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Things the kids have learned this week:
* A big bouncy ball makes a very satisfying splash in the wading pool.
* Going down the slide backwards is more fun when Mom is watching, because she freaks out.
* If you balance just right, you can jump out of a moving swing and land on your feet. Mom freaks out about that, too.
* A good coat of sidewalk chalk improves the sliding speed on the slide.
* Climbing into Momma's lap freshly wet from the pool makes her squeak.
* The cats don't want to read the Disney Princess coloring book, even if you put it under their noses.
* Wet sidewalk chalk sticks to chairs better.
* Momma has no sense of humor about rearranging her sewing box, even though it was a lot more colorful when we were done.
* Wind-up cars don't run in the pool.

In other news, the garden is blooming well despite the heat. Daisies and daylilies are in full sail, queen Anne's lace is going strong, along with threadleaf mountain mint, lavender, oregano, agastache, liatris, cannas, petunias, and the first bright zinnias. (Incidently, the autocorrect on my phone wants to turn "zinnias" into "submissions". Theories about that are left as an exercise for the reader.)

I am still knitting on a head scarf, but hope to be done with that today, and I need to whip up a flowered pin for on of the hats I made last week, then that set of projects will be done. Am making fair headway on my big cross stitch piece, the Green Goddess, maybe 10% done. Enough that it's starting to look like something, anyway.

Am tempted to drop everything and knock out a couple of temari this weekend. The temari list is doing a colors of Wimbledon challenge: using a white, black, or navy base, stitch whatever design you want in the colors of the bouquets the ladies are carrying. Which means a couple shades of purple, lime green, and something else. It's one of those "out of your comfort zone" projects, and sounds like fun.

Not sure how much headway we'll make on the house this weekend; it's supposed to be terribly hot for a few more days. Not like the 102 it hit yesterday, but up there. At least it's hot enough the gate's stopped growing.
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In no particular order.....

Rain day yesterday. Not the whole day, but my allergies (aThe Boy nd The Boy's) needed a day inside. The kids went a little crazy, spending the whole day inside. They're mellower today, for the outside time. The Boy has had extra swing time, and The Miss has an extra large bouquet.

By's folks called to ask us if we'd planned for "in flight entertainment" for the kids on our trip next month. We'd been working on it (trying to figure out how to make one of our nooks play movies for them), but they offered to send us a portable dvd player. Much simpler, problem solved.

D is supposed to be coming over sometime today to get the plants I've been watching for her, which will simplify things for me. If she doesn't make it, I'll take them over to her tomorrow.

If D takes her flats of tomatoes, I think I can make spaces for the random seedlings, between the space in the rhubarb patch, and the space in the vegetable garden. I may have to put poison out there...I seem to be getting moles, or voles, tunnaling around the bottom of the garden. Which would explain why some of the squashes didn't sprout.

What's blooming today? Less than there might be, since The Miss has been on her "fresh bouquet every day" kick. I've gotta plant more flowers, to keep up with her.
* purple coneflower, all over the garden (thank goodness there's lots, it's one of her favorites)
* shasta daisies, both short and tall
* the last of the tickseed coreopsis
* the first black-eyed-susans (if you're sensing a daisy theme, you'd be correct)
* lavender
* yarrows in white, lavender, a bright rosy-purple, peach, red, pinks
* verbena-on-a-stick
* "Mesa Yellow" gaillardia (more daisies!)
* "Nearly Wild" rose
* ladybells
* showy milkweed
* the last few anemonellas...I'm amazed they've lasted this long
* annual pinks, and lavender china pinks
* oregano
* the first of the queen annes lace
* leadplant, Amorpha canadensis, which is a prairie shrub native to central Ks, and one of my favs
* daylilies-- "Stella d'Oro", "Happy Returns" (dwarf, clear yellow), "Black-Eyed Stella" D dwarf yellow with dark red eye), that unnamed orange-red bicolor, and one of the very dark red ones I got on clearance last year
* asiatic lilies, dark red, light pink (that one's a big clump this year), light orange
* petunias in pinks and purples
* purple globe amaranth
* a few little orange french marigolds
* the last of the tradescantia, the pale blue kind
* Salvia farinacea
* wood betony
* two little geraniums that I got for a quarter each, and planted with a red coelus and hot pink petunias (it works better than it sounds, its a fairly bluish red), and have unfortunately turned out to be bright scarlet, which doesn't match the rest of the pot at all
* mother-of-thyme, pale lavender, which the bees like so much
* the first of the mountain mints, threadleaf and the creeping kind, both white and fragrant

In the front yard, I've got mixed daylilies, a small patch of lavender-flowered monarda (the one whose foliage smells like rose geranium), and some daisies. I don't water the front, so it's not as lush.
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/By called Sprint about my phone this morning. Again. This time, they told him that the problem isn't with my phone or its programming, but that the tower that serves our area (and 6 other zip codes) is broken. They're working to fix it, really.


I am still terribly frustrated, but at least we've gotten a straight answer from them, finally, and there's an end in sight.

Did not get much more sleep last night than I did befoore, but By gave me the evening away from the kids to decompress. That helps. The Boy didn't sleep any better last night, either, which doesn't help. I'm out of ideas for getting him to go to sleep and stay there.

We need to think about bigger shoes for The Boy very soon. I tried to stuff his fat little feet into his crocs twice this morning, before he got fed up and brought me his sister's shoes (one size bigger) to try. And those fit. And she saw him I n her shoes, so I may have to give him those, and get her new ones, because she has a thing about brother wearing her shoes.

More seedling are showing up in the garden every day. Today, it's the pole beans, just poking up, and a few more of the squashes. I need to get half an hour out there to pick the latest batch of dodder that's sprouted. At least, there's a lot less than the first two times.

I'm trying to remember if I've planted the apple gourds yet, or if I merely fingered the seeds with intent to plant. That sounds like an act that'll get you 5-10 years, doesn't it? I remember taking that box of seed out, and thinking I wanted to plant them, and considering locations, but I think I might have dropped them back in my basket.
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Rain day = catch up on indoor chores day. :-P

Got sheets in the washer, have folded the backlog on clean laundry in The Miss's bedroom and pulled out the outgrown stuff, started a new box for Goodwill.

Am now sitting down with the Afghan of Doom. Again. Not at all what I wanted to work on, but it **really** needs finished and out of my way. Am hoping to at least finish those last two big blocks I need to assemble and sew in. Finishing the seams is probably optimistic, but that's my goal.

I am hoping to get the rest of this list done today:
* wash the rest of the laundry (2 large baskets' worth, may spill into tomorrow)
* fold and put away clean laundry
* clean sheets on beds
* empty / reload dishwasher
* bake oatmeal bread (to use up leftover oatmeal in fridge)
* bake pumpkin bars or muffins ( same recipe, different pans)
* assemble 2 large afghan blocks
* get blocks sewn into Afghan of Doom
* finish vertical seams in Afghan of Doom
* start edging on Afghan of Doom ( a major undertaking, it's for a king-size bed)


Dec. 4th, 2010 04:04 pm
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Most of the household still has the plague. Mine seems to be some icky form of stomach flu, which has me alternate freezing and trying not to barf. And still chase the kids, of course.

Still have major project ADHA, which makes it very very difficult for me to focus on the things I should be working on right now. Or course, I'd expected to have more time to do them all, but my hands just didn't cooperate.

The Sock Report: Finished the Sooper Sekrit Socks, and got the flowers knitted for the mother-in-law socks, and all the ends woven in and bits sewn on. Washed and blocked, even. The Sooper Sekrit Socks, which are knitted in Mountain Colors Bearfoot, bled like a son-of-a-gun, which I don't expect from a brown yarn. Got The Miss's socks washed, too. (All that washing means that the bedroom smells like wet wool, but that's the only place I can lay them out where The Bug won't play with them.)

Have started two more pairs of Sekrit Socks, in different patterns which will remain nameless until after Yule. One is thick and cushy, and the other is on #0's, at 9sts and 11 rows per inch. But it looks grand!

Am halfway through the doll-sweater-for-hire, and am totally not interested in the project. Must finish it--it's yarn money. But I'd rather be working on something else.
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It's officially winter--took down the sun shade that we've had up in the backyard most of the summer. The chairs that were beneath it look a little lost, now.

By made oodles of progress in the greenhouse. Never as much as he hopes to, but lots done. And its about to get a door that will actually close and seal, yay! Part of today's progress was derailed by the bench-shelf along the outer wall crashing down while I was watering, dumping large heavy things inches from my toes and breaking my last good pot. Dammit. But he got the shelf reset, and strengthened, and everything back up where the rodents (hopefully) won't eat it all winter. And sometime soon I've got to figure out what to put the residents of the broken pot into.

Have started rubbing vitamin E oil onto the raw patches on my hand. Dunno I'd its helping it heal any faster, but it does ease the stinging and tenderness, and softens the dry bits that catch on stuff and tear and make new raw spots.

The Sock Report: am halfway down the leg of the mother-in-law sock. Have lost one of the needles--it fell out of my hair, and I'm afraid that happened outside where its gone for good. I do have a spare, so that's vexing but not a crisis.
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It's already starting out to be one of the bad days. The Bug is in his crib doing pennance, The Miss is having a tantrum day, and my nerves are shot from yesterday. Lovely.

Still no word from family on Thanksgiving plans. I'm giving serious thought to just telling Mom we'll simplify the discussion, and just stay home.

Freshly dyed stuff is still rather damp--and cold, on the front porch. Am hoping the sun will come out today and dry it.

The Sock Report: Managed to start the second Mother-in-Law sock last night, after several false starts. Just couldn't get my gauge right. Am making myself work on that sock, and not the Sooper Sekrit Sock Project, because the SSSP was going very well last night, and I'd rather work on the project that's cooperative.

I had a "duh" moment the other day, regarding the knee-high socks that The Miss just outgrew. Only the foot length is too small, everything else fits, and those are cuff-down, so I ought to be able to undo the toes, tie in more yarn and knit them longer. And then make myself a stern note to check foot length *every* time on kids socks.
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So far today, I have accomplished (in no particular order):
* cooked a hot breakfast for me and the kids (oatmeal plus applesauce, breakfast of champions)
* packed By's breakfast and lunch
* started laundry
* emptied and reloaded dishwasher
* hand-washed some stray stuff that doesn't go in the dishwasher
* over-dyed 4 skeins of terribly turquoise sock yarn with moss green icing dye, plus the leftover dab of green pigment dye from Dharma
* since that batch went well, I wound off about 4oz of undyed sock yarn from my big cone and tossed that in too
* there was still some oomph in the pot, so I added salt and urea and soda ash, and then tossed in a chunk of the cotton I've been using for doll stuff, some of the dolls can have green dresses

Next stop, setting up a rack on the front porch for these things to dry on, and maybe winding off one more skein of white yarn to see if it'll do. Graduated shades of the same green are a good thing.

After that, I need to get the crockpot out and start dinner--souped-up potato soup for a damp chilly night. I've got a leftover end of 2-day-old bread that needs used, so it'll get sliced, buttered and seasoned, and toasted into croutons. May do another batch of fresh bread, to make the house cozy.

The Sock Report: the first sock for Mother-in-Law is finished, except for the decorative flower ends on the ties. Will start the next one this afternoon.

Have started the Sooper Sekrit Sock Project, twice in fact. Because halfway down the leg the first time, I realized it was too big. It looks really good now though.

And once I get some of the gifting projects done, I'm starting some for me. Socks with a fine and fancy mosiac pattern, and maybe a nice hat. We'll see.
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* A warm, filling lunch of split pea and sausage soup, with garlic bread and tea.

* Got a 2' wide chunk of the pantry counter cleaned off. (That's a bigger accomplishment than you realize, if you haven't seen it.)

* By finished loading the dishwasher, and hand-washed a few things, so the kitchen's mostly clean, too.

* Several loads of laundry done, and are folded on the sofa (will put the stuff away later this evening). It's not everthing that needed doing, but it's a damn good start.

* One of T's kilt hose is COMPLETELY DONE!!!!!! I still have 9" or so to knit on the second one, but the end is finally in sight.

* I started a pair of colorwork socks for myself this weekend, although I'm still planning out most of the design. But I had to figure out the gauge, and try out the colors together. I'd taking the 'Blueberry Hill' colorway of the Cherry Tree hill merino sock yarn, and cream Kroy sokc yarn, and adapting a blanket pattern I found years ago into socks. It's a graph of the word for peace, in 15 or so different languages. I may chart a basic peace sign and put that on the heel, too, just for giggles. That's will in the pondering stages, and at 9 sts to the inch, this won't be a fast project.

* A few inches on the Eleanor stole (from Scarf Styles), as a reward for finishing one of T's giant socks. I think I've figured out how I'm going to adapt the design, to keep my texture and color stripes symmetrical. I've only got about a foot left on that piece, to reach a comfortable wearing length for me.

Oh, and not progress, but needs passing on lest I forget: Tristan, you left your Spiderman 2 disc in our dvd player this morning. I think you've got the case. We'll babysit it for you until next weekend.
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Had a mostly low-key weekend. The HSA meeting actually got out early on Sunday, and the list of people absent was telling--proof of who the long-winded talk-forevers are. Went to Half Price Books with Cammie and John and Tristan, which was bad. No one in the group coutned as adult supervision. We came home with a couple of plant books, some fiction (including the Dune Messiah, which I've been missing for years), the final volume of The Traditional Bowyer's Bible, and a stack of cd's. I think By's already got most of the new cd's on the hard drive.

We ended up not making a road trip to KSU to fetch my transcript, because HR atwork had received it already. Whew. I'm hoping for a call about setting up an interview sometime today.

Both of the boys are off at work today, and I don't have to be anywhere. I made cheese-stuffed rolls last night, so we have noshies already, and By got groceries while he was out yesterday, so we have ingredients for dinner tonight. Got one load of laundry done, and another in the washer now. Changed the sheets, made the bed, tidied in the kitchen a bit. And as a reward for getting all that done, I get to knit.

The Sock Report )

The UnSock Report )
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Spent yesterday getting caught up on spraying, very exciting. Got a bit more of that to do this morning, then I need to check on a tree by the softball field, and check soil moisture at some flower beds, then I can spend the afternoon watering trees.

Got a nap after work last night, and am stil thinking that maybe I should have skipped my phone date (sorry, honey) and just went to bed at 9 isntead. Felt groggy all through the phone call, and just couldn't get to sleep afterwards. Am blaming my allergies, which are acting up after wading through a big bed of fountain grass spraying weeds yesterday morning. Fun fun fun. Didn't think my at-work motivation could sink much lower than it was yesterday, has.

Still in the waiting period for the greenhouse job. At the moment, that's waiting for my transcript to make it from KSU to the HR office. Donna warned me that KSU can be really slow about that. *sigh* So, if the science department secretary doesn't have it by midmorning Monday, By's offered to run to Manhattan with me and pick it up. If we timed it right, we might even be able to have the thing back to school before the close of business Monday. That'd be nice. There's been no word on other applicants yet...Donna doesn't expect many, she doesn't think the job was advertised outside of campus, and it's only open for a week. So, there's me, and maybe the other horticulturist (who has a snowball's chance of even getting his app looked at), and maybe the gal whoh's teaching herbaceous (and maybe not, Donna said that M's not said anythign about applying thus far).

I know, I'm obsessing. I just want out of here that badly.

Had some guy running around campus yesterday morning looking for something he could name after himself. I was told he had a pile of money to donate, and really wanted a butterfly garden, but was also looking at the upcoming Japanese garden. And he was looking at Donna's flower garden on the south side of the hort center--actually went in and was a bit of a pest asking her about what was in there now, and who decided what went in there, that kind of thing. She was frazzled enough to be honest, so the answer was "whatever is left over from the plant sale, and whatever I have time to get in", so that idea probably got nixed.

Robyn had some good news yesterday. That company she's been submitting designs to was REALLY happy wih one of the most recent sets, and they want her to finish and elaborate the other. *crosses fingers* This falls neatly into Robyn's eventual goal of being a general designer or stylist--she wants to design (and have someone else make) everything from the tableware and ornaments to table linens, the gift boxes, canle holders, the whole shebang. She's been dong just tableware for this company, but got a wild hair with one design set and sent it in with lots of other things besides, and they loved it. Really hope it does well...Robyn could use the boost.
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Good thing this is a three-day week for me. I'll need a short work week, just to ease back into that whole "work" thing.

My application is in, and waiting in HR for my transcripts to get there. Which ought to be today or tomorrow. By's going to fax the request for me ths morning. **crosses fingers** And now, I'm trying to figure out whether I should go ahead and order trees, and make plans to get them installed, knowing I might now be here when the time comes to do that, or put it off....much as I'd love to leave a mess for New Boss to clean up, Courtney'd be the one who's got the knowledge to actually fix that stuff, and I'd rather not do that to her. I should probably have a talk with her about that today.

We were self-indulgent last night--dinner was leftovers from Monday, followed by chocolate malts, because By's been hungry for that since Saturday, and finally remembered the ingredients. Oooooo, sugar.

I didn't get nearly as much progress made as I wanted to, excavating the other desk. Did generate a whole bag's worth of recycling, so the pile is smaller by that much. Got a pile of things typed up as part of the sort and recycle process. That's really slow, but I'd rather do it once, than move the pile (again) and put off dealing with it that much longer. Which is how the pile got that tall in the first place.

By came home somewhat cranky, because the boss wasn't very on the ball yesterday. Between getting the pets to and from the vet, and trying to get stuff ready for photo shoots, and a batch of tableware cleaned and off to a cooking show as props, and getting designs drawn out, and.....well, she's a bit more scattered than usual. The dog's not doing well, he had some weird infection between his shoulders, that had to be cut out, and he's not healing well from the last surgery he had, so they're worried about that. And, he's down to 96 pounds. (This is usually a 120+ pound dog, so that's all kinds of not good.) And the cat seems to have lost bladder control, so she sort of dribbles everywhere she goes, which means a lot more cleaning now. (There's more to that bit of the story, which I've forgotten since last night.) And on top of all this, Robyn got into a show in Beverly Hills (it's one her sister did last year, and did well at), and so she's trying to do all those arrangements long-distance. Don't remember if that show is this month or next; must ask By.


Sep. 7th, 2005 09:07 am
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...because I'm being slothful on my last day off....

First, ganked off Lifehacker...print-your-own calender/notepaper. (If I get the greenhouse job, this might come in handy. Cheaper than buying dayplanners, anyway.)

Second, I am more than mildly vexed at KSU. They HAVE to have my signature to release my transcript, so they won't allow a phone request for a transcript. Which means that doesn't go out until tomorrow. Which means that my job app won't be complete until Friday at the earliest. *sigh*

Third, knitting! (Because I'm too lazy to make a separate post today.) I'm about a foot into Hello Yarn's Besotted Scarf, in a dark blue wool, for By. (Not that he *needs* another scarf, but it's such a nice cable, and I'd got the yarn specificly for somethign for him.) I finished the Ene scarf Monday afternoon. It's HUGE. The original scarf, in a lace gauge, was a triangle about 42" wide on the long side. Mine, in the equivalent of worsted weight and on #11's, tape measure doesn't go that big. I'm guessing, from how much hangs off the ends of my arms, that it's got a 7-8 foot wingspan. Oops. That would explain why it used up so much yarn. It's awfully nice though. Am making progress on the baby knitting, but I've got two months on those. Still holding on T's kilt hose. I can't make more progress on that until slide the socks onto his feet and check for fit again.

Fourth, the rest of the day: I PLAN to make progress on putting things away in the bedroom, so we can start some of the rearranging necessary for eventual remodelling. No guarantees.


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