Sep. 1st, 2012

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Talked to Mom for a bit this morning. The upgrades on her house have begun, and she's pretty cheerful. The first thing finished is a new front door and storm door, that locks, and stays closed without being tied closed with a jump rope. She'll also be getting windows, and siding and gutters on her house.

Also, Mom's got 172 working days until retirement. She's pretty cheerful about that, too.

Mom said that the fallout from Sis calling the cops on Sperm Donor was minor, at least up here. From. What she was told, the cops got there when he was having a less drunk than usual day, and they managed to talk him into paying his water bill, so he'll at least have that. After the cops left, he called Crazy Aunt Cathy and bawled her out for reporting him, so she called Cousin to complain (because she thought Cousin had done it). Cousin called Sis, and thanked her, saying she wouldn't have thought of that. Sis told Cousin how to get him involuntarily commited (again), and reminded Cousin that Sis and I have been disowned, and he's not our problem. Cousin still has some spine, so she might follow through. *shrug*

It's still raining here, just a little. The radio said it'll be past us by noon or so. It's dropped about an inch since it started yesterday, slow and soaking, which is fabulous. And there's a chance for more rain next week. After this, rain seems ...possible, again.

We got D moved this week, and she handed over the keys to the old house Thurs morning. She's sad about that, and a little bitter, but she's excited about doing up the new place just the way she wants it. We didn't get everything out of her garden, but we did get her favorites, and the thing's that'd be hard to replace. She's already replanting at the new house. I'm babysitting a couple bed's worth of perennials for her, to move when she's ready for them.


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