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I heard today, on local public radio, that the Tea Party will be holding its national "Freedom Jamboree" in Kansas City, Ks, Sept 28-Oct 2, at the (closed) Woodlands Race Track. Their press release says they expect a warm welcome, attendance and speeches by our illustrious (*snort*) govenor, and some 300,000 attendees.

Gag, wretch, and vomit.

I know the state is trying for tourism dollars, but do we really need these tourism dollars? Don't we have enough home-grown whack-jobs? Do we really need to import them on a national scale?

And the "warm welcome" and statements of support from state political leaders neither suprise me, nor inspire me to much hope for improvement of economic and social conditions in the state.
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Found an article in the NY Times today (via Metafilter) that gave a good (if long) low-down on the debate over contraception and sexuality in America today. And it sums up to: there are people out there who want to turn thing back to "no sex unless you want to have a baby", and they're gaining ground, folks.

I was going to put some commentary in this entry, but realized this is already rather long, so look for commentary in a few minutes.

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I found this article on Metafilter during my break.

Sent it to my mom, too. We'll see how much she hollers when she reads it. :)

Teaching--and not teaching--evolution in Arkansas schools )
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Representative Susan Phillips, of Kansas City, sponsored (and pushed through) a proposal that cut Missouri's funding of contraceptives, as a statement against abortion.


Allow me to quote from the end of the article:
Rep. Rachel Storch, a St. Louis Democrat, pointed to a study that found the teenage birth rate in Missouri dropped 32 percent from 1991 to 2002. The drop was attributed to wider availability of contraceptives.

Now then, you've just cut Medicare and Medicaid funding in the state, to the point of lawsuits, you're cutting abortion access as much as you possibly can, you're cutting social welfare and aid to low-income families right and left, and now those same poor families can't get contraceptives?

Does your election to the Missouri House automatically cancel out your understanding of cause and effect? Or do you really believe the godder's "cross your legs and think of Jeezus" just-say-no program will keep those women from having more babies than they can support?

And the best part (again, quoting the article below): But Phillips said she was comfortable with the change because the group Missouri Right to Life and the Missouri Catholic Conference supported it.

Jesus H Christ on a stick. That makes it all better, doesn't it?

I probably wouldn't be quite this pissed, had I not read The Handmaid's Tale in one sitting Sunday night. That's had my feathers ruffled all week.

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An article in The Times Online says that more religious societies are more dysfunctional, not less. Original article here, archived below for posterity.

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And here is the study the article cited, published in the Journal of Religion and Society.
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