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Where to start? October has become the Month of Many Projects:

* crochet sweater for me from Fall 2012 Interweave Crochet, "Prairie Grass Cardigan". Have the back, left front, and half the right front done thus far. Hoping to finish this to wear this Sunday to have family pics taken. *crosses fingers*

* knit sweater for The Boy, long-sleeved, shawl-collar, cables up the front. Need to take the left sleeve out and reknit on bigger needles, without decreases, then knit the collar, and it's done. Need to finish soon.

* crochet jacket for The Miss, "Russet Jacket", from the same magazine as my sweater, crocheted in sock yarn. I've started it but not gotten far, because until I finish the first two, I'm just working on this after the kids crash at night.

I'm still working on a couple large embroidery projects, but not as often, because I'm trying to get the sweaters finished. But I'd love to get them done, because I have tempting patterns waiting for their turns.

And I told my mom, back in February, that I'd make snowflakes for her to give away to her friends this Christmas, since she's retiring. And I cannot remember how many she asked for. I've done 29 as of last night, plus a handful of angels. I desperately need to spend some quality time weaving in ends, and then starching all those things. Mom said she'd starch them, but she hasn't been able to find the starch that Grandma used to use.

UFO's that only need little things to finish:
* one circuular knit afghan, needs ends woven in
* Ladybug jacket for The Miss, needs buttons. MUST finish this soon.

And my doll list has upmty-million projects this month, most of which are things I want to do, so for my dolls, I'm making:
* a knit dress, in blue Aunt Lydia's bamboo crochet thread, on #0 needles
* a sewn, solid color dress, to match the crochet pinafore that the list did as a stitch-along last month (solid color! I had to go shopping for that one). This is part of a year-long, 5-part project the list is doing, 5 dresses, in seasonal colors, to go with fancy stitched pinafores and aprons.
* sewn/constructed chair, based on a pincushion pattern I found online a few weeks ago and sent to the list. That one's my fault, so I've gotta do it, right?
* penny rugs, out of felt. The group pooled money and bought felt from ebay, to get a better range of colors affordably, so that won't start until the coordinator gets the felt and gets it cut and sent out

And I haven't even started my holiday knitting yet. Ack!
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