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I'm going to stop saying that I'll commit do doing something every week. It seems to be trouble, bad weather means I can't be online, the whole house is sick, Grandma is in the hospital, etc.

Anyway....everybody I know is out of the hospital at the moment (knock on wood), the kids are at school, we have the part to fix the van, and the storms are past, so my wifi works. And it's still too wet after the recent rains (yay, rain) to garden, so I'm updating. If I can remember where to start.

I have finished Nephew #1's graduation afghan, and I need to wash it free of cat hair and pack it away for a month. I can't believe he's that old. Or that tall. He's enrolled in the ag equipment technician program at the votech in Beloit, which I think will be a good fit for him.

The kiddos are getting along. The Miss got gold honor roll again this 9-weeks, and is thrilled. The Boy is doing ok, but backsliding in math again, because they stopped doing the review. So we've added basic math review to his homework schedule; he is not a fan. But he needs it. He's been tested as autistic, which isn't a surprise, and doesn't really change the help he's getting at school. He'll be in summer school again, and then move to a new building for next school year. (His current building is preK-2nd, his next building will be 3rd-5th, and both have more kids than are in the school I graduated from, total. It's weird.)
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