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Been meaning to post these for a while....

From Botany Photo of the Day, a few days back, Begonia sizemoreae.

From yesterday's BPotD, Ornithogalum arabicum.

From Microscopy UK, macro and micro pics of three species of Ornithogalum. Worth looking at even if you're not a botany geek, because they're great graphics.
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For all those who think my cats are big: Leo, holder of the 2006 world record for longest cat. Damn. Just...damn.
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Found an article in the NY Times today (via Metafilter) that gave a good (if long) low-down on the debate over contraception and sexuality in America today. And it sums up to: there are people out there who want to turn thing back to "no sex unless you want to have a baby", and they're gaining ground, folks.

I was going to put some commentary in this entry, but realized this is already rather long, so look for commentary in a few minutes.

Original article here, and archived below. )

Hey Cat!!!!

Apr. 1st, 2006 12:35 pm
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They really are knitted peeps, this time.
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Some sick puppy re-wrote the Council of Elrond scene as a musical, to the tune of "Bear Necessities" from the Disney film "The Jungle Book". Lyrics found here.

I probably ought to stop reading these, and think about going to bed. But they're awfully funny.
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...especially the first verse :)

A filk of My Favorite Things.


I'm a bad, bad hobbit sometimes.
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My politcailly-minded friends will eb amused by this filk: A Vote For Palpatine Is A Vote For Order

It spoofs GWB's election. Color me amused.
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For all you Pratchett fans who've wanted to sing along with your books, I give you the annotated listing of all the songs in the books.

Someone has too much time on their hands.

There are 9 versions of the hedgehog song. Including one labelled an "unexpuragated" version. Another is the "discworld fauna" version. And the last version offered is a brief two verses, set to Beethoven's Ode To Joy.

To quote the boyfriend, "eeep!"
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First: 213 Things Skippy Is No Longer Allowed To Do In The US Army
And, because I'm easily amused, check out about Skippy.

Second:50 Rule For Hogwarts (which is a Potter-themed take-off of the 213 Things list)

Third: The Very Secret Diaries Of The Fellowship Of The Rings. In particular, I direct your attention to ...well, just read them. You'll see. Best not at work, though.
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I found this article on Metafilter during my break.

Sent it to my mom, too. We'll see how much she hollers when she reads it. :)

Teaching--and not teaching--evolution in Arkansas schools )
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Got things watered, puttered a bit, then we sat down to eat lunch and order more trees for the orchard here at school. That turned into a quest for a "Yellow Glass" sweet cherry*, and that led me here, and I somehow lost a couple of hours.

* It's a variety Donna saw mentioned in a KSU publication on small fruit varieties for Kansas. It's well recommended, but finding it--yeesh. We found ONE catalog source, a small family-run fruit nursery, where it's sold out. Bugger.


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