president had already heard that, and thought it was a good idea. Scary. (Scary, because (a) people are talking about us higher up, and (b) when this VP thinks something is a good idea, it Happens. ) Dr S also told me that he'd been talking to my new boss, and had told Dr G that I was the best person on staff to teach his design class next spring. That set me back a bit--much as I feel I'm not ready for that, it's hard to argue when someone in his position says that, and then lists reasons why he feels that way.

I think I've just been sandbagged into teaching intro to landscape design come January.

Dr S also spent some time talking to us about what we need to get the grad school thing rolling. Unfortunately, that includes statistics, a graduate level course. Blaaaah. I managed to weasel out of taking it as an undergrad, because I was in the design curriculum, but now....**sigh** Luckily, he said that several of the "get your MBA" programs in the area runa stripped-down "statistics for dummies" course, and any of those would transfer.

By came home from work last night grumping about the fact that he was told to be to work no later than 5:30 this morning. Robyn came to her senses about 10:30 last night, and called to say that she couldn't be ready to load the van by then, and he could get in at his regular time. Whew. Things ought to be a bit quieter for him this week, with her out of town.
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Spent yesterday trying to stay awake. Failed miserably when I got home--I fell asleep on the sofa halfway through my dinner. Managed to wake up enough to finish dinner, shed the blanket of cats, and shower, all before 9pm. Enjoyed a pleasant phone date, called By at 11 to see how much longer he was going to be at the studio, and crashed. I have no idea what time he got home, I don't remember him coming to bed.

The half-finished tiara was on the counter this morning, though, and it looks fantastic. I think he's going to finish the rest of the work on it at home this evening. If memory serves, delivery was supposed to be this weekend.

There was a scrape-able frost on my windshield this morning, though the garden looked ok. I've got to dig the key lime tonight, toss it in a bucket or something, and bring it in to work tomorrow morning. The rosemaries will be ok for a few more weeks, which is good. I'd like to see us get some of the bugs under control in the greenhouse before I bring in something that WILL get buggy given half a chance.

Next to no knitting to report the past couple of nights. Just too tired.
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Meant to get to bed early last night, and didn't manage it. Again. So now I'm going to sleepwalk through the day. Again.

The impending job interview has sucked whatever motivation I might have had for doing my job this week. Which wasn't much, granted; life in the grounds dept has been going downhill since before New Boss was hired. All I can think about now is I'll be out of here in a couple more weeks. And I know I shouldn't be getting my hopes up like this, so soon, but gods above and below, I want out. I don't know what I'll do if I don't get the job (besides being terribly angry and crushed). Play catch-up, I guess. I've put projects off all season, because I've been told all season that the job would be coming open "soon", and I'd get it. I'd really hate to have to spend next season still on the grounds crew, doing everything I put off this year.

And I'm sure that part of the hamster wheel in my brain comes from not enough rest lately. There's an open afternoon in my schedule next Friday; I've already pencilled in a nap.

By didn't get home until 9:30 last night. Robyn brought home the new printer at 4:30, and had asked him to stay and get it installed. He called me after 5, saying he thought he'd be another hour. After 7, the cavalry calls, looking for him, because he hadn't called them, either. (By the way, thanks for checking on him, hon.) So I call the studio, talk to him, and send the cavalry out to help him fix it. Much thanks to John and Cammie, for going and figuring out what the problem was, and finally sending him home.

And my silly self stayed up takling with him last night, 'cuz I hadn't seen him much the past couple of days. Probaby would have stayed up later, but I started falling asleep in the middle of sentences.

I know there's an addition to the schedule I posted earlier in theweek, something in October, but I just can't remember right now. I'll ask By later, and fix the schedule then.
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Welcome to Byron's busy season. Here's the schedule of major events, from now until Jan 1, 2006,
excluding regularly scheduled work days.

Sun, Sept 18 Help Star move
Mon, Sept 19 By’s got to work (normally a day off)
Fri, Sept 23 Setup for Plaza Art Show
Sat, Sept 24 Plaza Art Show (By doesn’t have to work, may go to RenFest)
Sun, Sept 25, dawn Child Blessing at the Charlesworth’s
Sun, Sept 25 Take down Plaza Art Show
Mon, Sept 26 By gets to take a nap
spend rest of Sept building up inventory for Beverly Hills show

Sat, Oct 1 Major event in Robyn’s building
Sun, Oct 2 Going to see Serenity with Tristan and other good people
Fri, Oct 7 First Friday
Sat, Oct 8 Highland Games weekend at RenFest
Sun, Oct 9 ditto
Mon, Oct 10 ditto
Tues/Wed, Oct 11/12 Robyn leaves for Beverly Hills show
Sat/Sun, Oct 15/16 Beverly Hills show
Fri or Sat, Oct 28/29 Concert
plus, finish up inventory that was sold in July, for Oct delivery
spend rest of Oct building up inventory for annual show
edited to add: There's something else going on in Oct, before Robyn leaves for Beverly Hills, and I jsut can't remember it right now. But add another "must do" in there.

Fri, Nov 4 First Friday
Fri, Nov 11 Hudson House show
Thurs-Sat, Nov 17-19 Robyn’s annual show (By & Jera both working on this)
spend rest of Nov finishing orders from annual show and Xmas sales

Fri, Dec 2 First Friday
Thurs-Sat, Dec 15-17 Proposed event in Robyn’s building
spend rest of Dec finishing orders from annual show and Xmas sales

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Good thing this is a three-day week for me. I'll need a short work week, just to ease back into that whole "work" thing.

My application is in, and waiting in HR for my transcripts to get there. Which ought to be today or tomorrow. By's going to fax the request for me ths morning. **crosses fingers** And now, I'm trying to figure out whether I should go ahead and order trees, and make plans to get them installed, knowing I might now be here when the time comes to do that, or put it off....much as I'd love to leave a mess for New Boss to clean up, Courtney'd be the one who's got the knowledge to actually fix that stuff, and I'd rather not do that to her. I should probably have a talk with her about that today.

We were self-indulgent last night--dinner was leftovers from Monday, followed by chocolate malts, because By's been hungry for that since Saturday, and finally remembered the ingredients. Oooooo, sugar.

I didn't get nearly as much progress made as I wanted to, excavating the other desk. Did generate a whole bag's worth of recycling, so the pile is smaller by that much. Got a pile of things typed up as part of the sort and recycle process. That's really slow, but I'd rather do it once, than move the pile (again) and put off dealing with it that much longer. Which is how the pile got that tall in the first place.

By came home somewhat cranky, because the boss wasn't very on the ball yesterday. Between getting the pets to and from the vet, and trying to get stuff ready for photo shoots, and a batch of tableware cleaned and off to a cooking show as props, and getting designs drawn out, and.....well, she's a bit more scattered than usual. The dog's not doing well, he had some weird infection between his shoulders, that had to be cut out, and he's not healing well from the last surgery he had, so they're worried about that. And, he's down to 96 pounds. (This is usually a 120+ pound dog, so that's all kinds of not good.) And the cat seems to have lost bladder control, so she sort of dribbles everywhere she goes, which means a lot more cleaning now. (There's more to that bit of the story, which I've forgotten since last night.) And on top of all this, Robyn got into a show in Beverly Hills (it's one her sister did last year, and did well at), and so she's trying to do all those arrangements long-distance. Don't remember if that show is this month or next; must ask By.
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Wait, wrong box. What was I doing here? That's right. Updating. Yeah, that's it.

I am, thanks to the five days I've had off so far, and the final day off I'll be enjoying tomorrow, finally Caught Up On Sleep. And I got laid.

Thus, the world is good.

Friday was fun, the performances at the KC Irish Fest were good, and the company entertaining. I didn't know that there was a musical genre of Celtic punk, but that's what I'm told the Wolfstones are, and they're quite good. And then I got to sleep in on a Saturday, which always feels like a sinful luxury. Spent that day being a bum while the boys were off at work, and the evening geeking on Firefly with Tristan, who is a wicked wicked man for getting me hooked on the show. By had a date Saturday, from which he returned cheerful but very tired on Sunday morning. So, I spent Sunday being a bum too--slept in with Tristan, then after he left, cuddled with By, and ended up taking a 5-hr nap for the afternoon. And still managed about 8 hrs of sleep that night. We putterred and tidied the house yesterday, and had a hnadful of people over for charred cow flesh and conversation. (By the way, [ profile] classics_cat, we missed you. You missed a full afternoon of string geeking and gossip with [ profile] nimawae and myself.)

As far as I know, By's caught up on the "oh my gosh, I've got to have this next week" projects. The dispatch case was finished, and delivered, and oooo'ed over on Thursday morning, the belt finished in the wee hours of Saturday morning, and delivered--after a nap--that same day.

Both of the boys are off to work now, and I've got kidlets to watch this afternoon. What else to update? Still no word on the greenhouse job, and the posting page from campus hasn't been updated since Friday. *sigh* I've been ignoring most of the news; I know I should pay attention, but I just don't have the energy to get that worked up about something I can't change. But my voter registration is current, and I plan to use it.
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I know it may not look like it, but I did actually get something resembling work done yesterday. Not a lot, and it was mostly research things I was supposed to be working in this winter, but it was too wet out to do anything else.

Got a few things on the board for today that need to get done, and since New Boss is actually Not Here today, I can get away with padding the daily log sheet so it looks like I was busy. (I plan to be busy, but knitting and public radio aren't the administration's idea of apprpriate work activites.)

By's plans changed again--he was originally planning to go do stuff with Albert, whose own schedule has had numberous interruptions the past few days. So now, By's staying home and working on projects--the dispatch case for Albert, and some wear-this-as-advertising pieces for a gal who's working RenFest.

Spent some time on the phone with a friend last night, commiserating about relationship troubles. Made me want to apologize to him on behalf of all the women in the world who Aren't Like That. **shakes head** Not much I can do about it from here, but I wish I could. (A trip that far, just to bitch-slap someone who really deserves it, is a bit impractical, however tempting.) May try and call him later today, see how the rest of his evening went.
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Had a restful day at work yesterday, hiding in the shop, updating records and generally staying out of the rain. Will probably spend today the same way. There was thunder and lightning the whole drive in to work, and we were halfway through getting building trash when the sky opened up on us. So now, there's a truckload of trash out in the lot, waiting to be dumped and getting wetter. Eeewwwwww.

Robyn didn't make her flight, so By had to babysit the studio (and the dog, and her houseplants, and the phones) yesterday. She's supposed to be there today. We'll see. He's off to talk to Albert after work today, if the rains allow. (He was supposed to meet Albert last night, but A had already left for the day.)

I'm patting myself on the back this morning, because we were responsible adults last night and put tonight's dinner together in the crock pot, and left it to cook overnight. There'll be a fine, spicy beef and veggie stew waiting for me when I get home tonight.

New Boss just called. **sigh** It's raining, and he doesn't have the sense to Leave Us Alone so we can enjoy it. Bastard. Head Carpenter wants to borrow one of our PT guys to walk building and look for leaks. Nice idea, but considering that the PT guys we've got right now don't have the sense to come in out of the rain, not sure how useful they'd be.
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Didn't get my shower until after 10 last night, but I did get a couple of hours to finish the new Sherri Tepper book, and a call in to my mom, and laundry folded and put away, and two batches of pasta salad prepared for the weekend.

Was supposed to do an insecticide app first thing this morning, but it's waaay too windy, and that's a chemical I don't like to handle in decent weather. Maybe I'll go steal some of Donna's alcohol spray, do a temporary knock-down and hope for better weather next week. I'm planning to spend the rest of the day pretending to work--I've got a bunch of ID signs that need put up, and today would be a good day for doing that. And it's easy.

AND!!!! I remembered to bring those !@#$@#$ cuttings in. Finally.

By had the day off, and was going to work on the two pieces for Tara, but he got an email from Robyn with answers to questions he'd sent her, and now he's got to go into town and make businessy phone calls. He's planning to take the two silver pieces with him, and just use the studio while he's there. Just easier.

We're mostly ready to go. Food's ready, and mostly in one place. Need to pull clothes together, but it's only two days, so that will take next to no time. I need to decide on a knitting project to take with me. Ought to take the kilt hose, but that yarn's white, and I'm stressed, and I'd really like with a bit less thought. Maybe the purple socks and the shawl I started Tuesday. Those are simple.
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Triple bonus day: it's supposed to rain off and on all day, New Boss is gone, and The Other Dave is gone. I have a few chores to do, and contractors to check in with should they decide to come out, and for the rest of the day, I brought knitting.

Dunno how much rain we got at home (really must put up that rain gauge one of these years), but the rain gauge here read 2.5", since 6am yesterday. A full inch of that fell yesterday afternoon, between 3:30 and 4pm, so one of my chores today is to drive the tree trail and see if the trail is eroded in any places.

By's off to help some friends move the last of their stuff to their new house today. Hopefully, the rain holds off while they're loading and unloading. He's been hard at work lately on various leather projects for people. A couple of those are due by Tara; one is due shortly thereafter.

What else? Got laid last night (twice), finished a book (The Flower War by Tad Williams), and ended the night being tired and hormonal. (Much thanks, btw, to those who put up with me last night. That was above and beyond the call of duty.)


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