Mar. 16th, 2012

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Daffs, mostly, since March 1. Starting with Carlon (yellow trumpter), Ice Follies (ivory trumpet with a flared, pale yellow cup), February Gold (dwarf yellow trumpet). Now I've got bunches blooming that are from mixes, or I've forgotten their names, but glorious on a cool morning. Jetfire (dawrf with reflexed yellow petals and a long orange cup) is blooming in the front yard, and I need to divide it when it's done. Salome just opened yesterdaym it's white and orangey this year, and probably won't be cool enough for it to age into its almost-pink shade.

Also have hyacinths in magenta, dark blue, lavender, white, and pale yellow. Eagerly awaiting the blooms on Gypsy Queen, which is a wonderful orange shade, and later than most of the hyacinths.

No muscari yet, and I suspect I missed some of my other small bulbs, because the season started so early, and I just wasn't watching for them.

The plum tree is nearly done blooming, and snowing tiny white petals all over the yard. The Bradford pear just opened today; it won't last long in the 80-degree days we're having.the magnolia will be next, and it's promising a grand show this year.

I've only managed to clean out one of the water gardens so far, and I'm finding myself in the odd position of having to throw away water lilies. I'm trying to make sure I keep one of each kind. **crosses fingers**

It looks like most of the things I brought over from D's garden last fall survived, so we'll be able to stock a garden for her as soon as she figures out what she's doing.

I'm still debating the veggie garden this season. Despite the recent rains, we're a couple years into a moderately severe drought, and I'm tempted to clean the garden out, pile it deep with hay, and let it lie fallow. We'll see. I do have 8 flats of seeds sprouting in the grrenhouse, all flowers for my yard and for D. Two flats just of zinnias, for The Miss's bouquets this summer. I have *such* a spoiled child.


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