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HOr, is it Monday *again* ???

The Boy barfed last night, but seems ok at the moment. No fever, which counts for a lot. Am trying to feed him easy-on-the-tum foods, so he'll be ok to go to school.

The hub barfed in the wee hours of the morning, but is on his way to Neosho anyway. Even though he was skipping his morning coffee, because his tum and throat were still unhappy. Because...

By's mom called yesterday afternoon. They've got an offer on the farm, which needs an answer or counter-offer by 5pm today. There were a few tractor parts By and I had never made it down to retrieve, so he's after those, plus whatever tools and household items survived the depridations of partying teens. According to the guy who rents the pastures, the local kids have broken into the house and used it for parties a few times, and it's pretty trashed; part of By's trip is to take pics to send to his mom. There's also damage from an ice storm a few years back (flattened outbuildings). Our understanding is that the potential buyers want to bulldoze the house (maybe outbuildings too) and build new. So, he's got to go, and he's got to go today. Bleh.

In the column of "news we don't have to act on immediately", Sis has set a time and date for the wedding, even if she hasn't gotten around to sending invites. People they want to see are getting phone calls. Friday, Oct 5, in McPherson. We'll probably go out that afternoon and crash with Mom, do a little cake to celebrate The Miss's birthday a week late while we're there.

By's dad is still in Greece, trying to herd cats. His mom said he's calling this the "ground hog day" project, and he's not happy. He's tenatively scheduled to come home Oct 5. All this dinking with his schedule jacks with the paperwork to close on the farm.

Last I'd talked to Mom, the siding and new windows are done on her house, and she was waiting for them to come back and do the garage. And she's thrilled with the results.
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