Apr. 3rd, 2012

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If I were a more organized gardener, I would have labelled that pot when I stuck seeds in it a couple years ago, and I certainly would not have come back later and put something else in on top. But I'm not, so now I have myster seedlings in the pot where I've been trying to start sandplums (which germinate slow, hence keeping the pot for a couple years). Mystery seedlings with compound leaves, I think, so maybe wisteria? I'd had a notion once of getting some seedlings off my vine and then grafting the proven bloomer onto a seedling rootstock.

I do have one rooted sucker on my wisteria this season, and hopes that another chunk will root soon. I need to dig the first one, and find my list of people who wanted starts off my vine.

What's blooming this week? Lots of things are done, or nearly so, but I still have:
* wisteria (nearly done)
* Granny Smith apple (Cortland is done already)
* a few daffs, Tripartite and jonquilla simplex and Geranium
* a few last muscari
* annual dianthus (planted last year, and it survived the winter)
* fothergilla (which looks like someone tipped a nondescript shrub in white puffballs, rather silly, but they were free)
* lilacs in the front yard, nearly done
* dwarf iris, one reddish violet and one nearly black, bluish violet
* alehoof and ajuga
* one of the violet-flowered tradscantias from D's yard, a month early
* the last couple blossoms on D's Clematis scottii, which is a native, bush clematis
* cypress spurge, which blooms bright charteuse
* strawberries! And the wild strawberries are setting already
* the rosebush I'm babysitting for a friend will bloom tomorrow or the next day, and I'm contemplating stealing a cutting or two before it goes home.

I have tender, tiger striped shoots of variegated Solomon's seal up, that weren't there yesterday. Nice to know that survived being moved in the heat last September. The rhubarb I planted last summer is doing well, so we can start harvesting it next year.

I need to find homes for the peony I got at Big Lots this winter. Got the lilies planted already, but my planned place for peonies is full of stuff for when D gets moved, and I don't want to get them mixed up. And the alliums....I know I had something planned for those, but I'LL BE DAMNED IF i can remember it now.

I have several pots of root cuttings off the bayberry bushes, and I have ideas for those, but their "spot" will need some prepping before I can start landscaping it.

So far, I have added only a few annuals to the garden, because I just don't trust the weather. But Saturday, The Miss picked out pastel pink snapdragons, hot pink petunias, and magenta dianthus for her part of the garden.


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