Oct. 2nd, 2012

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* put clean dishes away, load with dirty dishes, hand wash the big stuffWonderful Hubby did this this morning, yay!
* load bags of outgrown boys' clothes in car for Goodwill
* move more tender things to greenhouse
* water greenhouse!!

* scrub old 5-gal aquarium, get rid of gravel, and get it ready to become a terrarium
* minimum 5 pattern repeats on my sweater
* frog defective sleeve on The Boy's sweater and rework (at least start it)
* at least 30 min on cleaning up directories on computer

A note: someone I know started using her lj as a scorecard for herself, to help her keep track of all the things in her busy life. Seemed like a good idea; the kids get me pretty unfocused at times. And since I'm usually busy, but not with anything that I deem interesting and blog-worthy, this will maybe get me back in the habit of writing a bit.

1:45pm Tuesday, ETA: Slower start today, but that's ok. And I haven't hit everything on my list, but I've hit a few others, so that's ok too.

Finally got the flower fairy plaque hung up out in my altar area, on one of the dead pines. There's a wild grape trying to come up near the tree; I think I'm going to let it grow up the tree, and frame the fairy, maybe plant a bit of clematis there too, for flowers.

Took a close look at my biggest rosemary's, with an eye towards moving them inside for the winter. The one that had been obscuring the door to the greenhouse is now tied up to a set of sturdy stakes. Hopefully, the branches will set this way, and it'll head up instead of out. It was that, or prune off almost half the plant so it'd go through the door. The smller of the three rosemary's in my "rosemary forest" HAS to be pruned. It's got one branch that headed down over the side of the pot, and almost touches the ground, while the pot is on a 6" riser. That's gotta go.

Next stop on the day's list: progress on my sweater. And tea. Which is just a bonus.


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