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That cross stitch site I'd mentioned this morning is Subversive Cross Stitch. Very traditional looking samplers, until you read them. Enjoy! :)
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I was just too busy to update yesterday, and it wasn't that interesting anyway. Grumpy, but not interesting. Too many interruptions, too much time spent re-doing stuff that the volunteers did Wednesday afternoon, because those two volunteers don't have sense enough to not pot up cuttings that don't have roots. I ended up more or less repotting seven flats of cuttings, pulled the two flats' worth that weren't rooted, fixed the rest so the plants weren't buried too deep, and generally scowled at the volunteers. Who we can't say anything to, except a gentle reminder to keep a better eye on that, because even though the volunteers are useless, they are very good PR. Grrrrr.

By got most of the show hung the past couple of days, and now all of a sudden Robyn's all fired up to get some new designs ready for the show. Which, I'll remind the audience, is next Thursday. (I'll put up an announcement soonish.) He's got to work all day this coming Saturday, and a half day Monday.

The Sock Report )

Square Count: 34/169  )
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I am appalled by the state school board's decision. Not at all surprised, they've been headed this way for a while, but gee whiz, people....I'm afraid to call my mom this week. I'm gonna get an earful.

There was good news yesterday. J'nee the Annoying announced that she was quitting the end of the week, said her schoolwork was just too much for her to keep up with and work too. Yay!!!! I really don't care about why or how, just that she'll be gone after tomorrow, and I don't have to babysit her ego anymore. Now we just need to get rid of DG, and get some competant part-time staff in here (yes, we've got someone in mind, if DG leaves soon enough).

By had a rough morning yesterday. He got in and had to help Robyn entering invoices into a spreadsheet she'd set up a while back, although she'd forgotton why she'd wanted all that detail entered in the first place. Anyway, in the process, he found how how far behind she was on the sales taxes, and it's not pretty. As he said last night, this is the universe pushing him to get out fast.

Only got 2 squares finished last night.
Estrogen afghan total: 32 of 169.

Tonight's string: kilt hose.
(Yes, I'm scheduling my string now. It's the only way I'm going to get things done.)


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