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Had put off doing an updatey post, because LJ buggered my cross-posting from DW, and I didn't want to have to type things twice, and then I got bogged down into where the heck would I start anyway.

So, starting from beginning of December, in more-or-less the right order:
* Grandma spent from mid-September until just after her birthday in the hospital, trying to get her glucose stabilized and her meds in order
* Grandma very nearly put herself back in the hospital a week later, the Wednesday before Xmas, by taking her non-diabetes drugs wrong. If the home health aide hadn't gotten there when she did.....yeah.
* After several days of long tearful talks, Mom and her brother decided to move Grandma into the nursing home. It was past time, and she finally admitted it.
* Mom and Uncle M moved Grandma to the home the Friday before New Years. We went back for that weekend, and I helped them clean the apartment and spent time with Grandma.
* 10 days ago, Grandma went **back** to the hospital, for a fungal skin infection that's taking some very serious drugs to treat. Mom suspects she'd had it for a while, and just wasn't telling anyone.

Grandma is supposed to get released today. Last I talked to her, she sounded like she was going back to her apartment, and I know she's been telling her nurses that. She's very mad at Mom for moving her, and taking her stuff (she's too blind to be using a sewing machine or iron, really), and taking her money. Mom's been gritting her teeth and doing what needs to be done, and Sis and I are giving her pep talks as best we can. It was the right thing to do, but it certainly wasn't an easy thing.

There's a lot of details left out of all that, but that's the important bits.

In non-Grandma news, The Boy was officially enrolled in preschool on Jan 4, and has been riding the bus since. Both kids like the bus, and I like not having to make two trips into town 4 days a week.

I'm working on another order of tatting, which has is another thing cutting into my posting time. Same pattern as before, 200", plus the same length of a second pattern. Still in silk. That's given me too much time to daydream about projects I want to do for myself. Let's see, I think I'm at around 130" on the first pattern, and about 45" on the second (slower) pattern.

I started sewing on a just-for-me doll project last week, because I just had to get the idea out of my head. I'm sewing a dragon, in shades of red, and eventually he'll get a Joan-of-Arc styled rider. As soon as I figure out how to get something that looks armor-ish on a 6" doll. Gotta make the rider too; the ones I've done recently all have the wrong coloring. Except for the one I did for The Miss for Yule, and she's attached to that one.

Our weather has been crazy mild this month, and very dry. No precipitation for 10 weeks, and except for a slight chance of a little drizzle tomorrow, nothing in the forecast for the next 2 weeks. I'm thinking of not putting in a veggie garden this summer, unless the weather pattern changes real quick. Figured it'd be easier and cheaper to mulch the garden heavily and let it lie fallow this season, and try again next.

By's working on the roof over the deck this morning. He's got most of the rafters up, and corrugated metal roofing is next. Don't know that he'll get it all up while the warm spell holds, but he's making progress.

Saturday, I started the trench for the electrical line that will run from the herb shed to the house. Basically, I got the trench dug to half depth, across my flower beds, moving things (or digging to replant after the trench is filled in) as I went. So now I've got several pots with sprigs of bayberry bushes and ajuga in the greenhouse; hopefully they'll be rooted enough to plant out in April or May. The iris just got replanted, and I've got a bucket of daffs in the cold end of the greenhouse that I need to divide before replanting.


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