Jan. 4th, 2011 04:47 pm
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Finally got the @(#*$&)@#($& Boychild to sleep. After three bottles, and chasing him back to bed more times than I can count, over 90 minutes. Oh, and one wrenched hip on my part, which hurts like hell.

I should have expected this afternoon's no-nap adventures, because The Boy kept By up from 3-6am, climbing out of bed. We're contemplating putting a cover on his crib to keep him in bed at night.

By got finish plywood up around a couple of the new windows, where we'd changed the window openings. In the process, he found yet another thing that he'll have to fix come spring, because Salvage Guy was cutting corners. Grrrrr. Speaking of Salvage Guy, we've still not heard from him. Since...Nov 10, I think it was. We're now taking bets as to whether or not we'll hear from him at all in the next five years.

Towards putting in newer cabinets in the pantry area, By also started peeling up the old crumbly peel-and-stick linoleum tiles on the floor. Which has left sticky sheet linoleum exposed; a good scrubbing this morning helped the grunge but not the sticky. But the new cabinets and counter area will be totally worth it.

We've also been cleaning/sorting in the family room (since those cabinets are destined for the pantry). That pile is finally down to where you can see the tabletop, and we've gotten rid of a bunch of crap. Even threw away yarn! There's more to get through, of course, but it's a darn good start.

Heard from Sis, that the funeral for Uncle Ellis will be tomorrow morning, in Salina. I won't be able to make it, but it's nice to know where and when and all that. Been trying to call Grandma since he died, and she's not answering; either she's just not up to talking, or I'm picking the wrong times, and she's forgetting to check her answering machine. May have to call Mom and check.

Have been researching e-readers and tablet pc's lately. We've been thinking about something along those lines, or a small laptop, for me for a while. What I really would like is something small and easily portable, that I could load my patterns-in-use on, rather than spend the $$$ on paper and printer ink. I'd prefer something that has color, because some of my knitting charts are in color, and most of my embroidery charts are. Sis just got a Nook, and loves it, as does someone else I know.

The UnSock Report: Have finished the base for a doll that's destined to be a late holiday gift, and am trying to decide how to the face and dress it. That's always the hard part. While that's percolating, have also started a lace shawl, one of the Elizabeth Zimmerman-tribute pi-shawl designs that showed up on Ravelry this August. I'm in the middle of the 288-st band, or about halfway through the diameter. Which means I'm almost at the slow part--in about 20 more rounds, the stitch count doubles again, and those rounds will take forever. But it's a gorgeous piece. And I'm about 18" across a scrappy striped afghan for The Miss (that's my while-I-watch-the-kids project). Am hoping to get that done soon and start one for The Bug. because those use up bunches of yarn.
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The upside to being up so late last night is I got a whole inch done on the Lily of the Valley shawl.
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Had a mostly low-key weekend. The HSA meeting actually got out early on Sunday, and the list of people absent was telling--proof of who the long-winded talk-forevers are. Went to Half Price Books with Cammie and John and Tristan, which was bad. No one in the group coutned as adult supervision. We came home with a couple of plant books, some fiction (including the Dune Messiah, which I've been missing for years), the final volume of The Traditional Bowyer's Bible, and a stack of cd's. I think By's already got most of the new cd's on the hard drive.

We ended up not making a road trip to KSU to fetch my transcript, because HR atwork had received it already. Whew. I'm hoping for a call about setting up an interview sometime today.

Both of the boys are off at work today, and I don't have to be anywhere. I made cheese-stuffed rolls last night, so we have noshies already, and By got groceries while he was out yesterday, so we have ingredients for dinner tonight. Got one load of laundry done, and another in the washer now. Changed the sheets, made the bed, tidied in the kitchen a bit. And as a reward for getting all that done, I get to knit.

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Sep. 7th, 2005 09:07 am
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...because I'm being slothful on my last day off....

First, ganked off Lifehacker...print-your-own calender/notepaper. (If I get the greenhouse job, this might come in handy. Cheaper than buying dayplanners, anyway.)

Second, I am more than mildly vexed at KSU. They HAVE to have my signature to release my transcript, so they won't allow a phone request for a transcript. Which means that doesn't go out until tomorrow. Which means that my job app won't be complete until Friday at the earliest. *sigh*

Third, knitting! (Because I'm too lazy to make a separate post today.) I'm about a foot into Hello Yarn's Besotted Scarf, in a dark blue wool, for By. (Not that he *needs* another scarf, but it's such a nice cable, and I'd got the yarn specificly for somethign for him.) I finished the Ene scarf Monday afternoon. It's HUGE. The original scarf, in a lace gauge, was a triangle about 42" wide on the long side. Mine, in the equivalent of worsted weight and on #11's, tape measure doesn't go that big. I'm guessing, from how much hangs off the ends of my arms, that it's got a 7-8 foot wingspan. Oops. That would explain why it used up so much yarn. It's awfully nice though. Am making progress on the baby knitting, but I've got two months on those. Still holding on T's kilt hose. I can't make more progress on that until slide the socks onto his feet and check for fit again.

Fourth, the rest of the day: I PLAN to make progress on putting things away in the bedroom, so we can start some of the rearranging necessary for eventual remodelling. No guarantees.
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Not that I've done *that* much that merits reporting lately, but...

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