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The Boy is 40" tall and 39lb, The Miss is 42" tall and 39lb. We're waiting for the nurse to come in with The Miss's vaccinations. The Boy gets his in 10 days, after he's done with meds for an ear infection. So we get to do this all again, bleh.
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Quick trip to the doctor yesterday; The Miss needed her ears checked, and a pre-preschool physical, and The Boy just needed his ears checked.

The Miss has grown an inch since April, and is now 40" tall and still 36 lb. The Boy has grown 3" i. Height, 4 shoe sizes, and 2 lbs since April, and is now 38", size 9T shoe, and 35 lbs. That would be a size ahead of his sister in shoes, already.

Doc looked at The Boy's build, and recent growth rate, and told me to start buying clothes in a range of sizes, 'cuz I'm gonna need him. Yikes.

We've gone 5 days without naps now, and I think I'm going to give it up. The Boy sleeps beeter at night, without all the fighting to keep him in bed. But I'll sure miss my little eat-lunch-and-do-chores break in the afternoon.

By got more done on the shed poles are in the right places, and standing straight up, and he's getting the new floor joists set up. He's vexed at how long it's taking, but we both know he'll be much happier in the long run if he takes the time to fix everything Salvage Guy buggered. And that mess is almost done, so it should go quick from here.

By hit the clearance section of Walmart's lawn and garden last night, ans scored a truckload of bagged topsoil and pine bark mulch for $20. Hooray for cheap garden supplies! The topsoil is slated to fill in my raised beds, that have settled the past two years and are now only half full. Any leftovers will go to topdress parts of the flower beds. The mulch will go as a soil amendment in the raised beds, and then actually as mulch in other spots.

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I got enough of the root on a rare native milkweed that I dug and moved yesterday. An antelope milkweed, spring blooming, with large heads of green flowersm it had some up in the middle of what will soon be the front porch of my shed. I managed to get about a foot of the knobby taproot, I just didn't realize that species would go that deep.

So, lots to do. Finish sanding the wood banding on the trunk (might get that done this morning), do soil and mulch things, pull weeds and move some daylilies....and chase the kids, do laundry, clean the kitchen, gather trash......
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Been meaning to post for days, haven't for a variety of reasons--no internet for a couple days, crappy connections, busy playing outside, tired from playing outside. You know how it goes.

Just got back from checkups for the kids. The Bug is 36" tall and 33 lb, The Miss is 39" tall and 36 lb, and they are well-grown children. Doc would like them both to be talking more, and more clearly, so we're going to work on that.

Yesterday was serious gardening day. By started the lawn mower, mowed the 'tween yard, then he and I split the work of knocking down the weeds and grass in the old veggie garden. And then, he got the tiller started (my hero!) and made the first pass through that. So yay for a nice big garden this year.

Beyond that, I've been making strides on the flower beds. The kids let me dig a bunch of iris out of the corner of the old veggie garden and move them to beds in the front of the house, and move strawberries from the old garden to the new strawberry beds. I still have a ton of iris to dig, but my neighbor has said she'll take those. Yay!

D bought me a "Belle of Georgia" peach tree last time she was in Oklahoma visiting her mother, and declared it a birthday present. It's on the sidewalk, waiting for the wind to die down a bit before it gets planted. Got a spot ready and waiting. She also gave me a gallon pot of orange lilies, that I think I've got a spot for. Or I can move a few daisies and make a spot.

Been working on cleaning out the older section of the mint bed; it's gotten grassy the past couple of years. I decided to mix things up a bit, and I've moved some daisies and daylilies and other flowers in there to brighten the bed. The daylilies came from the old bed on the south end of the house--I'd like to get rid of that bed, so that chunk of grass is easier to mow.

What else is going on?

Hit the "bag sale" day of the local library book sale, and got some good things, including the novel that the movie "Rob Roy" is based on.

Mom is having adventures with Grandma's checking account lately. Grandma forgot that the bank got bought out and changed its name a few months back, and wrote checks on the old account, and doesn't understand why the checks weren't good, because they were brand new checks, and they were still good, dammit. I hate to say it, but it's time to take that away from her. But it's easy for me to say, I'm not the one there arguing with her.

Salvage Guy showed up last week, at By's work, to chat and to get By to come look at some salvage. Didn't have much to say about abandoning our project, besides "I haven't forgotten you guys, I've been really busy." Errrrr. We're just going to let it go, and not have him back out. More work, less angst and trauma.

By made me **teeny** knitting needles so I can try a fancy knitted doll dress pattern I found. Now I have to figure out what would be a close equivalent to sewing silk #50.


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