Feb. 4th, 2012

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Picture this: two blonde moppets, side-by-side on the sofa, chortling at a cartoon. The girl is poking slices of carrot into the boy's mouth as fast as he can chew them, and he's quite happy with this arrangement.

Sometimes, my children are damn cute.

Talked to Mom this morning. She had decent news for a change (and after the week that she and Sis have had, it's a miracle). Grandma decided it was time to let her apartment go, because it was silly to keep paying for it, and things were easier for her in the home.

**big sigh** Finally.

This is turning into a big cook-for-later weekend. I have a great heap of veggies simmering in one of my canning pots, becoming vegetable stock, which we will freeze most of. There's a turkey on the front porch thawing*, for roasting tomorrow. We'll eat some fresh, freeze a bunch, and cook the bones and bits down for turkey stock for soups. There are bags of turkey bits and old hamburger in the freezer destined to become sausage, and I'm planning to make a big batch of chex mix this afternoon.

* I know how that sounds, but the fridge was full, the porch is at the same temperature, and it's in a cooler. And we'll be cooking it right away. We're doing the turkey this weekend because they were on sale, and the kitchen's already a mess.


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