Feb. 15th, 2012

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We got 1.5" of snow the other night, and a few drips of rain so far today. Just enough to make things messy. It's supposed to be unseasonably warm for the next week or so. Odd odd winter, we're having.

Made it safely to Mom's and back this weekend. Grandma is settling into the nursing home, and seems happier now that we've gotten her room fixed up with her quilts and crafts and favorite glass candy dishes.

We didn't make as much progress cleaning the apartment as we'd hoped. And Mom and Sis decided to leave a bunch of things for Uncle M to deal with this coming weekend (muttering something about, it's his turn). Mom did make sure that Sis and I had a chance to take anythi ng we wanted to remember Grandma by (we each got a couple candy dishes, for our kids when they're older, and pictures), figuring that those things won't matter to our cousins.

I have made good progress on the household chores already today, and I *ought* to be working on the tatting. I've hit that "I'm sick of this pattern" wall on the tatting, and I just don't want to do it anymore. I've got bunches of other things I'd rather work on, embroidery and doll things and baby stuff for a friend who's expecting. and about 200" more on the *#%$!&+*# tatting.

I went through some of the kids' stuff this morning, and found enough baby stuff to fill a box. I'm sure there's more, lurking in back corners. Yeah for having someone to hand things down to.

Am currently listening to public radio and trying to keep my blood pressure down. They're diswcussing a bill in Missouri, that would require that creationism get equal time to evolution in. All school, including public universities. Seriously. The analyst being interviewed says it's symbollic pandering and not likely to pass, but still, holy crap. Pun intended.


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