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Picked my first medlar today. My little tree had 3 this year, out of the half dozen it set. (I think the deer sampled the rest.) It probably needed a few more days of cold, which we're lacking the fall, but it was close to the custardy texture I've read about, and the applesauce flavor was developing. By's comment was "tasty enough, if you could get enough of the to do something." They're not big fruit....the one we sampled was a little bigger than a golf ball. And they have 5 big hard seeds, about the size and shape of a large dry kernel of field corn.

I'll wait and try the other two fruits after they've hard more chilling. They're interesting if nothing else, and a decorative small tree. I may plant another one, just for that.

Let's see....what's blooming this week? I know, it's December. But I've seen dandelions and some sheltered sprigs of daisy fleebane still in bloom. There are a couple of echinaceas still trying to bloom, tucked into the shelter of their fluffy basal leaves. And, last week, I found a sprig of Knautia macedonica in rosy bloom.

In the greenhouse, most of the ornamentals are blooming. Petunias, snaps, black-flowered vinca. The pineapple sage is almost done, but still showy, and my oldest rosemary is blooming so hard the branches look gray until you get up close. Still waiting on the lemon tree to bloom. Its buds are fat and promising, and I'm daydreaming of picking lemons next summer.


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