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Spent the rest of my long holiday weekend doing ...well, nothing much productive. By worked Tues and Wed, and has today off (a day between projects at work). Did laundry and some tidying before T got to our place Tues evening, stayed up way too late again, and spent a luxurious day with T yesterday, followed by a late evening snuggling on the couch with By. It's good to be me :)

Walked into work smiling again, and New Boss is worried. (He'll be more worried when he notices the remains of the fingernail polish.) We're short two people at work today, one on vacation and one sick, and we got enough rain earlier in the week watering's not a big issue today, so Courtney and I can play catch-up on other things.

Got a little knitting done over the holiday. The center of the afghan is ove half done, the shawl is right at half done, and I've got one swatch for T's kilt hose done. (Must remember to take that with me to the meeting Sunday, and see what he thinks.)

Note to self: must do HSA stuff tonight.
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New Boss is off today, neither Other Dave nor I have any motivation (as in, we've both napped a bit already this morning), we're not expecting PT staff in today, and the shop grunt is listening to his headphones and dozing on a van seat out in the wash bay. My excuse is that, while I did get to bed right after last night's phone call, I kept waking up with really odd dreams. The shop grunt's excuse is that nothing went out yesterday, so he's already cleaned everything, and looking forward to a boring day. And Oher Dave has a fairly serious family medical issue that came up this week, so he's been running distracted all week.

Did a little shopping last night, for some girly stuff. I now own a bottle of nail polish remover, and four (!) colors of nail polish that I actually intend to use as nail polish, and not as shiny enamel paint. Picked up a couple of other things that I can't mention here, because they're supposed to be a surprise for someone. :P

Was a responsible adult last night and did HSA business. I *think* I'm ready to take over as secretary next week. And really, this will be the worst one, since the upcoming meeting is committee heads elections. Still getting used to the idea that this could be the year that outs me completely--as an officer, I've got to put my right name on things. I'm pretty sure that Mom's not web-savy enough to find me listed thusly on the HSA webpage, but HSA does make it into print in the metro sometimes, and who knows what newspapers she reads in the library. Ah well. We'll deal with what comes. (In a lot of ways, it'd almost be a relief for her to find out by accident--if I told her, it'd be me starting the fight. And it will be a fight, either way, so I'm just avoiding the subject until I absolutely have to face it.)

My wonderful husband brought me two of the world's best snickerdoodle cookies last night, the ones from Le Monde bakery. I spent the evening admiring them; I may eat one tonight, as a treat. They are fine fine things.

By's working at least part of the day for Robyn today; not sure how much, as she's getting twitchy about his hours again. He's planning to run out to Tandy Leather for tools and a book and some leather for a project after work. (We'd half planned to do that trip tomorrow, but the silly humans aren't open Sunday or Monday. Kinda hard to have a 4th of July sale if you're not open that day, but no one asked me about it.)

Brought extra knitting today. Between my intent to run at least two truckloads of water today, and the expectation of being purely lazy when that's done.....not sure I'll actually get that far, but it's extra motivation to get my work done so I can knit, and I certainly need the extra motivation today.


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