Jul. 7th, 2012

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It was 95 degrees when we came outside this morning, at 930am. The forecast is for 107 this afternoon. Bleh.

Haven't had any rain for a month, maybe more, I can't remember exactly. Of course, haven't had to mow in that long, so it's not all bad.

By rigged a drip irrigation system to all the arborvitaes I planted a few weeks ago, and to the peach trees. That's cut a lot off the time I spend hand watering. I'm down to just watering pots and new things, plus topping up the kids' pool.

The kids and I have been coming out in the morning, and we play and putter in the garden until it's too hot, and go back in. We made it until noon yesterday, but probably won't today. The Miss spends the whole time splashing in the pool like a bird, which is very funny.

The garden already has that middle-of-summer cooked look. Most of the daylilies and daisies are done. Most of the color now comes from annuals (zinnias and petunias), patches of purple perilla I leave for filler, and queen anne's lace. The garden phlox and scullcap are trying to bloom, but they're not on my watering list, and they're actually wilting.

If it cools off like they say it's going to, I need to cut back a bunch of the bloomed-out stuff, so it doesn't seed everywhere.

I have a new garden nook to contemplate filling. At the east end of the old pine row, right next to where I'd had my garden altar for years. Took out an amur honeysuckle and some other scrubby stuff, planted a couple rose of sharon and a dwarf kolkwitzia to make a "wall" for this garden room, and tucked in a couple new daylilies and some perennial dianthus. Dyes, U've hit the Lowe's clearance table again. Hooray for cheap plants!)

I'd like this area to actually match and look intentional, more than other parts of my garden do. It's got blue and white flowers on one side, which match the rose of sharon and complement the kolkwitzia. The yellow and red daylilies on the south side, I'll move this fall. The new daylilies are melon and pink, easy to put other things with. Beyond that, it's 8x10', and it's empty. I'd like to carpet the "walking" part of the area with thyme, either lemon scented or rose scented. I'll have to buy the lemon thyme, or make cuttings of the rose, which I'd like to do anyway (before the mother-of-thyme eats it). And other fragrant plants, and a bench or small seat, just enough to invite a person to come in and be quiet for a little while.
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It is 12:54 pm. NOAA says it's already 101. The thermometer on my deck (currently in the shade, for the record) says it's 109. It is officially hot enough that the numbers don't mean anything. Thank the gods for air condition.


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