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Yesterday's total: 6 flats of tomato seed started, 34 varieties. (That's 6 plug trays, at 200 cells per tray. And I'm not done yet, I just ran out of clean trays.) I will post a list of varieties that will be at the plant sale later today or tomorrow, so anyone interested in coming to theplant sale can start planning their gardens :)

Not much news otherwise. Had a lovely chef salad for dinner with the boyfriend last night, stayed up too late talking, and got up about 30 minutes later than I'd intended this morning. Hard to drag myself out of bed, when he's still there, warm and snuggly and sleeping. Harder to escape than the cats, even.

The Sock Report: finished the leg and turned the heel on the second sock for Cammie. Probably won't finish it tonight, but tomorrow is possible. **crosses fingers** Next projects: Turkish socks a la Frank Lloyd Wright, and kilt hose.
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We've got a lab class in the greenhouse now, clearing out some experiments. So, they're in the way right now, but we'll have a bunch more square footage on the bench when they're gone, so we're not complaining.

Not much news...been really busy all day, but not interesting busy. Just moving pots and rearranging and inspecting for bugs. Thrilling.

It's starting to look like the plant sale is getting close...things are starting to fall into their usual places (houseplant bench, cactus bench, veggie plants bench). Must finish sorting geraniums, as the little old lady volunteers who did those a few weeks ago didn't always get the right labels in the pots. We wait until they bloom, and see if the tag and the flower match. And I've got a partial flat of pots with two colors of geranium. Not a big deal, unless the colors clash, and these do--scarlet and frilly pale pink. Blech.

Was going to start doing presentations tonight, but the person we're presenting to first told me on Friday she'd be out of town, so that's scratched. So is the trip to measure one last's too damn cold for that today. Maybe later. Or I come up with a different project in its place.
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I'm blaming it on the weather, but that whole getting to bed after midnight every night for two weeks thing has probably contributed.

We're going to lose our apricot crop (in the school orchard) tonight or tomorrow night. ISilly tree has been blooming since last Saturday, and it's supposed to hit 24 degrees (or colder) the next couple of nights. No help for it. If it were only getting down to 30 or so, well, we've got stuff we could drape the tree it, it's small enough.

The peaches are iffy too, they're budded out already, and 'Belle of Georgia' isn't the most cold-tolerant variety. **crosses fingers** And two of the apple trees are trying to leaf out, so we've got to watch those. Damn global warming, screwing up the weather and confusing my trees.

Did manage to get 8 flats seeded last night, even with the time spent hunting obscure cherry trees. Today, I've GOT to make myself sit down and grade, and do class stuff. Which, I'm sure I don't need to add, I really don't want to do. Nine weeks to finals....nine weeks to finals.....
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...and eventually got to the question, 'Do YOU know where my sister is?' )

Other than that, it was a lovely Tuesday evening. Because it's spring break, I got to spend a Tuesday night on my couch, in my nightgown, enjoying the take-out Chinese that By and Cammie brought, and enjoying the company of two people I wanted to see (rather than the 18 that I have to see most Tuesdays).

Work's been productive this week, since we're not letting anyone in. MS (the workstudy guy who started back in January) has been working his tail off putting in brick edging in one of our beds, and Bri and I made cuttings yesterday. I'll be transplanting today.

Donna's back today; she's been home sick since last Friday. She still sounds terrible, but she's much more energetic than she was last week. We're all hoping she's not contagious.

Got a few squares last night, and pulled a bunch of floral squares out of the willow basket and pinned them together into a start of a blanket. I need about 30 more squares to get that blanket the size I want (just 48x48").


Mar. 2nd, 2006 02:01 pm
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Finally got a chance to sit down. Had the Russian Volunteer in this morning, and that little gal can work. Damn. She worked through a BIG pile of repotting, went through at least one bale of potting soil by herself, and kept Donna and I scurrying to keep up with her for 3 hours. Impressive, for a 4'6" white-haired whirilwind.

Bri got the aquarium set up in the back house, to start the Victoria water lilies in--or will start them, as soon as the water gets up to temp. It's very picky stuff...the seed will die if it dries out, it won't germinate if the water's under 85 degrees, fertilizer only at certain stages. But it'll be soooo cool to have one in here.

Ah, that's right, most of you don't know what these are. Here is a closeup of them, at the Missouri Botanical Garden. This shot shows the thorns on the underside of the leaves (keeps critters from grazing). In flower. None of these shots show the size of the thing....the "care and feeding" sheet Bri got with the seeds says to give each plant at least 100 square feet.

Wait, found one that shows the size. Your standard publicity shot of these, no date on the photo. The trick to the shots of people standing on the leaves of these is that they often put boards under the leaves, or carefully inside them, to distribute the weight.
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Still queasy, which means that I didn't sleep well, and am doubly cranky today. (And am seriously hoping my Altoids supply holds out today...that's helping the queasy, somewhat.) Add to those the fact that the WS guy who SAID he'd take over the watering on Tues and Thurs didn't get in until I was half done with it today, and the other WS guy left stuff in strange places in the greenhouse yesterday. Again. Bastard. The usual Tuesday volunteers are in, one reasonably capable, one not, and both liable to get cranky and leave if we give them something to do that's "not interesting". The afternoon Tuesday volunteer called in and said she'd be late, and need to leave early, but at least she's not bringing her kid in this week. Brian and I had already decided we were sending her home if she came in with the toddler and expected to work again. That SO did not work last week.

AND....Donna came in all hot-to-trot about the upcoming interviewee for the FT hort teacher they're looking for. I guess no one in the committee but her actually read the paperwork, and he's not nearly as qualified as the front page makes him look, and she's trying to figure out who ok'd him for an interview, because not all the necessary paperwork is in. (She's making a timeline at the moment, of all the times he was in various schools, and for how long, and the questionable breaks in between and the very short work history. She's planning to take that to the interview.)
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I had my "classroom visit" from the adjunct coordinator last night. Thus, I was a nervous wreck from 5pm until about 9pm. But...the review was generally good, and it's only once a semester, so I guess I passed, and I guess they'll keep me.

Last night was, to use Donna's phrase, the "oh shoot me now" lab. Two pages of lettering practice, plus a six-page monkey-see monkey-do graphics handout (to get them to loosen up and just *draw*, and not be nervous about it). Most did fairly well, a couple are already GOOD draftsmen, and a couple will never be. But that's ok, because even those two made progress.

We have a pair of giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches in a box on the desk. They haven't done much since I got here; I think they're nocturnal. I'm told that Dr B, who collected butterflies for a hobby, brought them in as a fun thing. Donna's making a list of the supplies we'll need to have on hand for these guys, for their comfort and hopefully to student-proof them.
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I had to take a break in the middle of watering to make a go-away sign for the greenhouse door today, so a quick update:

Decanted the greenhouse meead I started at New Years' into a new carboy last night. It didn't keep the lovely rosy pomegranate color it'd had when it started, but it's still a nice honey color, and the flavor....weeee. Great balance of citrus and ginger, just enough of those sour little kumquats to make it nicely tangy. I'm looking forward to seeing what this does in a year.

Went to decant the sugar cane brew, only to find it had small floating colonies of blue fuzzy stuff. Not so good. That batch went over the deck railing into the flowerbed.

Got a few more rounds done on the other sleeve of The Sweater...I'm about 2" from where I stopped on the first one. I'll get both of those done that far, then work on thr body some more. Probably won't be cool enough to wear it if I actually finish the silly thing this winter/spring, but....

Started designing cables for more kilt hose. Now I just need to find the measurements I took for those people. Woops.

I ought to be watering now, but the plumbers finally came over to fix the broken on/off valve on the faucet in the second house. (The handle came off in my hand when I turned it on Tuesday morning. We've been using vice grips since.) So I guess I'll catch up on virtual things while they're working.
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Class went ok last night. Never did find the plans I'd wanted to use in class, so I improvised. The class gets to draw their own plans of that parking lot to work off of. They need the drafting experience anyway. Let out early aggain--not much I can do when half the bunch doesn't bring their drawing supplies to class. Of the ones that stayed, they all finished the easy parts (getting the base map done) really quick, and did a decent job at that. Had a trio of older ladies that sit in front stay the longest, all confused and unsure of themselves. I rather enjoy watching them figure it out, and realize that it's not as hard as they thought. I like watching people get that little boost of confidence.

So, I got home early, again, was company for By & Cammie for a little bit before I just had to go be by myself for a while, and enjoyed a nice dinner which By cooked for us. (Thanks, sweetie!)

And now I'm back at my desk. I spend too much time here.

Had a oh-shit! moment this morning. Got out of my car and found that my key card wasn't on the key ring. Fuck. Put everything down, start hunting, find it in the tangle of groundcover in the island next to my car, put the damn thing DEEP in my pocket. Noticed, when I got in here and unloaded, that the little loop in it where a key ring goes is broken. Bugger. Guess I'll have to start carrying it in my pocket again.

Had three more students drop (makes 5 or 6) I know for sure was having scheduling issues. The others probably were as well. 5pm is an odd time for class, but that's what it was scheduled for before I got it, and I really don't want to be here until 10pm every Tues night, so that's where it's staying.
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The Troll resigned yesterday. There may be a party.

And it was, according to her, All. My. Fault. Big surprise there. Since neither Donna nor Dr G see it that way, her opinion doesn't matter.

The Troll told Donna yesterday morning that she just had trouble taking directions from people, because she expected to be the most knowledgable person in the place. **insert favorite rude noise here** (Yes, I know what that says about the places she used to work.)

So now, we're waiting for her to get her written resignation in, so that she's officially gone and we can rewrite the job description and post it again. We've got four students who've expressed interest, and any of them would be fantastic to have.

I should have gotten more class stuff done over the weekend, but I just couldn't focus. I spent three fairly productive hours on it yesterday, and will go on to that after I finish my morning updates. Must remember to run over to facilities and grab a map this afternoon, make copies for class.

Had a fairly quiet weekend...did a little shopping on Sunday (which included the yarns for your giftmas socks, [ profile] tnrkitect), and a lot of knitting. I'd pulled out The Sweater last week as take-my-mind-off-the-bullshit knitting, and have made decent progress on it since. 11" done on the body, one sleeve half done, the other sleeve not far from that. I'm in a toot to work on it again, in hopes that maybe I'll get it done this time. Not that it's likely to be cold enough for that dense a sweater for what's left of this winter, but it'd be nice to have a major project done. Then I wouldn't feel guilty about starting the Enchanted Forest Aran. (Which I've been trying--and succeeding, thus far--to resist. But I've had the yarn for months now, and it's calling me.)
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I made it through last night ok....covered what I thought ought to be a full lecture's worth in less than an hour, so I know to prep twice as much material for next week. And the group was REALLY quiet--first night, and all that. But it was ok.

Donna said Dr G is making noises about getting me to teach a section of herbaceous next semester, probably the day class. Got to think about that one some...I'm just starting to get a good look at how much time one class is going to eat up, and I saw how much herbaceous ate time, helping Donna with it last semester. On the other hand, it'd be a fair bit of extra money for a few months, which would help pay down things. We'll see. Don't have to decide right away.

I got in to work late this morning, thanks to Donna telling me to sleep in a bit, and By helping me hunt the Morning Sex Beast. So, I'm now playing catch-up at work...there's a pile of things I need to spray, that I put off yesterday, and I need to put systemic herbicides in other stuff, so HOPEFULLY I won't have to spray as often in a month or so. **crosses fingers**
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I've made it through my first faculty inservice, which was sitting through meetings I'd already sat through, listening to long-winded people expound on various things. At least I remembered to take knitting to the one yesterday afternoon. Got about a foot knitted on a scarf for By (which I'd started months and months ago).

According to the computer, my class is full. I've had two students email me already, because they can't make the 5pm class time, and can them come late every time? NO. Not just no, hell no. Hopefully, they'll drop.

Got my contracts turned in yesterday, so I'll start getting teacher pay Feb 15th. Woo hoo.

Talked to Mom on the phone last night. She's still recovering from the flu last weekend, but is otherwise ok. (Still recovering = is still at the "only jello and crackers stay down reliably" stage.) She said Grandma sounds better on the phone, and she'll know more this weekend, when she goes to visit.

Grumblings about the part-time staff. I'm venting. I really don't expect you nice people to read this. )
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At least, I'll get to enjoy an unexpected but welcome troll-free work day today. DG called in saying that she'd broken her glasses and had to stay home and get that taken care of, and didn't know how long it would take. I don't care, I'm enjoying the quiet.

I'm running on 5 hrs of sleep a night for the past week, and it's hitting me hard today. I almost called in sick, but I know that Donna's running tired too, and there's lots to be done.

Didn't leave work until 9:30 last night...the department meeting ran a little late, and then I stopped to talk to Dr G about a potential problem on my class roster (a former grounds problem is in my class). He was pretty helpful. (Apparently, if a student is overly disruptive, I can talk to the Dean of Student Life about getting that student removed from class. Hopefully it won't come to that, but it's nice to know I've got some recourse.)

Parts of yesterday's meetings were useful, parts were snoozers. The new faculty orientation was good, and answered a lot of questions I've had. The department meeting was a snoozer--federally mandated training on new privacy standards, which Donna and I sat through back in October. But hey, they're paying us to sit there, so....

I found out what the excitement in the department office was, too...when I talked to the dept secretary yesterday morning, she said it had been all kinds of crazy over there, and that was at 8:15! Apparently we lost two adjunct faculty yesterday, and Dr G was finding replacements at the last minute. The one I'll probably be seeing, who's teaching the hort sci version of soils, seems like a very nice lady, and she has an IMPRESSIVE academmic resume.

I get to spray as much as I've got energy for today, and I ought to make some time to finish going through seed catalogs and putting orders (or at least wish lists) together.

What else? It's been a busy couple of days, but mostly boring little minuta kinds of busy. Did finally talk to Mom, on the way into work this morning. She's got the flu, so she's not going to see Grandma this weekend. But she told me that she talked to Grandma last night, and Grandma's doing much better, and is already off the pain meds, which is a good thing.
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The plant propagation class, which was to be taught by one of my most favorite people on staff here < /sarcasm > has been cancelled due to low enrollment. That makes this hwole upcoming semester look brighter.

Well then

Jan. 4th, 2006 08:19 am
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Both of the Donna's are out sick today...and Typhoid Brian may or may not be in. Guess that means I get a quiet day in here. Can't complain, as long as I don't come down with it.
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The 9am-to-2:30pm volunteer just called and cancelled for today. Great. Now I only have to find projects for DG and the afternoon volunteer.

And tomorrow may be interesting. One of Donna's former students, who now works for Dupont Nurseries, called this morning, saying he's bringing her more fancy hibiscus. Those are fun. Bug magnets, but fun.
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Nothing exciting, just busy. DG just called in, said one of her kids (yes, she bred) missed the bus, and she's got to take the kid to school. Peace and quiet for a few more minutes.

After last night, am almost caught up on laundry, and By unloaded and restacked the dishwasher, so the kitchen is better. We packed the presents for his folks, so he can ship those today, and baby stuff for our J & P in Omaha, so that can go out, too. (I know, I know, we're late. But better that than never, right?) We'll pack the presents for my family in our suitcases, and wrap/label things when we get to Mom's.

Had a long phone call from Brenda last night. It summed down to she's still happy where she works, still having trouble getting dates, and is heading back to Dodge City to see her folks for Xmas.

Today's going to be the high-impact day this week, for work, anyway. We've got at least 2 volunteers coming in today, and both of those have to be watched and given instructions for each thing they're given to do. (And one of them will have to be watched most of the time she's here, to make sure that she does what she's told. And then we'll have to chase her out when we want to leave, because she'll not get here until 3 or 4 in the afternoon, and she'll want to talk and visit and work very slowly, and she's quiet happy to stay until 7pm if we don't push her out the door.)

Got a little crocheting done last night: 173/169 squares. I'm planning to spend some serious quality time on the gift afghan on Friday; and the kilt hose will go with me to Mom's. I ought to be able to get a fair bit done on those on the drive.
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Spent most of yesterday preparing fopr my interview this morning. I'm trying not to think about it now; been nervous since yesterday. Other than that, it was fairly uneventful.

Except...Donna and Brian and I lost our hunter-gatherer points yesterday morning. Donna had let the pet rabbit out to run in the greenhouse Monday, and she was still loose yesterday. It took the three of us a fair bit of running and chasing, and finally closing off the back section of the greenhouse to catcher the little bugger. (Brian finally cornered her behind a large flowerpot, and his arms were long enough to reach around either side of the pot and grab her.) Of course, the rabbit had the advantage...she could run unimpeded under the benches, and wasn't hampered by the need to stop and laugh at what was really a silly situation.

Didn't get all of my quiet time yesterday morning, and probably won't the rest of the week. Donna got on DG's case about coming in and spending half an hour on the clock making and drinking her morning coffee, so now DG's coming in early to get her coffee. Bah. From what Brian said yesterday, DG had a bad week last week--I was gone, and Brian was gone after Tuesday, and Donna had much more time to supervise DG, so she was in trouble most of the week. **crosses fingers**

There's already complaints about one of the classes for next semester: MC (the annoying herbaceous instructor) is teaching plant problems and prop next semester. Now, there's someone else teaching another section of plant problems in spring, and his class is nearly full, while DG's may be cancelled for lack of enrollment. And I guess the prop class is low, too, because she's just pissed off that many students this semester. DG's also gotten on Brian's nerves about prop already--I guess she came in last week and started telling him and Donna how to set things up in the greenhouse so SHE would have everything she needed to teach. Not bloody likely. And DG thinks that her students will be a big help getting ready for the plant sale. Again, not bloody likely.

Work stuff

Nov. 22nd, 2005 08:19 am
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So DG just called in sick again today. Strep, her doctor says. Possible. Who am I to say? But damn, the woman misses a lot of work.

Her calling in sick brings the following in to play:
(1) she calls in to talk to Donna later this morning, to get her ass chewed over the phone for letting things dry out this weekend
(2) she doesn't get to come in and make up time over the holiday break
(3) I end up coming in twice to water (so I'm going to be a bit cranky with her next week)
(4) her come-in-and-work-on-the-weekends priviledges in general are revoked
(5) second strike--third one is the trip to Dr G's office to be fired

Just what I needed today.

Although, at the risk of being politically incorrect and insensitive to someone's handicap, it'll be nice to have another day in here, without listening to the constant coughing and wheezing.


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