Oct. 10th, 2012

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Been busy enough I forgot to update. Again. Spent Thursday getting ready for the wedding, Friday travelling to and attending the wedding, Saturday visiting Mom and travelling home, and Sunday crashing. The kids and I spent Monday and Tuesday sick, By spent them at work. (But not, thank goodness, too sick to send the monsters to school.)

We have a new project at school, as part of thing sponsored by Scholastic. They want parents to read to the kids at least 20 minutes a day. The Miss and I have managed 20 to 30 min, as far as my voice has held out. The Boy won't sit still for it; he wanders off about 5 minutes in. The Miss is already excited about story time, and on a couple of stories, is trying to pick out words as I read. So, I've read some of these books too many times for my own sanity, in just 3 days.

The wedding was nice. Maybe 25 people there, mostly family. The Boy behaved better than we expected, which was an extra bonus. Mom was terribly put out that Sis wore a dress that showed almost all of her tattoos, and no panty hose (probably to set Mom off, knowing Sis). Sis's two boys "gave her away", after walking her up to the preacher, all clean and tidy and very proud, which was very sweet. Her husband's parents cooked the reception dinner, which included large amounts of tasty smoked meats, and the cake was chocolate.

They held the wedding in the McPherson Opera House, a recently restored building, which has some stores at ground level, and the opera auditorium, and ballrooms and meeting rooms. It's a beautiful building, with a lot of the original stained glass and walnut trim. And plenty of stairs, which all the little kids at the wedding ran, in a little pack, giggling.

One of the street-level stores in the building is a new(ish) yarn store, called Oh Yarn It! Great place, friendly owner, with a solid, basic selection of affordable yarns and needles. I did indulge, in some forest green laceweight alpaca, and I think I may still be in trouble for sneaking down to buy yarn and not taking Grandma with me.

I scrambled Saturday evening, when we got home, and got most of the tender things in the greenhouse. I missed one pot of petunias, but they're okay so far. *crosses fingers* Don't think we've had a frost since that night. We got some puttering done Sunday. By finished unloading the truck after that last trip to Neosho, and I started cutting back frost-killed things.

By's dad is *supposed* to fly home today. His folks are pretty fed up with the schedule changesm I think that this is it for that project, though. One hopes. They're still having issues with the peope trying to buy the farm in Neosho, but they've got a backup contract for cash, for the full amount, if the first one goes south. Haven't heard anything on that in a couple days.


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