Oct. 3rd, 2012

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Never did make a formal list for the day. Got a fair few things done anyway.
* cleaned out old aquarium, bleached it, and set aside for planting as a terrarium tomorrow
* took carload of old clothes, blankets, and other stuff to Goodwill
* found lightweight coats for both kids at Goodwill, along with a shirt for The Boy, jeand for Yhe Miss, and several things for me
* did light grocery run @ Walmart, also got myself jeans
* put all the shopping away
* took more of the trash out
* baked pumpkin muffins for breakfasts for the next couple days
* started a batch of soft pretzels for snacking; they're on first rise now
* ran clothes from Goodwill through the wash to get all the awful fabric softener scent off of them
* handwashed 2 sinkfulls of dishes
* made up the rows on the sweater that I didn't finish yesterday, and then a few; am halfway through the shoulder and neck shaping on the right side of the back piece

And, my biggest accomplishment this afternoon and evening, I have kept the kids fed. Monsters haven't stopped eating since they got home from school. A bowl of soup apiece right after school (by request, believe it or not), then 5 bananas between, since. Which was the entire hand I'd bought, thinking it'd last until we left for Mom's on Friday. *shrug* That's what I get for thinking, I guess.


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