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...and eventually got to the question, 'Do YOU know where my sister is?' )

Other than that, it was a lovely Tuesday evening. Because it's spring break, I got to spend a Tuesday night on my couch, in my nightgown, enjoying the take-out Chinese that By and Cammie brought, and enjoying the company of two people I wanted to see (rather than the 18 that I have to see most Tuesdays).

Work's been productive this week, since we're not letting anyone in. MS (the workstudy guy who started back in January) has been working his tail off putting in brick edging in one of our beds, and Bri and I made cuttings yesterday. I'll be transplanting today.

Donna's back today; she's been home sick since last Friday. She still sounds terrible, but she's much more energetic than she was last week. We're all hoping she's not contagious.

Got a few squares last night, and pulled a bunch of floral squares out of the willow basket and pinned them together into a start of a blanket. I need about 30 more squares to get that blanket the size I want (just 48x48").


Dec. 23rd, 2005 07:36 pm
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After a full day (with breaks, I've been careful) of talking and crocheting, the gift afghan has gone from 30" wide to 41" wide. I've ALMOST used up all the yarn I frogged out when I ripped lots out to fix it. Color me very pleased.

And I'm somewhat over 180 squares done now. I'll stop and count them after we get back from my mom's.

Back to work, now.
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Nothing exciting, just busy. DG just called in, said one of her kids (yes, she bred) missed the bus, and she's got to take the kid to school. Peace and quiet for a few more minutes.

After last night, am almost caught up on laundry, and By unloaded and restacked the dishwasher, so the kitchen is better. We packed the presents for his folks, so he can ship those today, and baby stuff for our J & P in Omaha, so that can go out, too. (I know, I know, we're late. But better that than never, right?) We'll pack the presents for my family in our suitcases, and wrap/label things when we get to Mom's.

Had a long phone call from Brenda last night. It summed down to she's still happy where she works, still having trouble getting dates, and is heading back to Dodge City to see her folks for Xmas.

Today's going to be the high-impact day this week, for work, anyway. We've got at least 2 volunteers coming in today, and both of those have to be watched and given instructions for each thing they're given to do. (And one of them will have to be watched most of the time she's here, to make sure that she does what she's told. And then we'll have to chase her out when we want to leave, because she'll not get here until 3 or 4 in the afternoon, and she'll want to talk and visit and work very slowly, and she's quiet happy to stay until 7pm if we don't push her out the door.)

Got a little crocheting done last night: 173/169 squares. I'm planning to spend some serious quality time on the gift afghan on Friday; and the kilt hose will go with me to Mom's. I ought to be able to get a fair bit done on those on the drive.
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Square count: 168/169.
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146/169 squares.

Not that I'm bragging or anything.
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Finished 1 square last night, but I'm not sure it counts, because I started it days ago, and have only worked on it a little the past few nights. That was a pain-in-the-butt pattern; not doing anymore of those.
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4 movies
2 cans of soda
more tea than I kept track of
peanut butter M&M's (ooooooooo)
114/169 squares
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Had a **somewhat** productive day today: 107/169 squares.

Cammie, have you heard how far along Jana is? Do I need to hussle to reclaim my lead?
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I know, I'm up way past my bedtime. But, I got a few more squares done. Current count: 88/169.

BTW, Cammie: I had a thought. You said Phoenix was still at the "learning to go back and forth" stage...why not show her how to do that, and make a 6" square that way? Nothing says they've all got to be granny squares. And that way, she could practice what she already knows and make squares at the same time.
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By the way, Cat, I've got LOTS of yarn you could use, if you want to play. I'd dug out two large bins of acrylic stash for this, and 82 squares has not made that big of a dent in the bins. And I've got more in the back room. Maybe not all the best colors, but with creativity and a couple of well-chosen ombres, they look decent.
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That's all. Jusr thought I'd share.
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I overdid it yesterday, and my hands are rather stiff today as a result, but I got lots done.

I got 3" worth of stitching done on a gift afghan (that's six times 'round the rectangle, proably 8-9 feet of stiching per round), and will probably do a bit more on it this afternoon.

The alpaca gloves I did for myself are nearly finished (just need to do the thumb on the second glove, and weave in ends), with enough yarn leftover for a second pair(!!!). I modified the pattern a LOT, and will probably post it, since the finished glove got such nice reviews at dinner Thursday. I need to modify the next pair a little...didn't leave enough space between the thumb gusset and the division for the rest of the fingers, but it's still quite wearable, because I've got little hands. Not sure what pattern I'll do the second pair in, maybe something with color, since I've still got a ball of Indecita Alpaca, sport weight, in a nice dark blue.

I've got 76/169 squares done, as of last night. I've got centers for another 4 started, but my hands hurt too much to finish them at the time. We'll see what I get to today. I've promised the boys that I'll be good, and pace the yarning with other things, to rest my hands.
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Got one square done last night, nothing fancy. So, I'm up to 70-odd plus one. And, Cammie, I'm still working on a pattern for a square done in that yarn you liked on Sunday. I'll get back to you when I figure something out.

Am 2/3 done with the second dragonscale gauntlet. Probably could have finished it had I knitted another hour last night, but knitting is trumped by quality time with the husband. Brought it with me, in hopes of getting in a round or two during my lunch break.
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Where to start? Obviously, we made it through the show, and all that. Robyn was NOT on the ball this year (in so many ways, I think I've mentioned), and did not have dinner ready for the folks who worked Friday night, so we ended up out to eat with John and Cammie that night. Home, bed, slept late on Saturday (yay!). Got lots of squares done, and counted, but I've forgotten what the total was. Lots. Like, 70 or so.

Show sales were decent this year, for the attendance, but attendance seemed really low to me this year. Must ask By what he thought. People seemed disappointed that there wasn't more theater to the show, which By expected. And Robyn's idea that if she were on the floor with the work, she'd sell stuff--nice try. Didn't happen, but nice try.

The boyfriend had bad timing this weekend--he got to our place just before my uterus decided to mutiny, and so he got to babysit a crampy, cranky girlfriend over the weekend. Points to the boyfriend for fortitude and patience. (Cycling a week late was convenient, it was nice not to have to worry about that in my show clothes, but damn, I'm paying for that convenience now.)

Spent quality time with the extended family on Sunday, running around Mass St in Lawrence. Found a great haul of old knitting patterns in Half Price books, By found some cool leather stuff, and Tim left with things to fill gaps in his library. The boys went down the street to look at cutlery while Cammie and I browsed Yarn Barn. (I know, unsupervised, but we were good, really.) Got yarn for two sets of gloves for myself....the first pair in "Red Baron" Lamb's Pride, elbow-length dragonscale gauntlets, with a thumb gusset added, because I discovered a need for such, in my kimono-coat. (Bummer, the pic isn't up anymore, but they are cool. Errr, warm...anyway...) As a bit of self-indulgence, I settled down to knit on those last night, got the first one done except for weaving in the ends. Go me! The other glove yarn I bought is a pale celery green alpaca, dk-weight, can't remember the brand name right now, for these gansey-style gloves, in a much finer gauge. Because I need those, too. And they must be alpaca. And!!!! I took Cammie over to the sock yarn section, where she fondled and rubbed all the yarns, and we cound some wool blends that dont' make her itch. Yay!!!!

Also got a nice haul of books from Dusty Bookshelf...another good knitting book (traditional Maine mittens, very cool), some fiction, By found some woodworking stuff. And a little "how to do country things" book as a Yule present for Courtney.

Ah...that makes the day a bit brighter....DG just called in, said she's sick, can't come in, may not be in tomorrow. Means we can slack off a bit more in here today.
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I need to pull my squares out and count them, I've lost track, but I finished 3 last night, and one the evening before. I **think** I'm at 52.
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Only 48/169 today. Got one whole square done, trying to keep my fingers warm while the power was out at school this afternoon.
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I feel like something of a slacker, 'cuz I only did 8 this weekend. I'm consoling myself with the notion that four of the finished squares were a Pinwheel Star pattern, and those took about as much time and yarn as 12 basic squares would have. But they're very cool.
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Square count: 36/169. Or 38, if you count the two knitted squares that I found in one of the yarn bins, which were the right size.
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I was just too busy to update yesterday, and it wasn't that interesting anyway. Grumpy, but not interesting. Too many interruptions, too much time spent re-doing stuff that the volunteers did Wednesday afternoon, because those two volunteers don't have sense enough to not pot up cuttings that don't have roots. I ended up more or less repotting seven flats of cuttings, pulled the two flats' worth that weren't rooted, fixed the rest so the plants weren't buried too deep, and generally scowled at the volunteers. Who we can't say anything to, except a gentle reminder to keep a better eye on that, because even though the volunteers are useless, they are very good PR. Grrrrr.

By got most of the show hung the past couple of days, and now all of a sudden Robyn's all fired up to get some new designs ready for the show. Which, I'll remind the audience, is next Thursday. (I'll put up an announcement soonish.) He's got to work all day this coming Saturday, and a half day Monday.

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Square Count: 34/169  )


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