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In case anyone's curious, my new granite counter-top is a baker's wet dream! Rolled out pumpkin cinnamon rolls on it this afternoon. No sticking, easy clean-up, just the right height! Wheee!

In other news, we are bracing for yet another round on Winter Weather Doom (tm). It's supposed to start this evening, with freezing rain and sleet all night and most of tomorrow, with .1-.25" ice accumulation on everything by tomorrow evening. Then snow and high winds, with anywhere from 6-12" by Wednesday morning, depending on how the storm tracks.

When the National Weather Service uses phrases like "A POWERFUL AND ANOMALOUS STORM SYSTEM", "CONSIDERABLE BLOWING AND DRIFTING SNOW AND NEAR BLIZZARD CONDITIONS", and "BRING TRAVEL TO A HALT"....well, you just get groceries early and plan on staying put until it's over.

Part of the battening down is starting and moving the truck, so it won't be stuck in the ice. (Which is where the truck spent the last snow). Also, making sure the van starts (just sat too long, so it spent yesterday on the charger). And then putting a tarp over the car before the ice starts, so it's easier to get into after the ice has passed. We've got plenty of food, and candles for light (tea lights in baby food jars work great!), and ways to prep food if the power goes out.

The Sock Report: I've been working on other things (mostly, keeping The Bug from tearing the house to pieces), so no socking lately

The UnSock Report: Finished the striped afghan for The Miss, about a week ago, and she is happy with it. It turned out big enough for By to use as a lap blanket, which is a bonus. Have another afghan, in a "make it up as I go" pattern, in progress for The Bug. His without fringe, because he doesn't seem to like fringe as much as The Miss.
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Just caught The Miss trying to help herself to the coffee pot. She'd plopped her cup on the counter in front of the pot, and had reached up and grabbed the thing (at the back of the counter, no less) to pull it out when I caught her. Toddlers and coffee, bad idea.

Both kids are on a "will eat anything, as long as it's cheerios" kick. No idea why, but it's getting old. Am hoping it wears off soon.

The predicted storm has lived up to its billing. It dumped sleet and ice for hours at Mom's before turning into snow, so of course, Grandma got sent home from the hospital today. (Mom describes that as a "scary, scary ride".) We've got 3" of snow thus far, and it's not slowing down. It's another light powdery snow, which is great for the people plowing it, but bad when the wind starts tomorrow.

Didn't we just do this, not too long ago? Ah, winter.

Anyway, Grandma was perky enough today that her doc sent her home, although the white-knuckle drive home wore her out, and Mom put her right to bed. Mom's planning to spend the night at Grandma's place, so she'll be there just in case.

Sis had to make what's usually an hour-long drive for work in this storm today, to pick up a kid to be put into foster care, and now she's stuck at work waiting to find a place for that child. Her job really sucks sometimes.

The Sock Report: Am about 2" into the leg of the Miss Marple socks. Am remembering why I usually don't do mosaic knitting, it's a damn nuisance. But the charcoal and cream look great together.

The UnSock Report: Am also making progress on The Miss's afghan, with about 10" left.

Non-Knitting/Crocheting Crafting: Got a couple doll dresses sewn this week, with more waiting for me to have non-kid time to press parts before they can progress. Also got some stitching done on doll parts.
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Aside from all the excitement around Grandma's health lately, our big accomplishment lately has been finally getting a bunch of cabinets cleaned out, cut shorter, and moved into the kitchen to become a short-person-friendly counter for my use. (Yay!!!) Specifically, it'll be my bread-making counter. Grey-brown granite counter top (which By found at ReStore), cabinets below wide enough to hold my bins of flour comfortably, and **just** the right height for me to knead bread at and be comfortable. And right under the window! I took the new counter for a test drive this afternoon with a batch of oatmeal bread, and the hobbit is happy.

The kids and the cats are powerful confused by all the disruption and rearranging, but all the new to look at gives them something to occupy their curiosity.

Getting this done puts us one step closer to being about to clean and redo the family room, and put up a nice dining table. So, that's very cool.

We never did get the winter weather ick that was forecast for Sunday and Monday. It's supposed to get us tomorrow through Thursday, though. Last report I heard on the radio was 7" or more, on top of what we got a week ago. Blech.

The Sock Report: Hey! There's a sock report! I finished the last pair of By's holiday gift socks, with the exception of getting ends woven in. Going to try to get that done before he gets home tonight, so he's got warm wool socks to tuck his feet into after a long cold day.

I celebrated the finish by frogging my half-done Tree Of Life sock. I'd already figured that the ankle shaping on it narrowed too much to accommodate my high arches getting into the sock, so I was looking at ripping it about halfway back anyway, and I was unhappy with the way the picot hem wouldn't stay up on top. Plan to try them again, maybe with a corrugated rib hem, but later, when I'm less irritated at them.

Have started a pair of Miss Marple socks, by Star Athena, using charcoal grey and cream. The one thing I don't care for on this pattern is the transition from the intricate mosaic to the lace foot. I think I'm going to carry the simpler dotted pattern on the leg down onto the foot, that way the whole sock is warm and squishy.
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The Bug turns two today. He's enjoying a celebratory breakfast of cheerios at the moment. There will be wrapping paper to shred and cupcakes later. And there will be a little family party at Mom's on Sunday, weather permitting.

Have started "school" with The Miss. Our neighbor gave me one of those prep-for-kindergarten workbooks, and while most of it's too advanced for her right now, we've been using it for numbers practice and vocabulary. She can count up to 6 (if she's cooperating) by herself, and she counted with me to 11 yesterday. She's not that cooperative today, but we're trying anyway.

In other family news, Grandma is not as better as she wants everyone to think. And her trying to hide the fact is making Mom crazy. No news for a while about my uncle, although I'm not inclined to care too much, except that it's one more thing stressing Mom out.

We got 7" of snow, I think. Spent a good chunk of Monday afternoon outside in it, playing with The Miss and our neighbor's daughter. The Bug is not a fan of snow, especially when The Miss rubs it in his face.

The Sock Report: I have been shamefully negligent of my sock knitting, and there is no progress. Bad knitter, no cookie.

The UnSock Report: am 2/3's through the afghan I started for The Miss, and have used half a box of yarn. The doll I made for a friend is still sitting next to the computer, waiting for me to figure out how her face should look, and waiting for a dress. Haven't done anything on the Hitty dolls in an embarrassingly long time, same goes for the doll house. Maybe later this week.
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Not much news today. Grandma's doctors came back finally and said that he can't find anything in her test results to explain the abdominal pain, so he's still working on that *shrug* Also still trying to find a dosage schedule of insulin and meds that actually works for her. Her lungs are clearing, so that's something.

Kept the kids up past their usual naptime, because they were running hard, and I wanted them to crash this afternoon so I could have some peace. It seems to have worked thus far. Yay!

Have made decent strides in my gift knitting/crocheting this week. The finished and waiting to be wrapped list, from the past six weeks:
* crocheted beret for Sis (made 2 actually, and she can pick the fit she likes)
* hat and slipper socks for nephew #2
* slipper socks for nephew #1
* cabled socks for mother-in-law
* cabled socks for father-in-law
* Sooper Sekrit Socks
* Sekrit Socks #2, which have already been gifted, because their person had cold feet and I'm a softy (but the cuffs still need buttons)
* crocheted cross bookmark for Grandma, to go with the new Bible Mom got her
* similar bookmark for Mom, because I don't dare make Grandma something small and lace without doing one for her too

Holiday knitting still in progress:
* Sekrit Socks v3 --first sock done to toes (ran out of yarn), second sock done halfway through leg; will switch colors at toes to stretch that yarn
* hat for nephew #1 -- about 1/3 done
* slipper socks for Sis's boyfriend (which are HUGE!)--1 finished, second nearly done with leg

Not yet started, and may not get done:
* hat for Sis's boyfriend
* socks for The Bug (who has hand-me-downs from The Miss, in colors that suit his manly dignity)

I will admit, about half of the stuff on the "finished" list still needs ends woven in, and one set still needs buttons sewn on. But that's an evening's work, total, once it's all done.

I really want to put all of it down and do something else. Which is mostly just a bad case of project ADHD. On the bright side, every project on this list has used up at least one skein of yarn. The socks for Sis's boyfriend have will probably use up 2 full skeins plus three partial balls. Yay, d-stashing!
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I'm running on 3 hours' broken sleep, so this is likely to be scattered, but I haven't updated in a while, so bear with me.

Grandma is still in the hospital, and still waiting for test results. At least, neither she nor Mom said anything about that when I talked to them a little while ago. (I did interrupt their card game though, and they may have just had more important things to think about.) Grandma's doctor has had her in some physical therapy, trying to build up her strength so she can walk to the bathroom, and up and down the hall, but that could just be part of the "you've been in the hospital almost 2 weeks and Medicare's getting cranky" thing.

I haven't heard any more about the possibility of Grandma going to a nursing home, but the past few times I've talked to Mom, Grandma's been in the room. We'll just have to wait and see, there.

The Bug has been refusing to nap or sleep or stay in his crib, which has been for stressful days and sleepless nights for me. Short of tying him into his bed, I don't know what to do. Mom says he'll outgrow it in a few months, but that doesn't do me any good now.

He's also been climbing everything but the walls. I've had to take away the kid-sized rocking chair, the little denim-covered chair, and their toy basket--basically, anything The Bug uses as step stool, I take away. Which does me no good in the pantry (he climbs the kitchen chairs), but keeps him out of the book cases and off the tv and buffet.

The packages from By's folks are all here--books for me and By, and toys for the kids. Hey, a bunch of it arrived without wrappings. The last package had a wonderful wooden bed for The Miss's dolls, complete with matching sheets and pillowcase in eyelet lace.

The Sock Report: Have mostly finished the other pair of Nephew Socks (heavy weight slipper socks in washable acrylic), and am having trouble making myself work on them. Hate using those big needles.

The first of the Sekrit Socks v3 is mostly done, and the yarn for the second wound into a ball. Am hoping I've got enough yarn to finish these--I'm using two skeins of the Formerly Terribly Turquise Yarn, and that's all I did in that shade. Wish me luck.

I still need to make, by Christmas: a hat for my sister, a hat for her oldest boy, hat and slipper socks for her fiance, and some socks for The Bug. And finish the two projects above, of course.


Dec. 14th, 2010 03:01 pm
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Grandma is spending her 85th birthday in the hospital today, waiting to hear if she'll have to have surgery. And all I can do from here is call and tell her stories about the kids' latest antics, to make her laugh a little. At least, there are plenty of antics to tell.

There is some debate at present as to whether or not Grandma will go back to the apartment when she gets out of the hospital, or to the nursing home. Grandma is firmly not talking about it, but her doctor has brought it up to her and Mom. His point is that she just can't take care of herself, and it's affecting her health. Not that the family hasn't tried to tell her that, but it's different, coming from her doctor. Of course, a couple days ago, Grandma told me on the phone that she wished she still had her car, so she could take herself home and be done. I will note for the audience that she's been legally blind for 3-4 years, so this is a really bad idea. But she's clinging to what little independence she's got left with tooth and nail.

In other news....

The Bug learned, today, how to climb out of his crib. With. The. Sides. Up. Arrrrrggggggrh. So frustrating. Naptime has become an hour-long wrestling match to keep him in bed long enough to get him to slow down and actually sleep.

The bitter cold winds this weekend illustrated how much good the new insulation is doing--the house was just as warm as it was at this time last year, but the furnace is set 10 degrees cooler. Woo-hoo! And By got the openings around the re-sized windows insulated from the inside this weekend, and sealant around those windows, which cut out the last of the drafts.

Our neighbor across the street showed up on our porch yesterday morning, to tell us there was a dead dog in our driveway. He'd found it, and moved it, so our kids wouldn't see it and freak out. He also got the owner's info from the collar and called her. Turns out, much to our disappointment, that it wasn't one of Mr UpHill's badly-managed pit bulls, but a largish dog belonging to someone new on the road. Who's been here a week, and who said that her dog "never" got out. Yup. Never.

The Sock Report: Sekrit Socks v2 got ripped out, because I just didn't like the pattern. Now part-way through the heel of Sekrit Socks v3, which have a simple alternating ribs texture that's easy and quick to knit. I have also resumed working on the bulky slipper socks for my nephews, which got put down because I was tired of working with the big needles.

Non-Sock Crafting: Project ADHD got the better of me this weekend, and I started a scrap afghan as a bedspread for The Miss, because all of her favorite blankets are getting too short for her. I'm hoping this project will empty at least one box of yarn.
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Haven't called Grandma yet today, because Mom said she wasn't doing so hot last night, and I wanted to let her rest a bit. Will do that soon, though. Mom said it's definitely pneumonia, and that's the current theory for why her glucose dropped like it did the other day. Mom also said that despite feeling lousy, Grandma kept her there playing cards for 3 hours last night.

Mom's youngest brother is back in the hospital, something about an abscess of fluid that needs drained. Mom hasn't told Grandma yet, didn't want to upset her.

There is a turkey in the oven today, as a hedge against the coming cold (it's 54 right now, and the temp's supposed to just go down from here for a couple days). And sweet potatoes for roasting later. I mixed a batch of instant "russian spice tea"*, which is cold-weather comfort food from my childhood, that I'm going to get the kids hooked on.

The Sock Report: Finished the socks for The Miss, need to do a set for The Bug. But those are smaller (for now), and will go quickly, so they can wait a little while. Frogged the fine-gauge Sekrit Socks, because the yarn I was using just didn't have the stitch definition that pattern demanded. Another yarn, another time. Found a more forgiving pattern for that yarn, in a faster gauge, and have Sekrit Socks v2 under way.

Edited to add: I'd meant to append the recipe for Russian Spice tea, and had to dash and investigate kid noises. So here 'tis...

Russian Spice / "Sputnik" Tea
3/4 c instant tea (lemon flavored is nice)
1, 18-oz jar of Tang
1 3/4 c sugar
2 tsp each ground cinnamon and cloves

Put everything in a large jar, close, and shake until well mixed.

To use, add 1-2 tsp mix to a cup of hot water, and stir well.
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The Bug is finally napping; he didn't, the past two days, and my nerves are a bit shot as a result. Doesn't help that I'm distracted and worried.

Grandma went into the hospital yesterday afternoon. She went to her doctor's appointment, and was admitted 10 minutes later. She's complaining about stomachaches and generally not feeling good. Mom was told by the doctor that when she was admitted, Grandma's glucose levels were down to 126, which is great, except that Grandma's never been under 230 since she was diagnosed, and they need to know why.

Part of the worry is that no one told Mom that Grandma had been hospitalized, and that's not supposed to happen. The hospital didn't call the apartment complex, or Mom, and the apartment didn't call Mom when Grandma didn't come home; both of those things should have happened. Mom went over to see her after work like usual, couldn't find her, waited a while, left, got freaked when Grandma didn't answer her phone, and finally called the county health nurse, who told Mom what had happened. **frowns in someone's general direction**

Grandma sounded thin and tired when I talked to her this morning, but generally coherent. More coherent than she's sounded some Saturdays, even. She said that they're changing her insulin doses, and going to keep her until she's stabilized. So, who knows how long that's going to be.

Of Mom's brothers, one just got out of intensive care after surgery for colon cancer (and couldn't be bothered to come visit anyway, he only talks to Grandma once or twice a year), and the other claims he and his wife have bad colds and shouldn't come. And their kids won't bother, never have before. Neither of Mom's brothers are likely to call her in the hospital, either. And that pisses me off. Bad enough that Grandma is likely to be spending her 85th birthday in the hospital (the 14th), but so much of her family won't go see her there.


On a less grumpy note, the sweet potato cinnamon rolls are a big hit. The kids like them, By likes them, and By's coworkers liked the samples I sent in with him this morning. Definitely doing that again.

The Sock Report: finished the first of a pair of simple striped socks for The Miss, and cast on for the second.

Finished and gifted a second pair of Sekrit Socks, the thick cushy ones. "A Long Day's Journey Into Night", by Star Athena, with a wide cable band around the leg and a thick slipper below. I By was padding around the house in two pair of socks because he was cold, so he got these early, and he likes them a lot. Yay! I'll need to get them away from him at some point, and sew buttons on the legs. After I finish my gifting knitting, I am making myself a pair.

Non-Sock Knitting: nearly finished with the doll sweater. My misgivings about the odd proportions of the sweater have been soothed by holding the piece up against an MSD-sized doll. Yeah, they're just made like that. Weird. Got a couple rows left on the hood, then the sleeves.


Dec. 4th, 2010 04:04 pm
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Most of the household still has the plague. Mine seems to be some icky form of stomach flu, which has me alternate freezing and trying not to barf. And still chase the kids, of course.

Still have major project ADHA, which makes it very very difficult for me to focus on the things I should be working on right now. Or course, I'd expected to have more time to do them all, but my hands just didn't cooperate.

The Sock Report: Finished the Sooper Sekrit Socks, and got the flowers knitted for the mother-in-law socks, and all the ends woven in and bits sewn on. Washed and blocked, even. The Sooper Sekrit Socks, which are knitted in Mountain Colors Bearfoot, bled like a son-of-a-gun, which I don't expect from a brown yarn. Got The Miss's socks washed, too. (All that washing means that the bedroom smells like wet wool, but that's the only place I can lay them out where The Bug won't play with them.)

Have started two more pairs of Sekrit Socks, in different patterns which will remain nameless until after Yule. One is thick and cushy, and the other is on #0's, at 9sts and 11 rows per inch. But it looks grand!

Am halfway through the doll-sweater-for-hire, and am totally not interested in the project. Must finish it--it's yarn money. But I'd rather be working on something else.
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Mom called me last night, nearly crying. She'd just heard from her youngest brother (which was a minor miracle), to say that he'd had surgery for colon cancer. It's hard for me to be supportive for Mom, because this is the uncle who treats the family so badly (being poor automaticly makes us lesser people), on the rare times he does show up. But he's her little brother, so........

Mom was also upset because her best friend is going in for her 6-month post-cancer checkup today. If you've got some energy to spare, think healthly thoughts for ML, in Podunk, KS. She could use it.

On a less dire note, Mom's "bullying" tactic to get Grandma to take her goddamn insulin seems to be working. The plan ism if Grandma doesn't have her shots and meds with her when they're out, Mom takes her straight home. No visits, no shopping, no lunch. Mom thinks she's bullying Grandma, and feels horrible about it. I'm trying to convince her she's doing the necessary thing, and its for the best.

The kids have a new game today. They've figured out that their rocking chair is tall enough to use the back as a ladder into The Bug's crib, and they've been climbing in and playing in there. The Miss has figured out how to get down, and she leaves The Bug stuck and yelling in the crib.

The Sock Report: finished the Sooper Sekrit Socks last night, and got the foot lengthened on The Miss's pink stripey knee socks. Am hoping to get the other one done today. Also, I started Sekrit Socks II, which I hope to have done by Yule but it's hampered by not having the right length of needle.

And, I got out the Tree Of Life socks I'd started for myslef ages ago, and spent some time figureing out why it just didn't fit. The ankle narrows enough that my heel and high arch won't fit. I don't want to go up in gauge, because the rest of the leg fits nice. I *think* I'm going to frog it back to halfway up the leg, and re-knit without those decreases. I can make the heel work with the new numbers.
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Four dozen cinnamon rolls baked, cooled, and most wrapped up and packed in the freezer for later delivery. I saved out a small pan that turned out less even, for the husband to enjoy. Still need to wash the baking pans, but that's nothing.

The stew has bubbled into something that smells warm and tasty on a cold night. Yay stew! And I still have some homemade bread to go with it.

I ought to go wake the kids, but the quiet is awful nice. Maybe 1f minutes more....

The Sock Report: am 5" into the leg of the second Sooper Sekrit Sock, because I got sucked into a murder mystery and lost an hour.
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This morning, I bribed The Bug into quiet good behavior with a yarn catalog. This probably counts as contributing to the deliquincy of a minor, but whatever works, dude.

More cinnamon rolls today. Yesterday's batch did 2 dozen, and some of those were claimed by the husband tax. But they're not that much work, and the house will smell divine all day. Need to bake bread tomorrow, to take to Mom's.

By finished the trimwork on all the windows Salvage Guy installed, and got some insualtion up. Hopefully he can get the rest of that done soon, before it gets hard to work in the cold.

He also found more corners Salvage Guy cut, which is disappointing, and which he'll have to fix. We'd had a better opinion of SG, once upon a time.

The Sock Report: finished the first Sooper Sekrit Sock last night, and cast on for the second. Hopefully rhe kids will let me make more progress on that today.
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The kids are finally napping, the living room is trashed, and the first 2 dozen cinnamon rolls are in their pans rising. I have cleaned up the baking mess, taken By a cup of coffee, taken out the compost bucket, and now I get to sit down for a little while.

For those who met and/or remember By's former employer, R, check out the December issue of Smithsonian. There's an article about the town she moved to, San Miguel de Allende, in central Mexico. She's not in the article, but its a peek at warm, sunny, art-rich place.

The Sock Report: mother-in-law socks are done, except for some decorative flowers and weaving in ends. I could be doing that, but I just had to put them down. Meanwhile, I have worked another 2.5" on the Sooper Sekrit Socks, which makes me feel all kinds of accomplished. There would havw been more done today, but toddlers steal yarn. By the box. And then they toss it. You get the idea.
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The weather is turning on us today, when we'd counted on having one more "good" day to work. But By is outside, soldiering on until it gets too bad. Neither of us are looking forward to the cold fronts moving through this week, we're already creaky today.

By found an inexpensive bird feeder at the store last night, and a sturdy suction-cup hook. Those are now installed on the living room window. He got seed for the smaller birds, so we'll see how long it takes them to find it. We've got bunches finches and cardinals and such in the front yard already, this is an attempt to bring them where the kids can see them close. And to torture the cats.

Actually got a couple house away from the kids yesterday afternoon. Went into Basehor to a new-ish little store D had told me about, then followed the signs to a "barn sale". Found some things for presents, and for my dolls, and some vintage stamped-fabric embroidery kits **on linen**, still in fab condition, unstitched. The sale's supposed to be open next weekend, because they're still pulling stuff out of a long-deceased grandmother's attic, so I may see what else they find.

Went from the sale to D's, delivered her (late) birthday present and had tea and adult company. Whee, adult company!

Today will be bake cinnamon rolls day, since Sis asked for 4 dozen, for a fundraiser her office is doing. The plan is to freeze them, pass them on to her when we get together on Thanksgiving, and she can thaw and ice them on the night.

The Sock Report: got down to the toe of the mother-in-law sock last night, and halfway through that so far this morning. Yay for nearly finished! Sekrit Socks and kid socks next.
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By's out working on the new door to the greenhouse, then insulation on the east side of the house. Still no word from Salvage Guy, and at this point all I wxpect is a phone call full of excuses and promises to finish in spring. Putz. It'll be done by spring.

After getting some time to really look at the parts of the herb shed that SG started back in September, By's decided that'll have to be taken apart and done over as well. One of the main corner poles, that will eventually hold up part ofthe second floor and the roof, is at least 15 degrees off plumb. And it's nailed that way. The floor joists are all crooked and inconsistent, because SG was in a toot and his carpenter was mad at him, and it's just badly done.


So of course, this would be the time By gets a call from one of his side clients, wanting to start cranking work out. And from his former boss, R, who wants him to get some of her inventory out of storage and clean it for sale.

Am still trying to resist major prject ADHD--so many things I want to be working on, but with the kids, next to no time. Not for the fun, detailed pieces, anyway.

The Sock Report: only a couple hours' knitting left on the mother-in-law sock, then I can weave in the ends, knit the decorative flowers for them, and be done.

No progress on the Sooper Sekrit Socks, because I've been working on the others. But they're next. And then a couple quick pairs for the kids, and length that pair of knee-highs for The Miss.

I should make myself a list of things I want to finish by Yule. Maybe it wouldn't seem to overwhelming that way.
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Traumatized the children for life this morning, by holding them down and brushing their hair. They're both certain it's the worst thing they've ever experienced. In my defense, both of them had the world's worst case of bed head this morning, complete with bits of blanket fuzz tangled in, so the nrushing was quite a project.

To make up for the trauma, we put on shoes and jackets and went out for a run-around. I got three bales of wheat straw spread around the new trees at the north end of the house. The kids helped--they're good at scattering things. Also took them for a wheel barrow ride. First in the wheel barrow and on top of a hay bale, which they LOVED but was a bit much for me to haul--70 lb of kids plus wet bale of straw. They were willing to settle for a second, longer ride without the hay bale.

After finally getting The Bug to nap, I found a small bin with a good lid, so By can have his own m*th-proof box for his handknit socks. Got all his socks dug out of my sock box (yes, my hand-knit socks get their own special box), which gives me more room, so yay!

The Sock Report: have most of the heel done on the mother-in-law socks. Had more done at one point, but The Bug has been "helping". Worked on the Sekrit Socks some last night, beed to do more.

Have found three hat patterns I want to make, and am sternly telling myself I can't start personal projects until more of my gifting projects are done. So of course, all I want to do right now is start something new.
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It's officially winter--took down the sun shade that we've had up in the backyard most of the summer. The chairs that were beneath it look a little lost, now.

By made oodles of progress in the greenhouse. Never as much as he hopes to, but lots done. And its about to get a door that will actually close and seal, yay! Part of today's progress was derailed by the bench-shelf along the outer wall crashing down while I was watering, dumping large heavy things inches from my toes and breaking my last good pot. Dammit. But he got the shelf reset, and strengthened, and everything back up where the rodents (hopefully) won't eat it all winter. And sometime soon I've got to figure out what to put the residents of the broken pot into.

Have started rubbing vitamin E oil onto the raw patches on my hand. Dunno I'd its helping it heal any faster, but it does ease the stinging and tenderness, and softens the dry bits that catch on stuff and tear and make new raw spots.

The Sock Report: am halfway down the leg of the mother-in-law sock. Have lost one of the needles--it fell out of my hair, and I'm afraid that happened outside where its gone for good. I do have a spare, so that's vexing but not a crisis.
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It's already starting out to be one of the bad days. The Bug is in his crib doing pennance, The Miss is having a tantrum day, and my nerves are shot from yesterday. Lovely.

Still no word from family on Thanksgiving plans. I'm giving serious thought to just telling Mom we'll simplify the discussion, and just stay home.

Freshly dyed stuff is still rather damp--and cold, on the front porch. Am hoping the sun will come out today and dry it.

The Sock Report: Managed to start the second Mother-in-Law sock last night, after several false starts. Just couldn't get my gauge right. Am making myself work on that sock, and not the Sooper Sekrit Sock Project, because the SSSP was going very well last night, and I'd rather work on the project that's cooperative.

I had a "duh" moment the other day, regarding the knee-high socks that The Miss just outgrew. Only the foot length is too small, everything else fits, and those are cuff-down, so I ought to be able to undo the toes, tie in more yarn and knit them longer. And then make myself a stern note to check foot length *every* time on kids socks.
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So far today, I have accomplished (in no particular order):
* cooked a hot breakfast for me and the kids (oatmeal plus applesauce, breakfast of champions)
* packed By's breakfast and lunch
* started laundry
* emptied and reloaded dishwasher
* hand-washed some stray stuff that doesn't go in the dishwasher
* over-dyed 4 skeins of terribly turquoise sock yarn with moss green icing dye, plus the leftover dab of green pigment dye from Dharma
* since that batch went well, I wound off about 4oz of undyed sock yarn from my big cone and tossed that in too
* there was still some oomph in the pot, so I added salt and urea and soda ash, and then tossed in a chunk of the cotton I've been using for doll stuff, some of the dolls can have green dresses

Next stop, setting up a rack on the front porch for these things to dry on, and maybe winding off one more skein of white yarn to see if it'll do. Graduated shades of the same green are a good thing.

After that, I need to get the crockpot out and start dinner--souped-up potato soup for a damp chilly night. I've got a leftover end of 2-day-old bread that needs used, so it'll get sliced, buttered and seasoned, and toasted into croutons. May do another batch of fresh bread, to make the house cozy.

The Sock Report: the first sock for Mother-in-Law is finished, except for the decorative flower ends on the ties. Will start the next one this afternoon.

Have started the Sooper Sekrit Sock Project, twice in fact. Because halfway down the leg the first time, I realized it was too big. It looks really good now though.

And once I get some of the gifting projects done, I'm starting some for me. Socks with a fine and fancy mosiac pattern, and maybe a nice hat. We'll see.


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