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It's summer, we've been busy, just not with anything notable and post-worthy most of the time. The siding is up on most of the last side of the house, the bathroom window is fixed and all the trim redone (yay for straight windows!), the yard needs mowed but it's too damn hot.

By managed to take the laptop apart , replace the keyboard that The Boy spilled coffee on, and get it all put back together correctly. My hero! He has also replaced the factory stereo in the car with a new one that has a jack to plug in the ipod, so we can have tunes on the trip.

The garden is growing well and starting to produce, now that it's hot. Picked the first tomato and zucchini yesterday. I'm sure everything will come into harvest while we're gone, and that our neighbor will get some tasty things off of it.

I don't have as big a variety of flowers blooming right now, but what I do have are full and lush. Echinacea, queen anne's lace, black-eyed-susans, and every color of daylily. I have small patches of other things, scarlet zinnias, balloon flower, lavender, and of course those are the things The Miss demands for her morning bouquet. I gotta plant more flowers next year, so i can have some too.

The weekend's big news is that Sis and I were disowned by our father. He called her Sunday, drunk as a lord, to harangue her for our show of disloyalty and lack of filial affection. She admitted she *might* have said something rather rude before she *might* have hung up on him.

And then Crazy Aunt Kathy called her at 730 yesterday morning, because Crazy Aunt Kathy is not trainable, to tell Sis that she and her oldest daughter were now Dad's executors. (I'm sure my cousin is thrilled, she's got enough on her plate taking care of her mom.) Whatever estate Dad leaves behind (and I doubt there'll be much, he's drinking it up pretty damn fast) is to be held in trust for the grandkids. Sis told Crazy Aunt Kathy to "call me when he's dead" and hung up on her.

So, yeah. Major relief. I was so afraid he'd manage to kill himself in a car crash, and I'd have to go to some backwater in Texas and clean up his mess. And now, not my problem. Yay!!! I am fine if my kids don't inherit anything from him--freedom from his baggage is priceless.
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Baggins died in the wee hours of the morning. By buried him on the hill, next to Tuffy. I've got a notion to put a rosemary up there come spring. Baggins was always fond of (sleeping in) rosemary.

I don't expect The Bug will notice he's gone. Not sure if The Miss will--he spent most of the winter sleeping away from the kids. Guess I'll figure something out if she asks.
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Haven't called Grandma yet today, because Mom said she wasn't doing so hot last night, and I wanted to let her rest a bit. Will do that soon, though. Mom said it's definitely pneumonia, and that's the current theory for why her glucose dropped like it did the other day. Mom also said that despite feeling lousy, Grandma kept her there playing cards for 3 hours last night.

Mom's youngest brother is back in the hospital, something about an abscess of fluid that needs drained. Mom hasn't told Grandma yet, didn't want to upset her.

There is a turkey in the oven today, as a hedge against the coming cold (it's 54 right now, and the temp's supposed to just go down from here for a couple days). And sweet potatoes for roasting later. I mixed a batch of instant "russian spice tea"*, which is cold-weather comfort food from my childhood, that I'm going to get the kids hooked on.

The Sock Report: Finished the socks for The Miss, need to do a set for The Bug. But those are smaller (for now), and will go quickly, so they can wait a little while. Frogged the fine-gauge Sekrit Socks, because the yarn I was using just didn't have the stitch definition that pattern demanded. Another yarn, another time. Found a more forgiving pattern for that yarn, in a faster gauge, and have Sekrit Socks v2 under way.

Edited to add: I'd meant to append the recipe for Russian Spice tea, and had to dash and investigate kid noises. So here 'tis...

Russian Spice / "Sputnik" Tea
3/4 c instant tea (lemon flavored is nice)
1, 18-oz jar of Tang
1 3/4 c sugar
2 tsp each ground cinnamon and cloves

Put everything in a large jar, close, and shake until well mixed.

To use, add 1-2 tsp mix to a cup of hot water, and stir well.
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Just called Grandma to check on her this morning. She's sounding more tired than yesterday, but still quite alert. Worrying thing is, she told me she was just told that her doctor thinks she's got pneumonia. Again. With the double whammy of her age and uncontrolled diabetes, that's a really big problem.

Both of my uncles did call her yesterday, Mom told me last night. Mom's ready to smack her oldest brother, who was, and I quote, "a real turd on the phone" to Mom, when she told him Grandma was sick again. One of these days, Mom's gonna let fly with all the stuff she's not said to him over the years, and he's gonna be really surprised.

Mom told me that they're switching Grandma to a different kind of insulin, which is why the doses they've got her on now are so much smaller than previous. (That had thrown me, when Grandma told me yesterday.) Before the pneumonia, they thought this was going to stabilize her pretty quick. **crosses fingers**
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The Bug is finally napping; he didn't, the past two days, and my nerves are a bit shot as a result. Doesn't help that I'm distracted and worried.

Grandma went into the hospital yesterday afternoon. She went to her doctor's appointment, and was admitted 10 minutes later. She's complaining about stomachaches and generally not feeling good. Mom was told by the doctor that when she was admitted, Grandma's glucose levels were down to 126, which is great, except that Grandma's never been under 230 since she was diagnosed, and they need to know why.

Part of the worry is that no one told Mom that Grandma had been hospitalized, and that's not supposed to happen. The hospital didn't call the apartment complex, or Mom, and the apartment didn't call Mom when Grandma didn't come home; both of those things should have happened. Mom went over to see her after work like usual, couldn't find her, waited a while, left, got freaked when Grandma didn't answer her phone, and finally called the county health nurse, who told Mom what had happened. **frowns in someone's general direction**

Grandma sounded thin and tired when I talked to her this morning, but generally coherent. More coherent than she's sounded some Saturdays, even. She said that they're changing her insulin doses, and going to keep her until she's stabilized. So, who knows how long that's going to be.

Of Mom's brothers, one just got out of intensive care after surgery for colon cancer (and couldn't be bothered to come visit anyway, he only talks to Grandma once or twice a year), and the other claims he and his wife have bad colds and shouldn't come. And their kids won't bother, never have before. Neither of Mom's brothers are likely to call her in the hospital, either. And that pisses me off. Bad enough that Grandma is likely to be spending her 85th birthday in the hospital (the 14th), but so much of her family won't go see her there.


On a less grumpy note, the sweet potato cinnamon rolls are a big hit. The kids like them, By likes them, and By's coworkers liked the samples I sent in with him this morning. Definitely doing that again.

The Sock Report: finished the first of a pair of simple striped socks for The Miss, and cast on for the second.

Finished and gifted a second pair of Sekrit Socks, the thick cushy ones. "A Long Day's Journey Into Night", by Star Athena, with a wide cable band around the leg and a thick slipper below. I By was padding around the house in two pair of socks because he was cold, so he got these early, and he likes them a lot. Yay! I'll need to get them away from him at some point, and sew buttons on the legs. After I finish my gifting knitting, I am making myself a pair.

Non-Sock Knitting: nearly finished with the doll sweater. My misgivings about the odd proportions of the sweater have been soothed by holding the piece up against an MSD-sized doll. Yeah, they're just made like that. Weird. Got a couple rows left on the hood, then the sleeves.
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I got out of class really early tonight, because half my class didn't show up, and going through people's drawings pre-presentation goes really fast that way.

So, I called my sister, to check on her. That family phone call thing again. There was much head-shaking. )
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...and eventually got to the question, 'Do YOU know where my sister is?' )

Other than that, it was a lovely Tuesday evening. Because it's spring break, I got to spend a Tuesday night on my couch, in my nightgown, enjoying the take-out Chinese that By and Cammie brought, and enjoying the company of two people I wanted to see (rather than the 18 that I have to see most Tuesdays).

Work's been productive this week, since we're not letting anyone in. MS (the workstudy guy who started back in January) has been working his tail off putting in brick edging in one of our beds, and Bri and I made cuttings yesterday. I'll be transplanting today.

Donna's back today; she's been home sick since last Friday. She still sounds terrible, but she's much more energetic than she was last week. We're all hoping she's not contagious.

Got a few squares last night, and pulled a bunch of floral squares out of the willow basket and pinned them together into a start of a blanket. I need about 30 more squares to get that blanket the size I want (just 48x48").
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I've got the building to myself a little while longer. DG hasn't come in yet (she's 10 minutes late so far)--I expect she'll be here soon enough.

Nerves are ok so far. If anything, I'm more rattled by the (thankfully) short phone call from my sister last night...her husband's paperwork was late, and now he's leaving for training on Sunday. Or so they say this time. And she's extremely stressed, and wants someone to talk to, but I just couldn't deal with it last night...all of her troubles, plus a child who'll scream for hours on end, or until she gives up and gives him whatever he's screaming for...I could barely hear her on the phone over the kid, and just couldn't deal with the kid and her at the same time. So, again, I lied to her, told her I had to go finish my class stuff, maybe another time. And I feel like a bit of a shmuck, but I've got to maintain my own mental health, and some days, I just can't do that for both of us. **shakes head** I keep telling myself that she got herself into that mess, and she'll have to get herself out of it, that I can't fix it for her. That's not much comfort after one of those phone calls.
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Been trying to get through for a couple of weeks, but she's either been on the phone, or not home to answer it.

Almost wish I hadn't.

Family Angst )


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