Jun. 9th, 2012

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We are solidly into daisy season this week, and the daylilies starting. It's my favorite part of summer, warm but not unreasonabbly so, that burst of color before the heat dries everything up until September.

Geeking about daisies )

Todays bloomers:
* echinaceas in various shades
* white shastas
* some dayllies, golden yellow, a pale orange, a couple of purples, a dark red one, and one tiny pale gold seedling that's blooming for the first time, "Little Grapette" (dwarf dark purple), "Prarie Blue Eyes" (lavender with a darker eye), "Pardon Me" (scarlet, very showy), and my favorite, an unnamed seedling with a spidery shape and the best fragrance
* oenothera "Sunset", which is red in the bud but golden yellow when open
* purple liatris, with one white one to come in a few days
* lady bells (Adenophora spp), purple
* ballon flower (Platycodon) in blue
* the first of the queen anne's lace
* Verbena bonariensis, which will go all season if I water it
* yarrows in lavender and melony orange and white
* lavender
* some of the thymes
* mountain mints, except for the tall one (and I've several funny, obviously cross-bred plants in these patches too), white and lavender
* Salvia farinacea
* Asiatic lilies, mostly red and gold and white today; there were pinks and pastels last week
* petunias
* the pale pink snaps that The Miss picked out
* annual dianthus in their second flush, white with red centers
* lynchnis "First Blush", which is normal white with a flush of pink at the center, but is just white in this heat, over silvery white foliage
* lamb's ear
* zinnias and marigolds are just getting started
* the perennial sweet pea that D gave me, not fragrant, but much more durable, in a bright pink cheery way
* believe it or not, morning gloires, already, purple and red ones

I am waiting anxiously for a patch of (I think) tiger lilies to bloom. They showed up in a flower bed by surprise, probably came home from work in a pot of recycled soil that I dumped there, and I've been watching them for 5 seasons.


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