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The Miss can *almost* reach the top of the freezer (about 4' tall) well enough to put her cup up there. Holy crap, when did she get so tall?

In other news, we spent a lot of -unday running around the yard and enjoying the rare-in-February warmth. I got peas planted, and two flowerbeds cleaned out completely. By got some of the ornamental grasses cut down, and picked up branches, and we generally ran the kids silly. We need to plan on cutting down the rest of the pine trees soon, they're dying fast. I've got plans for a mixed-shrub hedge to replace the pine windbreak. I also need to save/start some seeds from the weeping peach this year, because the tree is diseased and may not last much longer. Which is a shame, but peaches tend to do that here, especially if you don't spray them.

Have been sewing on doll parts and dresses lately. In the last week, I've finished two dresses from a vintage hanky, a crinoline skirt (and need to make another), and two regular dresses. I've got parts for three dolls sewn and ready to assemble, another waiting to be painted, and a couple more traced and ready to sew. I need to figure out dress patterns for the smaller dolls and get some made, too.
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52 degrees today, 73 degrees tomorrow, 30 degrees on Monday. Ah, spring in Kansas!

On the bright side, the snow is out of the forecast. But we're in for more rain. before the snowmelt has soaked in or evaporated.

Must plant peas today or tomorrow. (In a raised bed, 'cuz that spot doesn't dry out until May, otherwise.)

The monsters were cooperative, so I got some sewing done. One doll dress, from half of a vintage floral-print hankie, and another dress taken apart and a seam straightened. And then, after the kids went to bed, I cobbled together a crinoline skirt for a 6" doll, to go under the hanky dress, to show the skirt off better. All by hand, because the hanky fabric probably isn't up to machine sewing, and it's easier to drop a needle and thread to chase the kids.
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Just caught The Miss trying to help herself to the coffee pot. She'd plopped her cup on the counter in front of the pot, and had reached up and grabbed the thing (at the back of the counter, no less) to pull it out when I caught her. Toddlers and coffee, bad idea.

Both kids are on a "will eat anything, as long as it's cheerios" kick. No idea why, but it's getting old. Am hoping it wears off soon.

The predicted storm has lived up to its billing. It dumped sleet and ice for hours at Mom's before turning into snow, so of course, Grandma got sent home from the hospital today. (Mom describes that as a "scary, scary ride".) We've got 3" of snow thus far, and it's not slowing down. It's another light powdery snow, which is great for the people plowing it, but bad when the wind starts tomorrow.

Didn't we just do this, not too long ago? Ah, winter.

Anyway, Grandma was perky enough today that her doc sent her home, although the white-knuckle drive home wore her out, and Mom put her right to bed. Mom's planning to spend the night at Grandma's place, so she'll be there just in case.

Sis had to make what's usually an hour-long drive for work in this storm today, to pick up a kid to be put into foster care, and now she's stuck at work waiting to find a place for that child. Her job really sucks sometimes.

The Sock Report: Am about 2" into the leg of the Miss Marple socks. Am remembering why I usually don't do mosaic knitting, it's a damn nuisance. But the charcoal and cream look great together.

The UnSock Report: Am also making progress on The Miss's afghan, with about 10" left.

Non-Knitting/Crocheting Crafting: Got a couple doll dresses sewn this week, with more waiting for me to have non-kid time to press parts before they can progress. Also got some stitching done on doll parts.


Jan. 15th, 2011 09:50 am
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Won't be heading to Mom's tomorrow, because her area is expecting rain/sleet/snow/ice the next couple of days. Maybe next weekend.

Grandma was in decent spirits last night, if a little dopey. If Mom understood the nurse right, Grandma's on Tylenol 3 and darvocet for the pain, plus whatever antibiotics. They're trying to get her strong enough for surgery, and hoping it'll happen next week.

The Bug is in love with the sweater that my mother-in-law knit him for his birthday. I had to fight him to get him out of it and into a sleeper last night, and this morning, he wanted the sweater again. Must remember to send her a note and let her know.

Discovered this morning that The Miss is absorbing more of our lessons than she's been showing during lesson time. When I gave them coloring books, she leaned over to The Bug's book and started chanting "a b c d e" at him. Too cute. She has also figured out when to say "excuse me" and "bless you". If nothing else, my kids will have manners.

Byron had a "guest" in his shower this morning, which explains why the cats have been on stakeout in there for a couple days. Found a mouse huddled on top of the shower curtain rod, trying to escape tabby doom. By had to catch the poor thing himself, though, and chuck it outside.

Finished sewing on a doll dress last night, after cutting a replacement for the missing sleeve. Which I found this morning, of course. I'll probably cut another dress out of that fabric, just to make use of it. Have four more dresses traced and ready to cut, as soon as I find the iron for doing hems.

Have an idea for a new doll, which I may pursue a little today if the kids allow. More on that if it works. And I got an idea for how to execute an idea that's been percolating for a month or so, how to do tiny hems on satin ribbon for a fancy skirt. (It involves simply sealing the cut edge with glitter nail polish.)
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Since I've been typing about them, I figured I ought to get a pic of the dolls I've been making put up. Here is a shot of the first two, including the nearly-finished dress (with its oh-so-difficult sleeves) and the little knit sweater. Cute, aren't they? I should make time to get some undressed shots of them, to show off their nifty buttoned joints (and the nifty buttons I used in the joints).

Excuse the quality of the pic, it's a phone-shot.
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Mostly non-knitting lately, because (a) I've been bitten hard by the doll-making bug, and (b) for various reasons, the kids and I won't be out at renfest this year in costume, so I don't need to spend the next couple of weeks frantically knitting wee tiny kilt hose.

I have finished the Tintagel Socks from Janel Laidman's The Enchanted Sole, using some Stroll Kettle-dyed from Knitpicks, and without the beads. Am thrilled with this pattern, it's very comfy, and looks grand. Am also thrilled with the Knitpicks yarn. Will be getting more of this in the future.

I've recharted the Tintagel leg pattern to fit The Miss's 3-yr-old legs, and have started a pair of knee socks for her, using an undyed sock yarn. Not sure what color they'll eventually be. Probably pink or purple.

I don't need to do a new set of kilt hose for the boy, but I still want to do a couple pair of warm socks for The Boychild before winter sets in. Although, anything I made recently for The Miss will fit him too. Gosh he's getting big.

Anyway...dollmaking. )


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