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In case anyone's curious, my new granite counter-top is a baker's wet dream! Rolled out pumpkin cinnamon rolls on it this afternoon. No sticking, easy clean-up, just the right height! Wheee!

In other news, we are bracing for yet another round on Winter Weather Doom (tm). It's supposed to start this evening, with freezing rain and sleet all night and most of tomorrow, with .1-.25" ice accumulation on everything by tomorrow evening. Then snow and high winds, with anywhere from 6-12" by Wednesday morning, depending on how the storm tracks.

When the National Weather Service uses phrases like "A POWERFUL AND ANOMALOUS STORM SYSTEM", "CONSIDERABLE BLOWING AND DRIFTING SNOW AND NEAR BLIZZARD CONDITIONS", and "BRING TRAVEL TO A HALT"....well, you just get groceries early and plan on staying put until it's over.

Part of the battening down is starting and moving the truck, so it won't be stuck in the ice. (Which is where the truck spent the last snow). Also, making sure the van starts (just sat too long, so it spent yesterday on the charger). And then putting a tarp over the car before the ice starts, so it's easier to get into after the ice has passed. We've got plenty of food, and candles for light (tea lights in baby food jars work great!), and ways to prep food if the power goes out.

The Sock Report: I've been working on other things (mostly, keeping The Bug from tearing the house to pieces), so no socking lately

The UnSock Report: Finished the striped afghan for The Miss, about a week ago, and she is happy with it. It turned out big enough for By to use as a lap blanket, which is a bonus. Have another afghan, in a "make it up as I go" pattern, in progress for The Bug. His without fringe, because he doesn't seem to like fringe as much as The Miss.
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Just caught The Miss trying to help herself to the coffee pot. She'd plopped her cup on the counter in front of the pot, and had reached up and grabbed the thing (at the back of the counter, no less) to pull it out when I caught her. Toddlers and coffee, bad idea.

Both kids are on a "will eat anything, as long as it's cheerios" kick. No idea why, but it's getting old. Am hoping it wears off soon.

The predicted storm has lived up to its billing. It dumped sleet and ice for hours at Mom's before turning into snow, so of course, Grandma got sent home from the hospital today. (Mom describes that as a "scary, scary ride".) We've got 3" of snow thus far, and it's not slowing down. It's another light powdery snow, which is great for the people plowing it, but bad when the wind starts tomorrow.

Didn't we just do this, not too long ago? Ah, winter.

Anyway, Grandma was perky enough today that her doc sent her home, although the white-knuckle drive home wore her out, and Mom put her right to bed. Mom's planning to spend the night at Grandma's place, so she'll be there just in case.

Sis had to make what's usually an hour-long drive for work in this storm today, to pick up a kid to be put into foster care, and now she's stuck at work waiting to find a place for that child. Her job really sucks sometimes.

The Sock Report: Am about 2" into the leg of the Miss Marple socks. Am remembering why I usually don't do mosaic knitting, it's a damn nuisance. But the charcoal and cream look great together.

The UnSock Report: Am also making progress on The Miss's afghan, with about 10" left.

Non-Knitting/Crocheting Crafting: Got a couple doll dresses sewn this week, with more waiting for me to have non-kid time to press parts before they can progress. Also got some stitching done on doll parts.


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