Oct. 1st, 2012 11:25 am
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Since 8:30 this morning, I have:
* fed and medicated children
* finished loading and run dishwasher
* 2 loads of laundry, with another currently in washer
* folded 3 loads' worth, out of the dryer and baskets of clean clothes (which puts me about half done)
* fixed broken toy truck
* gathered trash
* 5 pattern reps on the sweater I started for myself


By is in Neosho again, gathering up whatever tools and such might still be of use; we're hoping it's the last trip. He likely won't be home until 8 or 9 tonight.

The Boy has settled into being merely sick with a head cold, which is a vast improvement over the weekend. The Miss, unfortunately, has a bad head cold, and I'm afraid I'm getting it. Bleh.

The rest of today's to-do list:
* get kids pulled together and off to school (yay!)
* clean kitchen counter, dig out slow cooker, put together veggie stew

* finish folding laundry, put kids' clothes away (boo)
* take out compost and trash
* water some stuff in the garden and put the most frost-tender things on the back bench in the greenhouse

* rip out defective sleeve on sweater I'm knitting for The Boy, and restart properly
* 3 more pattern reps on my sweater, minimum
* energy levels permitting, throw together breadsticks to go with stew Scratch breadsticks, there's still plenty of oatmeal bread. And plenty of cool week coming up for baking.

6:22pm ETA: Final chore update.
Laundry's mostly done, the rest of my stuff and By's can wait until the kids have crashed.
Am most of the way through my 3-patterm-repeat minimum on the back of my sweater; will probably stop there.
The Boy's sweater will have to wait until I am less interrupted and less irritable. Maybe tomorrow.


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