Mar. 28th, 2012

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I'm having trouble making time to sit down and update regularly, and I really need to, if only to keep my garden notes current. It's the usual problem, rather busy, but not anything particularly interesting or noteworthy.

The Miss threw up all over her bed this morning, so she's home with me while The Boy went to school. This didn't go over well. She spent most of an hour standing in her room with her backpack on, wailing because the bus left without her. This put a kink in my plans to cut down weedy trees and poison stumps today; maybe tomorrow.

Anyway, what's blooming?
* late-season daffs--Tripartite, Thalia, Lintie, Geranium, Rip Van Winkle, the antique one from the farm, and jonquilla simplex has already started. (Lintie and N jonquilla simplex are usually my last to bloom, and I often have those at the end of May or first few days in June.)
* some heat-tolerant mid-season daffs--Erlicheer, Yellow Cheerfulness, Avalon, Carlton, and Salome
* muscari
* redbud
* white-flowered weeping peach
* Jane magnolia (dark pink)
* wild gooseberries
* buffalo currant (aka clove currant, a native species)
* wisteria
* Clematis scottii, which I'm babysitting for D, until she gets a new place and moves her garden. It's a bush clematic, native, with big pale blue bell-shaped flowers.

I think the chunk of native passionflower that D gave me last summer survived, so I have hopes of maypops this summer. And I just found the first sprigs of Kentucky Colonel spearmint (which is more tender than other mints, and doesn't always overwinter), about 2' from where I remember planting it. But it does that. As long as I've got it, that's the important part.

I need to figure out where to move my asparagus to; they're eating the flowerbed they're in. And I need to do that quickly, before it's hot enough to really stress them when I move them.

I dug the heliopsis out of the bed by the deck this morning and moved one chunk to the front yard, under the maple, and the other piece to the bed at the south side of the driveway. And dug up a BUNCH of seedlings of the durn stuff; my neighbor can use them to fill in her flower beds along her fence.

Four of the el cheapo rhubarb plants from Walmart came back, so By will have rhubarb for stuff in a couple years. I need to dig out my notes on where I planted the peonies and lilies from the bargain rack last year; I think I've found most of them. And I need to find homes for the bulbs that I got at Big Lots this winter.....a dozen or so alliums, a couple yellow lilies, and two pink peonies.


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