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I have declared Wednesdays to be work-on-old-projects day. Today, that's my hexie quilt, which I started from Mom and Sis's quilting scraps a couple years ago. (There will be pictures, once I figure out how to make them look good on here.) I've got almost all of the 114 flower blocks done, and most of the fill-in-blocks done, and I've started sewing them together. It's getting big enough to be awkward to hold on my lap and stitch, so it's going to take a conscious effort to sit down and finish it. (Did I mention it's hand-sewn? English paper pieced, at about 25 stitches to the inch. I'm very proud of my seams.)

Lost a lot of my crafting time over the holidays to holiday prep and bad weather/creaky hands and the whole house coughing. So it goes. I did finish 4 winter hats for a family who moved back to Kansas from Oregon a couple weeks ago. They'd given all of their winter gear away when they moved out there, because they didn't have space to move it. I'm glad to have them back, and I hope things pick up for them.

No doll work lately. I need to finish a couple cloth dolls to give to one of the ladies who's been giving me her quilting scraps to craft with. And I have two new patterns to play with, so there will likely be more doll crafting soon.

The Miss made the straight-A honor roll this 9 weeks. She's very proud of herself, and rightly so. The Boy is still working dead-on average for his grade level, which is as good as honor roll for him, as far as I'm concerned. (Unteachable, my rosy round arse. Someday, I'm going to take all his recent progress reports, find all the teachers who said that about him, and smack them soundly with the report.)
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