May. 7th, 2012

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What's blooming this week?

* most of the bearded iris
* the copper-red louisiana iris whose name I can never remember (it's something crossed with I fulva, and resembles it, but it's bigger and blooms more), and the blue-violet species iris that D gave me, that I'm also forgetting this year
* the last of the Iris psuedoacorus
* siberian iris 'Caesar's Brother', and 'Gay Butterflies' (both dark blue, but Butterflies is daintier)
* anemonellas, still
* lemon lily, Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus
* roses, wild and otherwise -- two shades of red rugosa in the ditch, the last of Harrison's Yellow, Nearly Wild in the back garden, the white wild rose climbing the maple on the garden fence
* the first daisies-- tickseed coreopsis and the a few echinaceas
* kniphofia (red hot poker plant)
* the last poofy white peonies
* Allium moly, the little yellow ones
* all three shades of tradenscantia (and the pastel blue one looks passing odd next to the copper red iris, I gotta do something about that someday)
* cinquefoil
* strawbwerries
* coriander/cilantro
* sage
* lavender is starting
* orange balsam thyme (white) and caraway thyme (purple)
* lots of dianthus (including all the ones I got at Lowe's on clearance last summer), and a few sprigs of 'Sooty' sweet william (which is black)
* Verbena bonairiensis, verbena-on-a-stick, some of which is 4' tall already
* petunias in several bright shades
* penstemon (white flowers, seedling of 'Husker Red')
* one of the nativ yellow baptisias whose botanical name keeps slipping my mind
* two pots of blue and white violas, tucked under a rosemary
* a 4' tall pot of oleander, bright pink

I've planted out a bunch of annuals this week. Cosmos, mized zinnias, some marigolds, and some mixed annuals, hopefully enough to keep The Miss in bouquets without emptying the garden. I added a new-to-me perennial to the bed under the deck.....I found this grand campanula at Family Tree last week, 'Purple Sensation'. It looks like cherry bells, but the bells are fully 2" long, and shiny dark purple.

D gave me a variegated lacebark elm for my birthday this year; it needs a bigger pot until I can get its spot ready. Mom gave me red sempervivums this birthday, 'Red Sunset', which are very pretty, and she managed to find a variey I didn't already have.

We decided to not put out a wading pool for the kiddos this year (too much work to keep filled and clean, and too much on the water bill), so we've got that chunk of yard fenced off for a little while. The grass seed we put down a week ago is starting to look like grass, and we topped it off with some clover seed this morning. Hopefully this morning's rain gets that going.

My next garden project is to move the asparagus out of the flowr bed and into the south end of the veggie garden. I cleared a big space last week, and put down three bales of wheat straw for mulch, I just need for the ground to dry out a bit.

After that, I've got elephant ears and cannas to plant, and an oleader to repot. The fig and rosemarys can wait one more year. And the rest of the annuals to plant, of course.


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