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My plan to post a project a week was swamped by a month full of family health crisis, a series of horrible coughs that the kids kept bringing home from school, trying to make all the things I'd promised to my family, and just plain no time/energy to pull sentences together. So it goes sometimes.

So, at the beginning of the year, we are looking at:

At the moment, Grandma is stable, if not well. She's 91 now, as of Dec 14, so it's no huge surprise. But she's lasted longer than the doctors thought she would, back in October. And she still has good days, here and there. She still knew me and my sister, by name, at Yule, and she knew my kids' names. The meds that are supposed to be boosting her liver function make her dementia worse, so that's pretty good at this point.

By spent December working very hard on a series of custom projects at work. Nothing to be talked about, yet, but it's interesting to watch from here. (Some of the work follows him home, to be handled in peace and quiet, so I get to see it.) Not happy about the late nights and missed weekends, but it's not forever.

The kiddos go back to school on Thursday. FINALLY. Sigh.

The greenhouse is doing ok. It got too cold, when we had those nights below 0, last month. Nothing to be done about that, but wait and see what perks up in March. One of the lime trees, and both lemons, are definitely ok. My little tea bush lost its flowers, but its stems and foliage look alright. The stuff I'm overwintering for the neighbor might have been better off in her sewing room. *wince*

I have a stack of projects in progress, more than I'd intended. I have a doll I'm making and dressing for a lady who gives me her quilt fabric scraps to play with. I've got a stack of little rag dolls in progress, just for fun. (And because The Miss has laid claimed to them, and wants them all dressed. My kids might be a bit spoiled.) My sister wants a scarf, and that was half done before my knitting got hijacked by an urgent need to hats. And Sis needs new fingerless gloves, because someone stole hers off her desk at work. Plus quilts to finish, and....well, lots of projects. I'll leave it at that.

I just knitted 2 hats, start to finish, today. Ouch ouch ouch. I do know better, but it was for a good cause. Old friends and their littles are moving back to KC from eastern Washington, after a long fruitless job search. They don't have much at all; she told me they'd given away most of their winter things when they moved out there, because they didn't have the space to move them. So I made hats for the littles. I'll send them in to work with By on Thursday, along with a couple coats my monsters have outgrown, and he'll hand those off to another friend who's picking the family up at the airport. **IF** I can straighten my hand tomorrow, I'll start doing hats for the adults.

Off to finish folding the laundry. That, I can do even with my hand all kinked up. I'll try to get some pics up of the finished things, later.
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