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Just finished reading "Poky Little Puppy" to The Miss, while The Boy revved up the toy chainsaw. Odd, odd combination.

The Boy correctly named the parts of his face this morning, and then he did it again, pointing at the parts of my face. Yay for increasing vocabulary, and finally starting to use it. Now, if I could justget him to sit down and pay attention when I'm reading to The Miss.

Today's to-do list includes, in no particular order:
* put away clean dishes, reload dishwasher
* make a batch of soft breadsticks to go with dinner (I have a new recipe that's supposed to be similar to Pizza Hut's breadsticks)
* 2 loads of laundry, washed AND folded (I always have trouble with the "and folded" part) 1 down, 1 to go
* feed kids and get them ready for school, and to the bus on time
* take out compost, water greenhouse, move last pot of petunias into greenhouse

* finish the crocheted snowflake I started last night, and do at least one more

I had thought, yesterday, that I'd spend this afternoon cleaning out the other pantry cabinet, but now I don't think I will. My hands are cracked and irritated from cleaning chemicals yesterday, and I'll be happier if I give them a day to heal.

Did manage to finish the piece of sweater I was crocheting on yesterday. That makes the back and both front pieces finished, and I started the first sleeve this morning. With 8 1/2 balls of yarn left, so I ought to be good. (I was worried when the back took a third of the yarn I'd bought for this project.)

Edited 2:12pm, to adjust list.

Also, am waiting to hear from Sis, who watched a shoot-out somewhere near her home last night. Which is WAY out in the boonies, so this is a rather odd incident. Hoping she'll respond soon, with details.


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