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I had to take a break in the middle of watering to make a go-away sign for the greenhouse door today, so a quick update:

Decanted the greenhouse meead I started at New Years' into a new carboy last night. It didn't keep the lovely rosy pomegranate color it'd had when it started, but it's still a nice honey color, and the flavor....weeee. Great balance of citrus and ginger, just enough of those sour little kumquats to make it nicely tangy. I'm looking forward to seeing what this does in a year.

Went to decant the sugar cane brew, only to find it had small floating colonies of blue fuzzy stuff. Not so good. That batch went over the deck railing into the flowerbed.

Got a few more rounds done on the other sleeve of The Sweater...I'm about 2" from where I stopped on the first one. I'll get both of those done that far, then work on thr body some more. Probably won't be cool enough to wear it if I actually finish the silly thing this winter/spring, but....

Started designing cables for more kilt hose. Now I just need to find the measurements I took for those people. Woops.

I ought to be watering now, but the plumbers finally came over to fix the broken on/off valve on the faucet in the second house. (The handle came off in my hand when I turned it on Tuesday morning. We've been using vice grips since.) So I guess I'll catch up on virtual things while they're working.
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After much frantic knitting the past couple of weeks, THEY'RE DONE!!!!!!!!!! T's long-legged kilt hose are DONE DONE DONE!!!!!!!

Yes, it does merit that many exclamation points. The ribbing along on these had 6600 sts. A grand total of 62" of handknit stockings (eachsock, tip to top, 31" long), at 7.5 sts/inch, matched cables on a purled background (hence the slow pace of completion), and THEY'RE DONE!!!!!

I'm going to celebrate with good chocolate, and tea, and some Firefly. And maybe a bit of frivolous knitting, on a pair of socks for myself.

In other news, Tristan got MAJOR boyfriend points this weekend. First, he bought me a wonderful little teapot/tea infuser last night, which is exactly the necessary thing to make a Perfect Cup Of Jasmine Tea (and he gave me soem of that, too). And this morning, I got more morning sex, and this thing he did with his hips....oooooo, yeah. Definitely earned points for that.


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