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SThe rest of the day's progress came to a SCREEE-EEE-CHING halt while I struggled with my sweater pattern. After crocheting the *#@%?@%%!%$$ sleeve twice, I finally concluded that the designer was not at all thinking when s/he wrote the numbers for the larger sizes. And since it is standard practice for the big-name designers and publishers to only make a sample of the smallest size (cheaper, you know), the rest don't get tested.

I mean, really...a 15" upper arm circumference on the 2X size of what's supposed to be a loose, comfy, outer-layer sweater? Are you mental?

Am settling down to rewrite the sleeve pattern so that the goddam thing will actually fit, and am very vexed at the necessity on a pattern I *paid* for.
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Just finished reading "Poky Little Puppy" to The Miss, while The Boy revved up the toy chainsaw. Odd, odd combination.

The Boy correctly named the parts of his face this morning, and then he did it again, pointing at the parts of my face. Yay for increasing vocabulary, and finally starting to use it. Now, if I could justget him to sit down and pay attention when I'm reading to The Miss.

Today's to-do list includes, in no particular order:
* put away clean dishes, reload dishwasher
* make a batch of soft breadsticks to go with dinner (I have a new recipe that's supposed to be similar to Pizza Hut's breadsticks)
* 2 loads of laundry, washed AND folded (I always have trouble with the "and folded" part) 1 down, 1 to go
* feed kids and get them ready for school, and to the bus on time
* take out compost, water greenhouse, move last pot of petunias into greenhouse

* finish the crocheted snowflake I started last night, and do at least one more

I had thought, yesterday, that I'd spend this afternoon cleaning out the other pantry cabinet, but now I don't think I will. My hands are cracked and irritated from cleaning chemicals yesterday, and I'll be happier if I give them a day to heal.

Did manage to finish the piece of sweater I was crocheting on yesterday. That makes the back and both front pieces finished, and I started the first sleeve this morning. With 8 1/2 balls of yarn left, so I ought to be good. (I was worried when the back took a third of the yarn I'd bought for this project.)

Edited 2:12pm, to adjust list.

Also, am waiting to hear from Sis, who watched a shoot-out somewhere near her home last night. Which is WAY out in the boonies, so this is a rather odd incident. Hoping she'll respond soon, with details.
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Doing a little cross stitch while the kids nap, and actually following the pattern for a change. I'm used to working on 32 ct linen, using 1 strand of floss over 1 thread of fabric. This pattern calls for 2 strands over 2 threads of fabric, and it looks huge and clunky compared to what I usually do. But this pincushion (for my mom) won't be a useful size, at the finer gauge.
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Spent naptime catching up in Ravelry, which is the perfectly logical thing to do when you're trying to resist starting 20 projects Right Now!

Am attempting to channel my crafty ADHD into blocks for a long-neglected afghan --hoping that it's been long enough that it'll *feel* like a new project.

Yeah, my hindbrain thinks it's a scam, too, but that's all it's getting.

Of course, I will at some point need to find the rest of the afghan. All I've got now is a box of border yarn and blocks.
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The BoyChild is intently paging through one of my reprints of Weldon's Practical Needlework (volume 3, I think, circa 1895), and has thus far resisted every attempt to take it away from him. He seems to be fascinated by the crazy quilting section.

In projecting news, when looking for the yarn for the big afghan, I found a stack of squares already assembled into 4-square blocks. So the fifth row is done, and I've got enough put together to do most of the sixth row.

I think the final product will need to have a border, which will mean at least 2 more skeins of yarn. But I may need more anyway, just to get it all put together.

In order to maintain my motivation, I keep telling myself that finishing this will empty 2 or 3 boxes. and morw in the long run, because leftover squares will go into another afghan for The Miss. She's been trying to steal this one all day.
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Unfinished object, that is.

Back before I got knocked up with The Miss, a friend and I had started a pair of granny square afghans. The plan was that we'd each do the full number of squares and trade. She got busy with work and school, and I took over the square-making for each of us. Eventually, I got her box of squares, to mix with mine and turn into an afghan. Hers is for a king-sized bed, so I only work on it this time of year.

She just got a new bed, which prodded me to dig it out, find the yarn I'm doing the assembly with, and get to work.*

I'm joining 7" squares into sets of four and adding a border, then joining the 4-square blocks into 7 rows, 7 wide. (Which may or may not get a final outer border, depending on my mood.) I've got 4 rows, 7 wide of the 4-square blocks assembled so far. So, roughly halfway.

* Because I can't justify starting new until I get some of these old hang-around things done. And I just got the knitting in history issue of Piecework, and it has socks and a scarf I really want to knit.
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Gave The Miss her first embroidery lesson this morning. It consisted of the very basics--holding the needle, poking it through the fabric (or temari ball, in this case) and pulling it through. Lasted about 15 minutes, then she decided she was done. But she enjoyed it, and there are pictures.

I picked a temari ball for her first stitching because that's what she sees me do most often, and I thought it would be easier for her to hold.

I've already been informed that this also counts as contributing to the deliquency of a minor.
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It's officially winter--took down the sun shade that we've had up in the backyard most of the summer. The chairs that were beneath it look a little lost, now.

By made oodles of progress in the greenhouse. Never as much as he hopes to, but lots done. And its about to get a door that will actually close and seal, yay! Part of today's progress was derailed by the bench-shelf along the outer wall crashing down while I was watering, dumping large heavy things inches from my toes and breaking my last good pot. Dammit. But he got the shelf reset, and strengthened, and everything back up where the rodents (hopefully) won't eat it all winter. And sometime soon I've got to figure out what to put the residents of the broken pot into.

Have started rubbing vitamin E oil onto the raw patches on my hand. Dunno I'd its helping it heal any faster, but it does ease the stinging and tenderness, and softens the dry bits that catch on stuff and tear and make new raw spots.

The Sock Report: am halfway down the leg of the mother-in-law sock. Have lost one of the needles--it fell out of my hair, and I'm afraid that happened outside where its gone for good. I do have a spare, so that's vexing but not a crisis.
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It's already starting out to be one of the bad days. The Bug is in his crib doing pennance, The Miss is having a tantrum day, and my nerves are shot from yesterday. Lovely.

Still no word from family on Thanksgiving plans. I'm giving serious thought to just telling Mom we'll simplify the discussion, and just stay home.

Freshly dyed stuff is still rather damp--and cold, on the front porch. Am hoping the sun will come out today and dry it.

The Sock Report: Managed to start the second Mother-in-Law sock last night, after several false starts. Just couldn't get my gauge right. Am making myself work on that sock, and not the Sooper Sekrit Sock Project, because the SSSP was going very well last night, and I'd rather work on the project that's cooperative.

I had a "duh" moment the other day, regarding the knee-high socks that The Miss just outgrew. Only the foot length is too small, everything else fits, and those are cuff-down, so I ought to be able to undo the toes, tie in more yarn and knit them longer. And then make myself a stern note to check foot length *every* time on kids socks.
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Kids fed, dinner in crockpot, me fed and medicated (yuck!), kids down for nap, and last pieces out of dyebath.

Total for green dyebath:
* 4, 50-gm skeins of formerly terribly turquoise sock yarn
* 2, 120-gm (-ish, wasn't measuring closely) skeins of formerly undyed sock yarn from a cone
* 2 chunks of cotton fabric, formerly sheets, one about a yard square, the other about 40" x 15".

The yarns yielded three nicely graduated shades of green, which will work nicely in the hat I'm contemplating.

The fabric pieces both turned a rather modern minty green, but I can overdye them another time with tea or coffee to a shade that fits the dolls better.

And now I'm settling in for an quiet knitting and an interview with David Suchet, about playing Hercule Poirrot. Yay for good radio!
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Gav e in to the call of the dyepot and wound one more skein of undyed sock yarn, and tossed it in. Which would give me three graduated shades for a hat pattern I'm contemplating, so that's cool.

Its looked like there's rain coming all morning, but nothing yet. We could use some more. Otherwise, I'll have to go out in the cold and water trees tomorrow.
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So far today, I have accomplished (in no particular order):
* cooked a hot breakfast for me and the kids (oatmeal plus applesauce, breakfast of champions)
* packed By's breakfast and lunch
* started laundry
* emptied and reloaded dishwasher
* hand-washed some stray stuff that doesn't go in the dishwasher
* over-dyed 4 skeins of terribly turquoise sock yarn with moss green icing dye, plus the leftover dab of green pigment dye from Dharma
* since that batch went well, I wound off about 4oz of undyed sock yarn from my big cone and tossed that in too
* there was still some oomph in the pot, so I added salt and urea and soda ash, and then tossed in a chunk of the cotton I've been using for doll stuff, some of the dolls can have green dresses

Next stop, setting up a rack on the front porch for these things to dry on, and maybe winding off one more skein of white yarn to see if it'll do. Graduated shades of the same green are a good thing.

After that, I need to get the crockpot out and start dinner--souped-up potato soup for a damp chilly night. I've got a leftover end of 2-day-old bread that needs used, so it'll get sliced, buttered and seasoned, and toasted into croutons. May do another batch of fresh bread, to make the house cozy.

The Sock Report: the first sock for Mother-in-Law is finished, except for the decorative flower ends on the ties. Will start the next one this afternoon.

Have started the Sooper Sekrit Sock Project, twice in fact. Because halfway down the leg the first time, I realized it was too big. It looks really good now though.

And once I get some of the gifting projects done, I'm starting some for me. Socks with a fine and fancy mosiac pattern, and maybe a nice hat. We'll see.
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Since I've been typing about them, I figured I ought to get a pic of the dolls I've been making put up. Here is a shot of the first two, including the nearly-finished dress (with its oh-so-difficult sleeves) and the little knit sweater. Cute, aren't they? I should make time to get some undressed shots of them, to show off their nifty buttoned joints (and the nifty buttons I used in the joints).

Excuse the quality of the pic, it's a phone-shot.
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Not only is the new issue of Knitty up, the new issue is up with a Miss Marple-inspired sock pattern! Inspired by one of my favorite stories, even. I should finish the stuff on needles so I can celebrate by knitting these socks while watching "Nemesis".
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Mostly non-knitting lately, because (a) I've been bitten hard by the doll-making bug, and (b) for various reasons, the kids and I won't be out at renfest this year in costume, so I don't need to spend the next couple of weeks frantically knitting wee tiny kilt hose.

I have finished the Tintagel Socks from Janel Laidman's The Enchanted Sole, using some Stroll Kettle-dyed from Knitpicks, and without the beads. Am thrilled with this pattern, it's very comfy, and looks grand. Am also thrilled with the Knitpicks yarn. Will be getting more of this in the future.

I've recharted the Tintagel leg pattern to fit The Miss's 3-yr-old legs, and have started a pair of knee socks for her, using an undyed sock yarn. Not sure what color they'll eventually be. Probably pink or purple.

I don't need to do a new set of kilt hose for the boy, but I still want to do a couple pair of warm socks for The Boychild before winter sets in. Although, anything I made recently for The Miss will fit him too. Gosh he's getting big.

Anyway...dollmaking. )

Hey Cat!!!!

Apr. 1st, 2006 12:35 pm
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They really are knitted peeps, this time.


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