May. 31st, 2012

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Today is Death By Laundry day. 1load in the washer, 1 in the dryer, 2 loads already folded on the bed. To be completely caught up, I've got 2 more loads to wash and dry, and 4 loads' worth that have waited all week to be folded and put away. *sigh* I've always hated laundry.

Yesterday was very productive. I had spent Tuesday evening visitng D, and came back with a trash bag full of starts. I got the whole bag planted (a white-flowered lavender, lots of lychnis, comfrey, and different kinds of sages), plus most of the seedlings in my greenhouse. Only a flat left, yay! I also pulled heaps and heaps of weeds, moved a couple things, and made 2 more mini terraces going down a slope. That last both uses up some of the rock we've got stashed, and keeps water in place long enough to soak in. Then I planted the terraces with basil and perky little marigolds. After gardening, I cleaned some, gathered and took out the trash, cleaned up The Boy's mess and bathed The Boy*, cleaned the catboxes and back bathroom, and cleaned out the dubious things that had gotten pushed to the back of the fridge.

And, through all that, I've added 7" of radius to the round afghan I'm crocheting, which used up 4 skeins. It's almost done, and then The Miss can have it-she asks for it every time I sit down to work on it.

I have embroidery projects in progress too. An oak and acorn themed group that will eventually be an autumn colored sewing set--needlebook, couple of pincushions, needleroll, scissors fob, all down in autumn colors in blackwork. I pulled out an old UFO, "Elemental Stitches", and I've been working on that after the kids go to bed, because it's on navy aida, and needs more concentration.

I have some sewing projects to finish, sundresses for me and The Miss out of that fbraic that's sold already shirred on top, and prehemmed. Three are done except for straps, and I bought fabric for another dress for myself last week. Blue at the bottom, fading through to green at the top, very pretty, and there's enough to work into a dress for The Miss too. That may have to wait until summer school starts next week. The kids aren't sewing-machine friendly yet.

* The Boy got onto his counter yesterday while I was in the bathroom, found a mostly-empty tube of Desitin, and used it to paint himself, his clothes, the counter, the wall above the counter, and the front of the aquarium zinc white. Took 20 min to get it off all the surfaces, and another 20 to get it out of his hair, and I still haven't gotten rid of the smell.


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