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It is over 50 degrees today, so we are out in shirtsleeves and snowboots. The yard is a patchwork of slumping snowdrifs that may still be 2' deep, and soggy brown grass.

The Miss is thrilled, and soaked from bouncing all over the snow like a puppy, and covered with sandbox sand beyond.

The Bug is still not convinced that cold and snow are good ideas. But there are snow-free patches of yard for him to bumble around, so that's okay. Still can't keep shoes and socks on the little devil.

I am WAAAY more awake than I have any right to be. The Bug was up every 5 minutes between 3 and 4am, then every 10-15min for an hour or so, then 2 or 3 times an hour. Somewhere around 5-ish, By took over and sent me to bed, but the boy still woke me every hour. Bleh.

The stuff in the greenhouse is doing great. Got in there to water...all the rosemarys are fine, ibcluding some tiny seedlings, and a few marjoram plants. Still have a couple sprigs of a very pretty red-leafed sedum, too, that was not supposed to survive 40 degrees. Yay!

Of the new outside things, I'm pretty sure the yellow echinacea made it, and the new wisteria. The 'Chocolate Chip' ajuga looks alive, what's not under snow, which is cool, because that wasn't supposed to be hardy. And the new arborvitae hedges look okay, except for the last one in line, which has the look of being nibbled on by rabbits.
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The BoyChild was up at 4am, and 4:03am, and at 4:07am, and 4:10am, and....yeah. Until 5-ish.

And to top the morning off, we woke up to frozen pipes. By set up a propane heater, pointed into the crawl-space under the house, and they were running again in less than an hour, but still. More stress than we need right now.

And why did the pipes freeze? besides the gawdawful cold, that is....he fixed the perpetually dripping kitchen sink, and so the water wasn't moving constantly through the pipes.

It is bright and sunny, but still very cold, and I've already settled firmly into a "bah humbug" mood for the day.


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