Sep. 19th, 2012

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Talked to Sis last night. She was just getting home from taking her eldest to the ER, after a couple days of problems. Nephew had had an accident on a four-wheeler at his dad's on Saturday, and his father refused to get medical care for him.

The ER did xrays and a CAT scan on Nephew, and he's on strict bed rest (not just no school or football practice, but no tv, books, radio, or even loud voices) until he can be seen by a neurosurgeon tomorrow. And no meds for the headaches etc, because they might aggravate the injury.

Sis told me she had an ugly fight on the phone with her ex, which summed up to "you"re making my son a sissy by coddling him with doctors."


To compound all this, Sis can't afford medical insurance, and her ex, while under a court order to included the boys on his Army insurance, has never done so. She said she's taking this to her lawyer as fodder for the ongoing custody battle; I can only hope she'll actually follow through. I'm afraid her ex has gotten away with an awful lot over the years, simply because she was too overworked and stressed to fight for herself and the boys.

Anyway, more when I know it. Or when Sis has calmed down enoguh to get words out.
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Talked to Sis this evening. She managed to move Nephew's appointment with the neurosurgeon up to today. Nephew has a mild concussion and some soft tissue damage that they're watching, but he's off of cognative rest as of this afternoon, but no sports/physical activity for a week. Maybe longer, depending on next week's exam. He's likely out for the rest of the football season.

I flat-out asked Sis if she'd reported The Ex for abuse and neglect, and she said no. Between the boys' unwillingness to testify against their dad, her lack of money for a lawyer, and the SRS's tendecy to blow off reports from her as being "just another bitter exwife"......

Sis did say that her boss is trying to help her find a pro-bono lawyer who'll take on The Ex. For this doctor bill, for the insure he won't pay for (despite court order), for defying another court order to not drink in front of the boys.........


My mom says Nephew is afraid of his dad, and doesn't want to hurt his feelings, despite being his dad's favorite punching bags. I'm rather afraid that someday soon, The Ex will hit/poke/verbally abuse Nephew one time too many, and Nephew's gonna haul off and hit him. Hard--Nephew has 4" and 30 lb on him already, and he's not 14 yet.


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