Apr. 16th, 2012

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We all escaped the storms this weekend. Sis had the cloest call, and spent part of Saturday night in her neighbor's basement. Otherwise, all quiet.

Spent yesterday on the road. Took husband and kids and a trunk-load of plants to Sis's, for Mom's science class terrarium project. Came home with husband, kids, a giant plush Eeyore doll, and 4, 1-gall glass jars to use for terrariums for us, and 2 grocery bags of Sis's fabric scraps.

It was an odd trip west, like driving into early summer, with my head reminding me that it's just April. Not only is the wheat in central Kansas knee-high already, a lot of it has headed out. Mom said they're expecting harvest to be a full moth early.

By managed to snag a gently-used fridge at a school auction for $50 on Saturday, which gives us a cheap replacement for the one that was in the house when we moved in. The old one starting trying to freeze over a couple months ago, so we got the replacement before it became critical. This morning, while the kids were in school, he got the old one moved out, and plugged in in the corner. I scrubbed the floor and walls where it had been, he moved the new fridge in, and I scrubbed that too. It should be down to temp when the kids are done with lunch, and then I'll get all the food moved over, and we can get the old fridge out of the house, and get everything put back where it belongs.

By found someone advertising on Craigslist that'll come get old refrigerators and haul them off. We're hoping he'll come out this far; that'd be an easy way to be rid of the fridge and the old upright freeze that's taken up space in the garage forever.

Taking plants to Mom gives me a bunch of space in the greenhouse to pot up stuff, and start more seeds for the garden.

Sis called this morning, after she got a call from our Uncle B. Uncle B wanted us to know that the MPU's third wife (and no, we didn't know he'd married again) died last night. Not that Uncle B expected us to do anything about it, he just didn't want Crazy Aunt Kathy to put us on the spot or guilt trip us into going to the funeral with her. Which was thoughtful of him.


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