Oct. 1st, 2012


Oct. 1st, 2012 11:25 am
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Since 8:30 this morning, I have:
* fed and medicated children
* finished loading and run dishwasher
* 2 loads of laundry, with another currently in washer
* folded 3 loads' worth, out of the dryer and baskets of clean clothes (which puts me about half done)
* fixed broken toy truck
* gathered trash
* 5 pattern reps on the sweater I started for myself


By is in Neosho again, gathering up whatever tools and such might still be of use; we're hoping it's the last trip. He likely won't be home until 8 or 9 tonight.

The Boy has settled into being merely sick with a head cold, which is a vast improvement over the weekend. The Miss, unfortunately, has a bad head cold, and I'm afraid I'm getting it. Bleh.

The rest of today's to-do list:
* get kids pulled together and off to school (yay!)
* clean kitchen counter, dig out slow cooker, put together veggie stew

* finish folding laundry, put kids' clothes away (boo)
* take out compost and trash
* water some stuff in the garden and put the most frost-tender things on the back bench in the greenhouse

* rip out defective sleeve on sweater I'm knitting for The Boy, and restart properly
* 3 more pattern reps on my sweater, minimum
* energy levels permitting, throw together breadsticks to go with stew Scratch breadsticks, there's still plenty of oatmeal bread. And plenty of cool week coming up for baking.

6:22pm ETA: Final chore update.
Laundry's mostly done, the rest of my stuff and By's can wait until the kids have crashed.
Am most of the way through my 3-patterm-repeat minimum on the back of my sweater; will probably stop there.
The Boy's sweater will have to wait until I am less interrupted and less irritable. Maybe tomorrow.
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Gods have mercy on any more telemarketers, political representatives, or survey callers that have the misfortune to call my house this week, because I certainly won't. Between the irritations of the political silly season, family crap, and the fact that my one and only radio station is doing its biannual pledge drive, I'm not fit company. And I've bit the head of three politcal survey callers in the past hour.

5: 33 pm ETA Make that three political solicitors and the manager of a telemarketing group that calls business about their google business web pages. That last bunch has been calling, without taking us off their list, since April. He got treated accordingly. Here's hoping that gets them to go the **** away.


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