Sep. 21st, 2012

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I finished an afghan before breakfast today. Granted, we were moving slow today, and breakfast was a little late, and I didn't have much left to knit. And I still need to weave in all the ends (bleh), but it's done.

I've been telling everyone who asked that I was making this blanket for me, because every blanket I've made for our household for the past 4 years has been commandeered by The Miss. In the winter, she sleeps under all of them, a nest of blankets and teddy bears 3' high, with a giggling little girl underneath it all.

So naturally, as soon as I shake out *my* finished blanket, she's all over it. The conversation has gone something like this:

The Miss, petting blanket almost possessively, "oooo, pretty blanket"
Me, "thank you sweetie. This is mommy's blanket"
The Miss, cuddling blanket with both arms and most of her face, "I like this blanket"
Insert two attempts to carry said blanket off to her nest, and several repitions of "this is mommy's blanket". That's the summary of my morning.

Guess I need to gather another pile of leftover yarn and start another one real quick, that I can tell her will be hers.
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* 4 'Minos' hyacinth, which is a dark purple
* 25 'Oriental Beauty' Dutch iris, which is an amber/orange/rose/purple iris, hard to describe, but oh-so-lovely in spring

Both purchased at Lowes, and both planted in the new beds at the east end of the garden.

Bulb planting will be complicated this season, because I dug oodles of daffs and lilies (colors/varieties unknown) at D's last month, and I can't remember where they all ended up. Except that the places that look like obvious spots for daffs and lilies are most likely already planted. Silly hobbit.

Children permitting, this morning shall also include moving my 'Twilight Prairiblue' baptisia, and the big clump of scullcap, because they're too big for their spots.


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