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Baggins died in the wee hours of the morning. By buried him on the hill, next to Tuffy. I've got a notion to put a rosemary up there come spring. Baggins was always fond of (sleeping in) rosemary.

I don't expect The Bug will notice he's gone. Not sure if The Miss will--he spent most of the winter sleeping away from the kids. Guess I'll figure something out if she asks.
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The furry denizens of this house, however...abject failures, all of them.

There was a mouse nosing around the bedroom and making noise, when I got home from work. Later in the evening, it got brave enough to venture out into the living room. Baggins caught it, and lost it, at least twice. I think a couple of the other fuzzy kids got teeth on it once or twice. And also lost it. It finally ended up crouched between Tristan's boots, trapped between the heels (which were together) and Fox-kitten perched on the toes of the boot.

Enter the humans to the rescue: I pushed the boots together, further trapping the mouse. Tristan fetched a tupperware bowl and lid. Bowl was held directly over the mouse, and dropped on top of it as I moved the boot. Slid the lid under the bowl, snapped it closed as I turned it upright, scurried to the back door, step onto the deck, open the bowl, and flung the mouse into the pines.

Then come inside, and berate the cats--who were still sniffing around looking for the mouse-for their total failure in their ecological niche.

And that's about the point when Fuzz finally woke up from his nap, and noticed the commotion.

Le sigh.


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