Jul. 26th, 2012

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Maybe a quarter of an inch, last night, plus a bit more this morning. Enough to damp down the dust for the day, and soak in an inch or two. I still watered the new things and the pots.

Not much blooming the past couple weeks, everything's too dry. The stuff I'm not watering is wilting and going dormant, and I'll probably let some of the watered things go too, because it's just too much to keep up. I di have some annuals, mostly zinnias, in flower, and the queen anne's lace is still going. One stalk of surprise lily bloomed yesterday, but I think it's too dry to get a show from those this year. My maypop started blooming last weekend, and I've had one or two flowers from that every day since.

According to the drought monitor page I've been haunting, we are 11" down from the amount of rain we ought to have had, by this time in the year. That's about half. My mom, in central Ks, said last week that her area is 21" down for the year--that's 75%, and that's scary.

I've been redoing a path in the garden the past week, a little at a time in the heat. Trying to make it wide enough for the big wheel barrow or the riding mower, and level. Which means cutting into the uphill slope, which is being turned into a flowerbed with a low limestone terrace. I'm only doing an hour or so on it a day, so it's slow going, but it'll be nice when it's done.

Indoors, it's canning season. My neighbor left for a family visit out of state, and gifted us with bags of peaches and apple. Plus instructions to finish harvesting her trees and the grape vines. I started canning yesterday. Two batches of peach jam with granny smith apples. Today's project is peach butter in the crock pot. I've got a notion to do a batch or two of peach pie filling, with my great aunt's recipe, and to try a "fall harvest jam" that I found online. That one blends peaches, pears, apples, oranges, and a lemon. And then we'll see how much fruit I still have to deal with. By's contemplating cobblers, perhaps enough to freeze for later.

D's about half moved. We spent part of Sunday at her place. The kids and I helped pack the basement, and By worked on the tools left in the barn. She's got until the end of August, and she's had other folks with trucks helping, so it's going well so far. Only thing we're really worried about is moving her garden; we'll have to water heavily, just to be able to dig.
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Last jars of peach butter are in the water bath for sealing now. That made 15 jars, so I've got a total of 28 jars of peachy stuff canned to far, and I'm down to the bottom third of the first bag of peaches.


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