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Knitted peeps!!!!!

(Well, ok, that's not what they're officially called, but it's sure what they look like, so...)

ETA: Ok, so they're actually crocheted, and the "nest" is knitted and felted. Still damn cute.
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I need another project like I need another hole in my head, but I've had this idea for DAYS now, and I think I've figured out how it would need to be done, so that means I need to do it, right?

Cut to spare those who've escaped my knitting addiction. (And it's long. I did warn you.) )

Comments, folks? Am I completely nuts?

Edited to add: any suggestions of color are welcome, too. I'm considering maybe this yarn, which I've never used but heard very good things about. And it's cheap.
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Skull and crossbone lace. The original poster says the pattern will be forthcoming. Ooooooooooo.
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Another for the "strange enough I've got to share" category: plate tectonics scarf (for the geology geeks)

For my computer geek peeps, the essay HEX and BIN, meet my friends Knit and Purl.

And, if I can find it, I've seen references to a "viral knitting project", which made a series of pieces of art knitting, rendering the binary code of the Code Red computer virus as textured knitting. (As I understand the bits I've seen, it was intended as policital commentary, on the color coded "terror alerts".) I'm still looking. All I've found so far are summaries of the aims of the project, and a couple of blurry photos of something that could be a bright red scarf. There's a brief discussion of the project here.
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This looks like the closest thing to what you said you're looking for. It's in a fairly high-end yarn, but it ought to do fine in just about anything.

If you want a bit more variety or challenge, or just want to stash the patterns for later, try:

A fairly simple braided cable scarf

Scarf for the Dulann project, which has a pair of nice twisted loop cables, with bobble centers.

Simple Celtic Cable...just the cable pattern, but easily done into a scarf.

More Celtic-style cable patterns, same author as above, not-so-simple, but NICE.

There are some cool patterns at -- the Irish Hiking Scarf that you've probably seen 'round the net, and the Besotted Scarf, which is a relatively simple knit (that's the one I'm working on for By).

That ought to hold you for a while. If you don't see what you're looking for on this list, holler again, and I'll post some more.
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Two pattern links I've just got to share:

Peter Robinson's Stochastic sweater, demonstrating random number strings in a two-dimensional plane,

and this child's sweater, which uses the same principles.

Too cool.

Oh, string peeps, the Winter '05 Knitty is out!
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Where to start? Obviously, we made it through the show, and all that. Robyn was NOT on the ball this year (in so many ways, I think I've mentioned), and did not have dinner ready for the folks who worked Friday night, so we ended up out to eat with John and Cammie that night. Home, bed, slept late on Saturday (yay!). Got lots of squares done, and counted, but I've forgotten what the total was. Lots. Like, 70 or so.

Show sales were decent this year, for the attendance, but attendance seemed really low to me this year. Must ask By what he thought. People seemed disappointed that there wasn't more theater to the show, which By expected. And Robyn's idea that if she were on the floor with the work, she'd sell stuff--nice try. Didn't happen, but nice try.

The boyfriend had bad timing this weekend--he got to our place just before my uterus decided to mutiny, and so he got to babysit a crampy, cranky girlfriend over the weekend. Points to the boyfriend for fortitude and patience. (Cycling a week late was convenient, it was nice not to have to worry about that in my show clothes, but damn, I'm paying for that convenience now.)

Spent quality time with the extended family on Sunday, running around Mass St in Lawrence. Found a great haul of old knitting patterns in Half Price books, By found some cool leather stuff, and Tim left with things to fill gaps in his library. The boys went down the street to look at cutlery while Cammie and I browsed Yarn Barn. (I know, unsupervised, but we were good, really.) Got yarn for two sets of gloves for myself....the first pair in "Red Baron" Lamb's Pride, elbow-length dragonscale gauntlets, with a thumb gusset added, because I discovered a need for such, in my kimono-coat. (Bummer, the pic isn't up anymore, but they are cool. Errr, warm...anyway...) As a bit of self-indulgence, I settled down to knit on those last night, got the first one done except for weaving in the ends. Go me! The other glove yarn I bought is a pale celery green alpaca, dk-weight, can't remember the brand name right now, for these gansey-style gloves, in a much finer gauge. Because I need those, too. And they must be alpaca. And!!!! I took Cammie over to the sock yarn section, where she fondled and rubbed all the yarns, and we cound some wool blends that dont' make her itch. Yay!!!!

Also got a nice haul of books from Dusty Bookshelf...another good knitting book (traditional Maine mittens, very cool), some fiction, By found some woodworking stuff. And a little "how to do country things" book as a Yule present for Courtney.

Ah...that makes the day a bit brighter....DG just called in, said she's sick, can't come in, may not be in tomorrow. Means we can slack off a bit more in here today.
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[ profile] classics_cat, you might show this to Ranj. I bet he'd appreciate a Linux penguin scarf.


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