Apr. 13th, 2012

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I just took a baby rabbit away from the kids. Recently dead, and I'm not sure if they took it away from one of the stray cats around here, or found it alive and played with it too rough. Either way, I am the Big Bad Mommy for taking their prize away.
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Not much; I've already hit the lull between early spring bulbs and spring-blooming perennials. But I do have:

* fothergilla
* the last few daffs, all N jonquilla simplex
* a few early alliums (dark pirple, small globes on a knee-high stem)
* a dark blue camassia, and a pale blue one
* English bluebells, in the front yard
* strawberries!
* violets
* last year's dianthus, pinks and reds and white
* the tradescantia that was blooming a couple weeks ago, plus a darker purple on that started today

The buds on the peonies are big and fat already, and the tall bearded iris are starting to bud.my baptisias are shwoing color in their buds, and the amsonia will be open in a day or so.

I am finding things that I thought I'd lost, last fall. Cascading oregano, 3 of the 5 pieces D gave me; mint-balm, Elsholtzia spp (a floral-citrus-minty herb that looks a bit like an agastache); native maypops ( passionflower).

Plus, I found three seedling of the white-flowered weeping peach under the tree today (yay, because I'd given up on trying to start them). And I've decided that the mystery seedling i n the pot with the sand plums are most likely to be more sand plums. Hooray!

I have a yellow-flowered miniature rose to plant, when I settle on a spot. It's a mini flower, on a largish bush for a mini. I'm too lazy to chase down its tag right now, but it looks and smells like a tiny Graham Thomas rose, and that makes me very happy.

I've added my first poisonour plant back into the garden since having the kids, Digitalis obscura, which is orange and exotic-looking. It goes in the dry-soil bed near the white horehound, which is equally xeric. And a new dawrf iris in an odd blue color with them.


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